Marcia Richards has always been an avid reader. In the 1950s, she read across genres choosing biographies, memoirs and literary novels from the library shelves. There was always a forbidden comic book stuffed under the mattress, too. Sometimes Archie, Betty and Veronica. Sometimes The Green Hornet or another superhero of the day.

She began writing extremely short stories as a child-a hand drawn picture with a few descriptive words.

As a teen, she wrote poetry describing her angst about teen life and her undying love of boys.

As a young adult, she spent her days riding with a motorcycle club and her evenings working and eeking out spare moments to write snippets of her life in a journal.

As a mom working and raising children, writing was mostly reserved for business – newsletters, articles, essays, grant proposals, flyers, ad copy, obituaries, editorials, and resumes.

Marcia has forever had the entrepreneurial bug.

  • She ran cooking classes with her late first husband and their café.
  • She raised funds for the local historical association and her children’s school PTA by organizing juried craft shows.
  • She crafted dolls, children’s clothing and gift items selling them at craft shows.
  • She created her first blog/website in 2004 to offer health and wellness posts for people over 40.

It wasn’t until she retired in 2010 that she began writing in earnest.

Novelist Marcia Richards is a native New Yorker residing in a quaint college town amid the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Her stories transport her readers to the 20th century, when life was simpler and living was easy – or was it?

Her characters are like you, sometimes strong, sometimes wrong and always very real.

She fuels her creativity with a healthy supply of dark chocolate and India Spice tea in her cozy upstairs office, accompanied by her lazy, but affectionate kitty, Rocky.

When she’s not writing, she’s playing at life with her husband, reading great books or turning discarded old chairs into works of art.





8 thoughts on “WHO SHE IS

  1. HI Marcia, Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to seeing your comments and suggestions.

    Looks like you have quite an interesting blog – good luck on your writing endeavors.

  2. I happened upon your blog via Jenny Hansen’s post on the Life List Club, and so much of what you’ve written here resonates with me. I love history (I study historical and cultural sociology as my “day job”) and historical fiction is one of my favorite genres to read. Also, I’ve had a long fantasy of living in a Victorian house, so I am wildly jealous of yours! 😉

    • Jamila, thank you for visiting! If you’d like, i’ll send you a pic of my home. Guess what else we kind of have in common? My youngest granddaughter’s middle name is Jamison. I guess maybe we were meant to happen upon each other! Email me at marichards320@yahoo.com if you’d like the picture of the Victorian.

  3. Marcia, by serendipidity I have just discovered the Life list Club and read about it and about you and I subscribed immediately.
    I’m a list lover from way back and as my OH and I enter the second year of our/his so-called retirement (Ha!), i love that my writing life is spinning off in a whole new direction.
    Looking forward to reading your blog regularly.

    • Thanks you so much for the lovely message. I'm happy to have you here! Retirement can be a great time to do all those things we didn't have time for when working and raising kids. good luck to you!

  4. I love your description of retirement – it sounds so much like the way I describe it in my own head. The fact that it happens to be 2 decades away for me just gives me longer to dream about it and work towards possibly making it happen a little earlier, I hope!

    • Thanks so much for visiting, Hawleywood40! Retirement is definitely a great time, especially if you don’t have serious financial worries. I retired at just over 57 yrs old and am very thankful I was able to. Still gotta alot of living to do! Hopefully things will work out for you to retire a little sooner than you expect. You never know! Stop by again sometime!

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