Welcome to the Life List Club!

You might ask, “What’s a Life List? Well, I’ll tell you. Your life list is a compilation of goals you wish to accomplish over the coming 12 months. You track your progress and update your fellow listers, to keep you on track. To become a member of the Club, just subscribe to the Life List Blog. Membership makes you eligible to win prizes on Milestone Fridays.
This page holds my life list. I’m sharing it with you to keep me honest and to inspire you to create yours. 
Your list does not have to be full of monumental changes for your life. It can be something an innocuous as: cleaning out the basement (finally), sending a thank you note that was forgotten, or getting up earlier in the morning. It can be the big things, too, like: finishing your education, losing those 50 lbs that make you feel so crummy, or changing jobs. And it can be anything in between.
The Club is comprised of writers and readers. We writers are starting you off by sharing our lists. We encourage you to create your own and you’re welcome to share it with us, though that isn’t mandatory.
 We can all discuss the ups and downs of life that help us to make our goals or get in the way of them in the comments section.
You will be able to hop from one blog to another to view all the writers’ lists AND you can find all of us at The Life List Club Blog.
Every Wednesday and Friday one of our writers will post on the Life List Club blog on the topic of achieving goals. At the LLC Blog and at every writer’s blog, you’ll find links in the sidebar so you can easily access any writer or the LLC Blog at any time.
We’ll laugh and cry and cheer for each other. Four Fridays every year, we’ll host a Milestone Party with yummy virtual food, music, pictures and prizes to celebrate our progress with you and update our Lists. 
This is your Club, so if you have ideas to improve on it or make it more fun or inspiring, please contact one of the writers! We’re looking forward to meeting lots of new people and doing something great for ourselves at the same time! Thanks for joining us!

Attention: Writers! A writer who would like to become a contributor at The Life List Club, guest posting with us, please contact Marcia Richards: marcia.a.richards AT gmail.com or Jess Witkins: jessi.witkins AT gmail.com.

Here goes!                                      MARCIA’S LIFE LIST

1. Write for the book no less often than 5 days a week.

2. Write a minimum of 400 words each of 5 days each week.

3. Visit ROW80 twice a week to stay motivated in my writing goal.

4. Get my butt out of my desk chair for at least 10 minutes every hour.

5. Take at least 2 online classes to improve my blog and/or writing.

6. Find a critique partner/group to get feedback on my book.

7. Feed my addiction to chocolate, daily. 🙂

8. Allow myself only 2 hours a day to read blogs and keep up with social media marketing.

9. Get moving! Exercise at least 30 minutes 6 days a week.

10. Only have 1 dessert each week.

11. Read 25 books in the next 12 months.

12. Attend a writer’s conference or workshop.

13. Teach my granddaughters good new habits, like how much fun it is to do chores. 🙂

14. Add more fruits and vegetables into my diet.

15. Create 15 minute pockets of time each day to spend alone with my hubs.

16. Lose at least 35 lbs, in order to get off all my meds, about 3 pounds a month.

17. Get back to the routine of cleaning bathrooms and dusting weekly, instead of pushing it off on my honey.

18. Be in, or finished with, the process of publishing my book by December, 2011.

19. Floss everyday.

20. Remember to thank my husband everyday for his constant love and support.

21. Learn how to create podcasts, videos and a book trailer for my blog site.

22. Eat more slowly. Practice.

23. Notice the little things and appreciate them.

24. Live in the moment.

25. Play.

Care to share your Life List, or parts of it?  Thanks for joining our Life List Club!


34 thoughts on “HER LIFE LIST

  1. Your list is so inspiring, but then again, I never doubted it. You are such a motivating force and your writing just sparkles. I need to do a list to get me motivated to write a list! I enjoy all your blogs my friend. This one was just very thought inspiring. Keep up the GREAT work.

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  3. Wow! This sounds positively AMAZING! I’m creating a life list RIGHT NOW and putting it on my blog… =D Can’t wait to check out all the updates! Good luck on your inspiring goals!

    • I’m so glad, Arilaan! I’d love for you to share your Life List, even just a couple of the things on you list when you’re ready. The end of September we’ll have a giant posting of all our progress and celebrate it. Welcome and nice to meet you!

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  5. Hi Marcia, great list but a bit long for me. I take it chocolate doesn’t count as a dessert 🙂
    My list would be; write for 1 hour every day (I have a real job also 😦 ) Post on my blog every week. Decide whether to learn Facebook or the new Google+ that some are raving about. Tweet more often now I have a phone that can do it. Lose more weight…. 🙂

    • Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. Yes, chocolate is for any time! The length of the list is whatever works for you, but being very specific is the most important part. Also giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to complete the goal is smart, too. For example, with Tweeting…set a goal to tweet 5 followers each day. Once you’ve accomplished it, you can move on to larger goals. Just have fun with it!

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  24. Marcia, this is such an inspiring list! All of your items add up to a lovely portrait of who you are. I’m looking forward to your podcasts and videos! That’s something I want to learn more about, too.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Yeah, podcasting, kinda scares me to think about it. You do so much great stuff on your site! I wanted to ask you to join our group of writers for LLC, but then I saw how much you already do! Wow, you’re busy! But if you ever want to write even more, let me know…we’d love to have you along!

    • Carrie, thanks for subscribing and I already checked out your list when I got your tweet. Love the ‘learn CSS’. That would have been on my list, but I know it would be pointless. I’ll never understand it! Good luck to you and thanks for joining us! Watch for Milestone Fridays!

  25. Marcia, I love how your list covers so many aspects of your life – writing, health and relationships! This is a brilliant idea and I will be compiling my “Life List” soon!

    • I’m so glad you like and are inspired to do the same! That’s the aim of this project. If you ever decide you want to join the team of writers, let me know.

      • Hi Marcia, I added my Life List today and would definitely be interested in being part of the team of writers! I did email you a while back when you first mentioned the project, but it might have ended up in spam. Really enjoyed checking out the lists of the others on the blogroll today!

  26. Love your list Marcia! You have a lot of concrete goals to track progress along the way, which is so smart. I love the ‘floss everyday.’ I did that as part of my happiness project too. LOL. Better start it up again! Thanks for sharing your list!

    • Re the flossing-I know I saw it on yours and that’s what reminded–‘Oh geez, I’ve gotta get better at that!’ Godd luck to both of us! Thanks, Jess.

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