10-Word Branding Challenge and 7 Free Sites to Promote Your Book

No matter what you’re selling, be it soap, cars, books or your talents, you need to define your brand. Here are a few highly recognizable brands:

Dove SoapStephen King's, The Green Mile

Ford Automotive

There is no question about what you’re getting when you see these brands.

Writers strive for a recognizable brand, as well.

The first most recognizable aspect of our brand must be our name. Put your name everywhere.

Secondly, our faces will become recognizable. Get a professional headshot.

Third, is our content – the content of our books, our blogs and our socializing must be consistently in our own voice.

An author’s brand must be authentic, relatable and engaging.

If you missed my friend, Natalie Hartford’s post on Monday, you need to find a few minutes to go read it. I borrowed her idea  which was this:

Define your brand with a list of 10 words

This is one way to determine the essence of you with regard to your brand.

Natalie’s list was fabulous and so right on. Do check it out but,  first here are my 10 words (okay, so they’re  phrases):

1. Playful & Sensual Redhead

2. Steadfast Friend

3. Relationship Savvy

4. A Multifarious Creative

5. Fitness Fan

6. Harley/Sports Car-Girl

7. Knowledge Junkie

8. Passionate Writer & Avid Reader

9. Rock & Roll & Classic Movie Devotee

10. Laughter and Chocolate Addict

I know I am so much more than the image these phrases paint but, these phrases relate most to my writing and the image I want to promote. Defining my brand in 10 WORDS is an ongoing progress.

Does that give you an image of my personality and my writing? What are your 10 words/phrases?



When you’re ready to self-publish your book, you know there will a long list of tasks to perform, but then you’ll be done, right?

Uh, no.

Marketing and promoting your book can be equally time-consuming. That’s why I just had to pass this along.

I was reading an article at Galley Cat on Free Sites to Promote Your eBook and thought I’d offer some of those sites to you here. You can read the entire article and the full list of sites HERE.

1. Addicted to eBooks – Must have 5 Amazon reviews before submitting.

2. Author Marketing Club – Submit your book with their Free Kindle Book Submission Tool.

3. Indie Books List – Submit an excerpt of 1500+ words.

4. GalleyCat Facebook Page – You can post your book in their New Books section.

5. Free Kindle Books and Tips – Book must be free in Amazon’s Kindle Store and have an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

6. Flurries of Words – Free and paid book promotion options.

7. Books on the Knob – Bargain books, free books and book reviews for all eReaders.

There are a whole lot more over at Galley Cat – check it out!

Please stop by The Life List Club and visit Sonia Medeiros. She always has a fun post!


32 thoughts on “10-Word Branding Challenge and 7 Free Sites to Promote Your Book

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  3. You managed to put your brand image in a nutshell really well, Marcia. I loved the Knowledge Junkie. I’m one too. And still working on my 10 words.
    Thanks for the useful book promotion links too.

    • Ah, being a knowledge junkie is one of the best parts of my life. I imagine you feel the same way! Good luck with your words, Reetta, and let me know when you have them down. I’d love to read them!

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  5. Love the 10 words/phrase branding concepts and yours capture the Marcia I’ve read for a while now so well! When I get back to writing “non-book” things, I am so going to do this!

  6. Love how you have defined your image through those 10 phrases, Marcia. That’s a terrific step in the challenge to truly discover and identify your brand. Great work! Thanks for these super links. I’ll be checking them out!

  7. Smart reminder. Did this activity in Kristen’s class and it does help figure out a title for your blog. Seeing your list, it all fits perfectly with your blog! I love “knowledge junkie.”

    • Yeah, 100 words was a lot easier than 10! Re, knowledge junkie–if I’m not learning something, anything, I’m restless and bored. But I couldn’t have been a career student–need to learn what I want, when I want. 🙂 Thanks, Jess.

  8. A multifarious creative? I love it!

    Great word/phrases and great links. Getting your brand (you) down to 10 words/phrases is so hard! You did a fabulous job. Now I have a better sense of who you are, but also of what kind of writing I can expect from you. So much fun!

    • Your brand is a combo of YOU and YOUR WRITING. So the ten words should reflect that as the image you want the world to see. We can’t include our entire personality and all of the loves in our lives, but we can narrow it down to what would mean something to our readers. I hope that helps, Patty. So glad you stopped by!

  9. Love your phrases Marcia, I now have a better image of you 🙂 Narrowing down to 10 WORDS is hard. I’ve been letting Natalie’s post cure in my mind and this is a fabulous addition to hers. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    • I can’t wait to read yours, Raelyn! It was fun for branding, but I also like getting to know my cyber friends better! It really is hard–that’s why I used phrases–don’t know if ten little words is really enough. 🙂

  10. The 10 word/phrases are intriguing. Do you ride a Harley? I’d never have considered you were a Harley fan, but I can easily see you on one. You’ve managed to nail down your brand in just a few words & the links you’ve provided sound like a must read for any author. Great stuff!

    • I don’t ride anymore but it was one of the best decades of my life when I was in my 20s! If we met face-to-face and you didn’t know about my biker days, you really would never have guessed. I’ll see if I have any photos left from those days and post it. I wasn’t the iconic image of a biker-chick, just a middle class girl who loved the freedom and sensuality of riding. 🙂

  11. Squeeeeee!! LOVE your 10-words/phrases Marcia and I feel like I have a uber image of who you are and what your brand/essence is. FUN!!! The word combos really set it on fire….
    Love the shout out – thank you so much….MUAH!!!

    • Thanks, Natalie! I’m so glad you posted your own, but you’re such an open and fun person, there’s no mistaking what your like—and we all love you!

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