ROW80 Progress From The Gimp – 4/15/12

Happy Sunday, ROWers!ROW80, a round of words in 80 days, by Kait Nolan

Yes, call me Gimpy this week. Easter Sunday I was loading some food into the trunk of my car to take to my daughter’s for dinner. I was doing fine until I reached the garage and stubbed my toe on the elevated garage floor. ‘Stubbed’ would actually be an understatement. I jammed it hard causing my foot to slip partially out of my open-back shoe and cause my heel to land just as hard on the edge.

Swollen and extremely sore, I’m limping with a cane. While it is improving day by day, I can only sit in a chair just so long before it starts aching, too. Hence, sporadic writing spurts at my desk.

Despite all that:

My 2nd week wasn’t too bad:

  • Write on short stories in progress 3 days/week with a weekly goal of 2000 words. Surpassed my goal by hitting 3000 words!
  • Plot outline of a novella series idea. Spent time plotting the first in the series and continued with character sketches.
  • Begin the publishing process of at least one short story. This will hopefully happen in May
  • Exercise 5 days a week – at least 30 minutes each time. No lower body exercise this week due to foot injury, but I did do some upper body weights on 3 days, while sitting .

It’s interesting how much more writing work I was able to do while confined to my chair. *smirk*

I also found time to get through some of the amazing blogs that hit my inbox. This timely and inspirational video  from the experts at Copyblogger worked it’s magic on me.

Why? Because…well, CJ Lyons said it best when she watched the video:  “I’d never heard of Ze Frank before, so it was kinda cool hearing my own doubts and self-talk coming out of someone else’s mouth!”

This is just one invocation of Ze Frank’s and it really got me where I live:

Let me not hit up my Facebook like it’s a crack pipe … keep the browser closed.
– Ze Frank

(NOTE: Not suitable for work or around small children)

If you’re unfamiliar with ROW80, the challenge that knows you have a life, you can read all about Kait Nolan’s amazing challenge HERE. If you’ve participated before, here’s the link to get started again! To learn more about Kait, click HERE.

Please stop by my blog on Wednesdays this month for indie author guest posts. There are so many really wonderful authors and I have some of the best with me during April!

The Life List Club’s new blog is gaining ground in popularity. We’ve had terrific response, so don’t miss it! We post every Wednesday and Friday. If you know someone who may be interested in guest posting on Mondays, please email me at Marcia DOT A DOT Richards AT gmail DOT com.

Next up on the LLC Blog is the amazing David N. Walker on Wednesday and Gary Gauthier on Friday! Please visit them and offer up some comment luv!

I hope you all have had a productive week as well. Please share your triumphs and struggles…makes us feel like we’re not alone!


36 thoughts on “ROW80 Progress From The Gimp – 4/15/12

  1. Way great progress, Marcia! I love that you are working on short stories. Have you already targeted your markets to submit to in May? On the exercise front, we’d be a great pair with our injuries: I’ll do your lower body exercise and you can do my upper body exercise. 🙂

    • *high five* I’d definitely pair up with you, Barbara, in that way if we could! Not sure what you mean about targeting markets to submit short stories to. Do you mean to mags and contests? If so, I wasn’t thinking in that direction. Maybe I should. I was only thinking about publishing them. Fill me in.

  2. Oh, ouch Marcia! I hope your injury is healing and feeling better daily! Happy dance for all your writing AND exercise accomplishments this week. The video of Ze Frank is a KEEPER. I loved what he said about courage being a wild dog. LOL I’m going to look for more of his videos and bookmark them. It’s good to be back in the creative groove again and that video was the tipping point. Yipppeee! AND Thanks!

  3. Oh, no, Marcia! So sorry you injured your foot. So that’s what it takes to exceed your word count, LOL. Hope it heals up soon. Great job on your goals, and thanks so much for your support of me! You rock! 😀

  4. Great progress Marcia! I hope the foot is feeling better soon.

    BTW… I did some of my best work when I was bound to a chair after knee surgery. Maybe you’ll get inspired and really crank out some words. I’m pulling for you.

    • Thanks, CJ! It’s actually been happening all week. I did some plotting on my new series and have written another 2000 words today! I’m excited! Funny, had to hurt myself to get moving…weird.

  5. Ouch, I’m so sorry about your foot. I’m clumsy, so I do a lot of stuff like that. It’s amazing how something small like a toe can cause so much trouble. 😦

    Regardless, you still made some great progress. Good luck this week!

    • Yeah, who’d have thought after a week I’d still be hobbling around? You’re, I made really good progress, so in some way, it was worth having a sre foot! Thanks, Lauralynn.

  6. Oh no, you poor thing! So sorry to hear about the foot, but isn’t it remarkable how much we can get done when we don’t have an excuse to *not* sit in the chair? Congrats on all the writing, and the growth of LLC is exciting! I’ll definitely check out the blog.

    • Thanks, Lena! We would love to see you at LLC!
      Oh, if only I could find a way to convince my hubs to continue with all the cooking and cleaning so i could just write! I’d probably knock out a few books a year…then we could hire a maid!:P

  7. Wow, that injury totally sounds like something I’d do. Hope the healing goes smoothly and sees you mobile and comfortable again soon. Great job on your goals, Marcia, you held it together despite the odds – nicely done. Have a fantastic week 🙂

  8. Marcia, you’ve been hanging around with me too long. Ouch and I feel your pain, darling! Still, you had a wonderfully productive week. WTG! Hope by next week’s report, your toe is much better. 🙂

    • Aw, thanks, Sheila! It gets a little better each day. I like hanging out with you, but I can’t blame the clumsiness on you…it’s all me! 🙂

  9. Excellente! GREAT word count this week. Question: is the novella series also Irish historical??? 🙂 Going to check out the CopyBlogger video. Looking forward to your Wednesday posts. Have a great week Marcia.

  10. Bummer! Sorry you hurt your toe and foot. I laughed out loud when you mentioned how much writing you got done when “confined” to the chair! Don’t I know it well. Take care!

      • Thanks! I’m doing well and writing away. Our days have finally turned soft and warm here and the garden pulls at me everyday. Have a happy weekend and take care of those feet. Us gals with the big feet know your pain-:)

  11. Ouch! Hope the foot is better soon!! Excellent progress this week Marcia. I’ll have to wait to check out the video…wee beasties hanging over my shoulder 🙂 Wishing you a fabulous week, my friend.

  12. Hi Marcia! I’m so sorry about your poor foot. The unexpected side-effect of surpassing your writing goal had to make you feel a little better. Nice week of work, and feel better!

    • Thanks, Jolyse! I hope your next book is coming along well. Yes, the positive side is that hubs has been doing all the cooking and cleaning up which has givine uninterrupted time to write…and that’s a very good thing!

      • I’m actually writing my second and third books simultaneously. That way, I can let one gel while I work on the other, and not feel like I’m wasting time during that creative ebb. I have no idea how productive this process will turn out to be…but I’ll be sure to let you know. LOL

  13. lol at the crack pipe and the too-too.. Great post, Marcia.. Sorry about your toe! 😦 I stub and jam my toes frequently (big feet) – – it hurts!!!
    I am failing on my Script Frenzy. I just don’t have it in me. I am trying and trying, but I may actually throw in the towel.
    I hate quitting.. April is just a bad time to get involved in lots of projects.
    Always a pleasure to stop by your blog, Marcia. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

    • Hang in til tax season is over and you’ll get back on track, Darlene. I’ll be better in a week, just hope I can keep the word count high when i’m back to cooking and cleaning! Have a good week!

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