A Guest Post by Bestselling Author, Steena Holmes

Welcome to our second week of author guest posts!

Please welcome Steena Holmes, a talented and fabulous young woman who has several published books available at Amazon. Please stop by to see her selection. I guarantee you’ll find a few that are right for you. FINDING EMMA is 5-star rated and I know you’re going to love it!

My friend, Steena and I have a few passions in common. “Whether its passion found in a steamy romance or the sweet love in an inspirational, Steena doesn’t think it’s complete without chocolate.” You’ll see that passion come through in her writing.

Steena, I’m so happy to have you here today! I know my readers would love to hear about your new release, Finding Emma, and your main character, Megan. Tell us what it is that your readers love so much about Megan and your story.

Marcia, darlin’, thank you for having me on your blog! 
There are some women that you meet and realize you want to know more of. Marcia – you are one of those women! From the first moment I met you I knew right away you were not only a woman after my own heart but someone who would become a dear friend! 
This past week has been a week of celebrations. And if there’s one thing I know about celebrations, it’s that there is always chocolate involved. Always 🙂
This week I’ve been able to celebrate the success of a recent book launch. Within days it made a bestsellers list and then went on to do more than I could even imagine. Finding Emma is my little book that could. Every day I’m getting emails from readers who fall in love with the various characters of my story but, more than not, they will all say that their heart broke for Megan – my main character.
Why? Finding Emma by Steena Holmes
She’s a mother doing everything possible to find her kidnapped daughter – even after everyone else has given up. 
Writing Megan’s character was easy for me. I knew I needed her to be strong. Tenacious. Stubborn. I grew up with a strong mother who taught me so much. I’m surrounded by women of strength that I admire and try to be like. But, I also needed her to be broken. Weary. Alone. I tried really hard to place myself in her shoes. What would I do if my youngest child had been missing for two years? I think I would fall apart. I know I would fall apart. But there’s something about us as women – we are more than just emotional creatures. When we are at our rock bottom – we find the strength to rise up. Every time. All the time. Especially when it comes to our families and those close to us.
While I was writing Finding Emma, I did a lot of research. There is an organization that I’ve partnered up with called Missing Children’s Society of Canada – www.mcsc.ca. I always knew that I wanted to donate proceeds from the sale of each book to this organization but it wasn’t until I found myself in a situation that I knew I needed to. My middle daughter was followed to school one early morning by an older man. I received a phone call at work from her – I could hear the fear in her voice but it wasn’t until I hung up the phone that it really hit me. My daughter could have been taken. I could have been ‘Megan’. It’s a feeling I never want to experience again – but it sure made me realize that if something had happened to my daughter – I would have done everything possible to get her back. Everything.

That’s what a strong woman does.

A little more about Steena Holmes:

Steena Holmes, author of Finding EmmaVisit my website and enter my world of passions – chocolate and writing!

I’m Steena Holmes. A wife. A mother of three daughters and I live in Calgary, Alberta.
I’m a chocoholic and author. I love to read, bake, create cover designs, read and write.

Pull up a chair, fill your plate with sweet delicacies as we learn together how to become stronger writers. We’ll discuss books, indie publishing and passions – not always in that order!

Need to get a hold of me? I’d love to chat!  Email me at steena@steenaholmes.com

Follow me on Twitter  Like me on Facebook

Steena, thank you for visiting and sharing your newest release with us.

So, what would you like to ask Steena? Ask her anything. She loves talking with her readers!

You all have the opportunity to get an autographed copy of FINDING EMMA. How? Well, Steena has graciously offered to give away a copy of her book to one commenter. The winner will be announced next Wednesday, April 11th.

Remember last Wednesday when author, Jillian Dodd, was here and she also offered to give away a copy of one of her books to one commenter? Well, we have a winner…Diana Douglas! Diana,  I will send you a Direct Message on Twitter with instructions to receive your book.

Don’t forget that today is the opening day of The Life List Club’s new blog! Sherry Isaac, our newest author, will be posting for you today. Please stop over and give her some comment luv! I’ll be posting on Friday. See you there!


22 thoughts on “A Guest Post by Bestselling Author, Steena Holmes

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  3. I loved “Finding Emma”…read it in 2 days on my Kindle. It took that long because I had to stop to do those horrible things we wives have to do daily! But I awakened at 6 AM this morning, determined to get it read before the “boss” arose and we started our day! Even for an old woman (I’m 73+) this was a thrilling, meaningful, heart-busting, tear-dropping story and I was thrilled to see the ending I’d hoped for! Where do I find more of your books?

  4. Steena, as you know, I loved Finding Emma! It’s a gripping read from beginning to end and one to which every parent can relate. The research you put into the story is obvious and I constantly felt like I was reading about a true experience. This is a book I recommend for everyone.

  5. Wonderful interview, Steena and Marcia. I’m looking forward to reading Emma. I know it will be a very emotional experience for me.
    A question for Steena: how did you decide on this subject? Was there someone in your life that inspire you? Or was it maybe something in the news?

  6. Excellent interview!
    Steena, congrats on the amazing success with Emma. You deserve it! Enjoy it and BELIEVE it! ❤

  7. Congrats on your new book Steena! And what a wonderful interview Marcia! Can’t imagine the lose of a child. I would go crazy! So now I can’t wait to read Megan’s story! Big thanks to both of you! 🙂

    P.S. I’ve had some problems lately with WordPress Marcia. So glad I’ve broke the code, LOL, and I’m able to come by! See you soon!

  8. Ooooo I was afraid to come read this post in case there were some spoilers. (What was I thinking? I should know better!) Anyway, I’ve only started Finding Emma (it’s my treat during scoring breaks) and I’m really enjoying it.

    So happy for the success with the book, Steena.

  9. Steena (and Lani)–thanks for the post. I find myself most interested in women characters, and usually they are “strong” in some sense. I teach literature and the first women that struck me were Andramache (from the ILIAD) and Penelope (from the ODYSSEY). Both are strong, for different reasons. Other characters I’ve come across are Granny (from Faulkner’s UNVANQUISHED), Antigone (from Sophocles’ ANTIGONE), and Viola (from Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT. The Bible is also full of strong female characters: Sarah, Rebecca, Tamar, Rahab, Hannah and Bathsheba. You know what all of these characters have in common? Struggle. Suffering. Loss. It seems that these are the things that prompt the strength to come forth; rather, allow it to be demonstrated. Obviously, Steena’s character is in the same vein. Sounds like a good story.

  10. Great post – Finding Emma sounds like a moving and powerful story. As a mother whos always worrying about the worst possible things happening to her children, I can defn relate to this one.

    • Thanks for coming by, Lani. There were so many incidents of kidnapping when my daughter was a toddler, I was afraid to turn my back on her when she was inches from me in the grocery cart.
      Every mom definitely knows that fear!

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