Come on Over!

Happy Saturday to all!


I have a favor to ask. Since I moved to my new website, I found out I couldn’t take my subscribers with me automatically. 😦

If you all still love Sexy, Smart and Strong, I’d like to ask to take a few seconds to click the SUBSCRIBE button at the NEW Sexy, Smart and Strong.

That’s the only way you’ll still get notices of posts and future contests and giveaways.

Come on over and just say Yes, Please!

Here’s the Link:

Marcia Richards, sexy, smart and strong

And for your records, the link URL is

I hope to see you all there!

Everyone who subscribes will be eligible for a gift giveaway at the end of August!

Go click that button!


6 thoughts on “Come on Over!

  1. Not sure why you changed your domain but I love the look of the new site and have added it to the ol’ Google Reader πŸ™‚ Congrats on the upcoming releases Marcia. SO excited for you!!!

    • Thanks, Raelyn! I had to change the domain because my new web host required it in order to be able to take my time moving things over from the old blog. I pointed both domains at the new site once I had it set up, but my subscribers didn’t move over like they should have. There may be a way to fix that, but I don’t have time to monkey with it right now. So I’ll keep both sites open and redirect readers with a message at the old blog. Thanks for re-subscribing!

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