Guest Post Guidelines

Hi and welcome to Marcia Richards…Sexy. Smart. From The Heart. I am a writer of historical fiction and the author of this blog. 

My blog includes Women’s Day, where I showcase strong women-past and present, discuss women’s health and wellness issues, support and promote women authors, and entertain with sexy and fun topics. It also features Friday Lists. Every other Friday is about achieving goals with The Life List Club. Alternating Fridays offer lists on almost any topic, as well as links to great blogs. 

You are welcome to submit an idea for a guest post and the guidelines are as follows:

1. Topic -any aspect of women’s lives, health and wellness; most any list post that offers helpful information.

2. Word Count – at least 500 words, no longer than 750 words

3. About you – please provide a photo of yourself and an author bio of 2-4 sentences. You may also provide up to 2 links to your site/book/facebook page/twitter.

4. Post photo – you may provide a photo for the body of your post, or I will choose an appropriate one.

5. Submit – please send your post via email to me at as a Word .doc in an attachment.

6. Profanity – please note that I will edit out any profanity in a post. If editing in that manner significantly changes the  post, I may ask you to revise it yourself or submit a post that does not contain profanity.

7. Requests from retail companies to guest post on this blog will not be considered.

Thank you for inquiring about guest posting. You may email me with any further questions. I’m looking forward to working with new writers!



2 thoughts on “Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Iam responding to the 80 words contest which I have just joined. I would like to comment that from your photo you don’t look old enough to have two grandkids. My goal is 90,000 words.

    • I appreciate the compliment! But I am…I’m 58 and my daughter, the mother of my grandgirls, is 29. Good luck with the challenge…90,000 words is ambitious!

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