Tips to Make Great Writing like Great Sex

I’ll try to put this delicately. Some days sex is like vanilla ice cream, some days it’s like mint-chocolate chip with a little chocolate syrup drizzled over the top.

And then there are those days when it’s a giant banana split with five scoops all different flavors, chocolate syrup, strawberries, pineapple and cherries, whipped cream and nuts!

It’s pretty much the same in writing. We have days when we struggle to keep our butts in the chair. We have days when it’s easier but still have trouble getting a respectable number of words on a page.

And then there are those days when you feel like a superhero-nothing can stop you, it’s effortless! The words flow like water over a dam, the descriptions are as beautiful as a Monet painting. Your brain is bursting with ideas. Your fingers fly over the keyboard.

Well, we would all love to have THOSE days as often as possible, right?

I came a cross an excellent post on Write To Done by Barrie Davenport of Live Bold and Bloom that offers tips to help you in that quest.  I’m offering you an excerpt here:

How Writing Can Be Like Great Sex: 17 Hot Tips

Great writing is like great sex

Don’t you wish you could bottle whatever it is that stimulates the mind to open so beautifully and spontaneously? A mental door has been flung wide, and amazing ideas and words come spilling out, just begging to be arranged into a story or poem or article.

Neurons are ablaze, firing left and right. You can write and write, pouring forth words in great gushes, only to finish feeling completely spent. My, oh my.

“One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper patterns at the right moment.” ~Hart Crane

And just as spontaneously, that door will slam shut again, and your brain snaps closed like a mental chastity belt. Every sentence is a struggle. Ideas and words evade you like a coy mistress.

Have you ever spent hours with your fingers poised on your keypad, staring at the screen like it might tell you what to write? It is so frustrating. You might as well be under water or in a slow-motion movie. Where did all of those darling words and ideas run off to?

If you have to produce something today, and your creativity has rebuffed you, here are some ideas to get the mental juices flowing:

  1. Set the stage. You know where you like to write. Clear all of the mess off the desk or table. Put it out of your sight. Be sure you aren’t hungry or thirsty, in pain, or otherwise distracted. If you can write to music, play music that sets the mood for your topic.
  2. Walk outside for a few minutes. Get a change of scenery and some fresh air to distract you from your mental sluggishness.
  3. Re-frame your thinking. When you aren’t in the mood to write, you begin to think you are a bad writer. Don’t focus on the end product or your lack of inspiration. Just have fun in the process. Write without constraints and clean up the messy parts later.
  4. Relax and detach for a few minutes. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and try to empty your mind. Meditate for ten or fifteen minutes if you have the time.
  5. Send your subconscious a message. While your eyes are closed, ask for inspiration. Invite the ideas to come forth and the words to flow.
  6. Visualize your reader. Think about the people who will be reading your words. What can you say that will inform, uplift, inspire, confound, or humor them? If inspiration doesn’t produce the words, use your intellect and refine later.
  7. Do a warm-up. Get your fingers and mind ready for writing by writing mindlessly. Answer some emails. Revise a previous article. Type favorite quotes or paragraphs from other writers. Ease your brain and muscles into readiness.

That’s just a teaser. To get 10 more hot tips and more of Barrie’s advice, you just have to read the whole post: How Writing Can Be Like Great Sex: 17 Hot Tips

Barrie also suggests:

“If you’d like to read more about how the spoken word can impact your writing and your life, read this article.”

This link will take you to Barrie Davenport’s website and you can follow her on Twitter @CoachBarrie.

Davenport’s a life coach writing  inspirational and motivational posts on diverse topics with a theme of personal development.

It will be time well spent to check her out and you might like this article, too: Your Hidden Abilities and Why You Need To Find Them.

Of course, we all know how amazing Write To Done is and here are links to some of my favorite posts by their writers:

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Thanks for joining me today! Let me know if any of these links and posts turn out to be helpful!

Before you go I want to remind you that Lara Schiffbauer is posting today at the Life List Club Blog today! Please go visit her and offer up some blog luv. Thanks!


28 thoughts on “Tips to Make Great Writing like Great Sex

  1. Haha, I love the sex comparison!

    Number 7 works great for me. Whenever I can’t write, I don’t waste time on staring at the screen, waiting for the muse to return. Instead, I jump into social media, answer emails and edit previous scenes. Writing two or three novels simultaneously also works for many authors. If you can’t produce anything with one plot, chances are your creative jar will unscrew its lid for a completely different novel.

    Another strategy I have is moving to another location. I often grab my laptop and go to a local library, a coffee shop, or a bookstore to write. At home, switching from my desk to one of my comfortable armchairs works wonders as well.

    • So many great ideas, Angela! Thanks for sharing! I love the “creative jar will unscrew its lid for a completely different novel” I do that…when stuck on one I work on another–it always unscrews my lid…wait, that didn’t sound quite right. 😉

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  4. Mental chastity belt. Ka-snort. Love it. Except when said belt cuts off the blood flow as well as word flow, no matter what kind of scene I’m writing.

    I’ve been absent for a week or two, Marcia. Love the new look. Wowza!

  5. Love this, Marcia! And look out… Writing like great sex just might promote it, and vice versa. 😉
    I love sitting in my story and character’s lives—visualizing his or her life and how it feels to live it. I suppose this could correlate to honoring and embracing our own bodies and sexuality.

    • I think you’re right, August. It’s a similar kind of love and respect. Barrie Davenport’s 17th tip is “Make love to your words”. It’s a great new take on perfecting your writing in the same way you might perfect your lovemaking with your main squeeze.

  6. Great post Marcia and thanks for the eye candy too!

    One of my tips to keep writing great is to daydream. To imagine a scene over and over until you can be there and then dive in.

    Thanks for the great ideas.

    • I’m so happy that young lady up there got your attention, CJ! I love your idea of daydreaming about your scenes. I do that but not to the extent you describe. I’ll have to work on daydreaming a little longer and really ‘be there’ in the scene. Thanks!

      • I thought it was just me doing that, but I’ve read a few other authors talk about the exact same thing. It works and I’m glad to know I’m not crazy (or lazy) for doing it.

  7. Of course with a title like that I had to read this post! great tips!!

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