Our Passionate Lives – Teaser

I’m posting at the life List Club Blog today about living a passionate life. I hope you’ll join me there!

Here’s an excerpt of my post – just a teaser:

My biggest goal in life is to live with passion and to discover new passions along the way.

In the first half of our adult lives, we are constantly defined by our relations to others such as parents, children, spouses, and bosses.

In the second half of our lives, we can choose to design a new identity. We have the time and the options to find and follow an undiscovered path to our passions.

My research and observations tell me that mature women, those 50-something’s, some nicknamed “Cougars”, have truly taken possession of the second half of their adulthood, and I love being part of that group.

We’re bold and passionate, bursting with vitality and, yet, joyfully mellow.

Age brings its own brand of insecurity. Do you ever feel that women over 50 become invisible to some men? Some men over 50 seem to be looking the way of the younger, thinner, blonder type. (Maybe they have the same worries about their passionate lives as we.)

At first, we may think we can no longer attract a man’s attention…even our own man. Some introspection focused on the positives can help that fear fade.

If we look around, we begin to see celebrated women such as, Raquel Welch, Helen Mirren, and Diane Keaton held as the epitome of “middle-age”. This is a giant signal with flashing lights that we need to embrace the perks of being our age.

What are the benefits of our age?


Only one more month until we start partying again! Yes! It’s our June 29th Life List Club Milestone Party! Food, music and prizes make it the most awesome party on the web! Be there or be square!

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5 thoughts on “Our Passionate Lives – Teaser

  1. I just turned 58 and I’m doing more now than I have in years. I can’t help wondering if that’s because I’ve realized that the candle has burned more than half-way through! lol What ever the reason, I’m happier and healthier than I was 20 years ago. Life is good!

  2. I remember long long ago when… was it Falcon Crest? Knot’s Landing? Whatever. Point is, I remember the media making a big deal out of Joan Collins being 50. Imagine. Sexy, confident, and 50!

    Now, 50 is no big deal. 50 does not mean grey hair and an apron around your waist. Thank goodness, because I’m on my way there.

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