Beauty Products Smart Women Need and 8 Great Links

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There is nothing a smart, sexy woman loves and appreciates more than products that are designed to multi-task. These are made for us!

I found these three and 8 more at Daily Glow. I just ordered the Smooth Operator. I use the Beauty Balm and love it. There are a few more that I use among the other 8 products. You might want to click the link and check them out.

Tarte Smooth OperatorTarte smooth operator tinted foundation-moisturizer

Somewhere in between foundation and regular moisturizer lies tinted foundation. Tarte Smooth Operator ($36) provides the benefits of the best of both: It has light-deflecting particles to minimize the appearance of fine lines, is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E, and gives the perfect hint of coverage to even out skin tone without being too heavy. Plus it has SPF 20.

They say that this foundation covers well and isn’t heavy-feeling. It allows your skin to breathe which will eliminate the possibility of breakouts from using it. A lot of vitamins and SPF 20? Can’t wait to try it!


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow PadsSelf tanner and exfoliator in one

You know that you’re supposed to exfoliate before applying self-tanner, but who has the time? The two-in-one Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads ($32) do both at once; the towelettes are made with alpha and beta hydroxy acids to gently remove dead skin to ensure that the color goes on evenly and give you a dose of topical vitamin D.

They say that one pad is enough for your face, neck and chest and gives you a natural glow. These are next on my list since my fair skin burns so easily and because it will take no time at all to use!


Dr. Jart Beauty Balmbeauty balm that isn't heavy

There’s nothing that wins a beauty editor over faster than a product that multitasks and actually does a good job at each of those tasks. That’s what won Dr. Jart Beauty Balm ($32) top honors. This amazing oil-free skin cream contains 50% water to hydrate and create a natural, dewy finish on skin. Plus, natural sunscreens also give it excellent UV protection, and the neutralizing pigments cover and correct discoloration.

I’ve had a hard time finding a product that will cover the redness I have most of the time from sensitive aging skin. This one covers without making me look like I have too much make-up on. I love the feel of it!

All of the products at Daily Glow look good, feel good and are good for your skin. Feel pretty and healthy inside and out!


On Publishing:

Rachelle Gardner’s, The Definitive Post on how to get published.

Jody Hedlund’s post, 3 Reminders About eBooks versus Paper Books.

On Writing:

Janice Hardy’s, Goals: Does Every Character Need the Same One? Great post

Donna Newton’s Classes, Competitions and Writing Opportunites…there are some fascinating options here.

On Social Media and Marketing:

I loved August McLaughlin’s post, Controversial Blog Posts: How to Make Them Work. Good advice for all.

Joel Friedlander’s, Authors Can’t be Too Pooped to Market.

For Fun:

At 1000 Awesome Things, Neil is getting closer to #1. Here’s #13.

Etsy has it all! If you’ve never been there, you need to go see it! Grab these Wicked Witch Sisters bookmarks…so cute!


Do you have any beauty secrets to share? How about any cool links to share?

That’s it for today. Enjoy the rest of your Friday!



9 thoughts on “Beauty Products Smart Women Need and 8 Great Links

  1. That beauty balm sounds fantastic, Marcia. My biggest beauty tips are getting restful sleep and pursuing passion. (Though excitement from the latter can disrupt the first! ;))

    Thanks so much for the warm shout out!

    • You’re welcome!
      As we age,great sleep is harder to come by and sometimes passions wane. It’s good to rely on those 2 things though as long as possible. Eating healthy is also a boost to the condition of our skin. It’s nice to know there’s something natural and good to help when we need it! 🙂
      Thanks, August!

  2. I actually have reduced all my beauty products to 2 for my face…olive oil soap and a special oil that has different natural extracts that I get from my acupuncturist. Of course healthy eating helps too…

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