A Short List and 10 Great Links

Welcome to Friday’s List and Links!

Today’s list  contains only two items – 2 writing prompts complete with a challenge.

The rules:

Take your choice of prompts and write up to 500 words on the topic.

Let me know when you’ve finished, post them on your blog and I’ll link to them on mine.

End of Challenge: May 13th

Ready, Set, Go!

1. Write a story from the point of view of an apple, sitting in a fruit basket on your kitchen counter, observing life around it. (Courtesy of Brian Klem, Writer’s Digest)

2. View this 30 second video and write the story you see in it.

Writing prompts are known to get the creativity flowing and make you a better writer.

Now, here’s your opportunity to pimp your own prompted stories! Link to any stories you’ve written, before today, based on a writing prompt.

On to some of the best links in the blogosphere:

On Writing:

Elizabeth Spann Craig of Mystery Writing is Murder writes about Internal Dialogue.

Becca Puglisi of The Bookshelf Muse  guests on Write To Done: Beyond the Cliche’: How To Create Characters That Fascinate.

Ali Luke of Aliventures.com, 8 Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work.

On Marketing and Social Media:

Joel Friedman hosts  Steven Lewis of Taleist, a self-publishing blog. 5 Top Tools for Promoting Your Book on Twitter

Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn, Marketing Direct to Kindle Readers. On Advertising and KDP Select.

Mary Jaksch, Chief Editor of Write To Done, posted How to Skyrocket Your Subscriber Count: Crucial Strategies  for Bloggers.

Crystal Patriarche of Writer Unboxed posts Goodreads and Other Genuine Publicity Thoughts.

Kent Weber guest posting at The Savvy Book Marketer talks about 6 Ways a Book landing Page Can Increase Your Book’s Revenue.  

For Fun:

Kate at SubtleKate says, When All Else Fails, Shop for Shoes.

Catie Rhodes at her Full-Tilt Backwoods Boogie Blog posts, What’s New: April 2012, showcasing her favorite horror books and new gadgets.

Please go visit Jenny Hansen who’s sharing her farewell post at the new Life List Club blog today!

You know we love hearing from you! Do you have any links to share?


Before you go, we have a winner! On April 4th author, Steena Holmes, guest posted here and offered a copy of her book, Finding Emma.

The winner is …Karen McFarland!! YAY! Karen! Please contact Steena via email at SteenaH@telus.net and let her know you are her winner.


10 thoughts on “A Short List and 10 Great Links

  1. Wonderful links today, Marcia. (see, I even typed your name correctly LOL!) It’s rainy and snowy and cold here today, so this is a perfect day to bloghop my way through them. Thanks! And have a great weekend!

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