A Guest Post by Amazon Best-Selling Author, Jillian Dodd

Happy Woman’s Day!

I’m thrilled to be hosting author, Jillian Dodd, today on my blog. Jillian has the most feminine, flirty blog called Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos. You must go check it out, if you haven’t been there already. She has fun posts on shirtless MEN, romance, fashion and movie reviews.

What a treat we have in store for you! Jill’s going to acquaint you with her best-selling books and her writing style via some excerpts. I guarantee after reading this, you’ll want to rush on over to Amazon to pick up one or both of her books!

AND, because Jillian is a generous woman and adores her readers, one lucky commenter will be chosen to receive a free copy of either That Boy or That Wedding! The winner will be announced on Monday, April 2nd!

Jillian is not only a best-selling author, but she’s also a terrific friend and peer mentor. She’s the epitome of a Sexy, Strong, Smart and From the Heart woman!

Meanwhile, I’m over at Jillian’s amazing blog offering you ways to Romance Your Man! When you’re done here, please come visit me!

You’re on, Jill!


I’m excited to be able to be at Marcia’s blog today!! Marcia’s blog is a place known for it’s belief that women can be sexy and smart and strong, and still feel with their hearts. The perfect place for romance!!

I’m the author of a fun romantic book called That Boy. That Boy has been on the Amazon best sellers list since November, and I’m very proud of the fact that it’s also on their best rated list!

That Boy by Jillan Dodd
Here’s a quick blurb about the book.

You know, being friends with two cute boys does have its benefits. There’s Danny. Danny is a golden boy in every way. He has dreamy blue eyes and blonde hair that always looks perfect, even when it’s windblown or been stuck under a football helmet. He’s the boy every girl crushes on. The boy I get into trouble with, the boy I fight with, the hot quarterback no girl can resist, not even me. Being with Danny is like being on an adventure. He has a bright, contagious smile and abs to die for. He’s pretty much irresistible.

Equally crush worthy is Phillip. Adorable, sweet Phillip, who I have known since birth. Phillip has dark hair, a perfect smile, brown eyes, and the sexiest voice I have ever heard. He’s the boy I talk to every night before I go to sleep. The boy who rescues me, the boy who can read my mind, the boy who is always there for me, the boy who tries to keep me out of trouble, the boy who irritatingly keeps getting hotter, and whose strong arms always seem to find their way around me. And when he gives me that grin, I can never say no.

One boy will give me my very first kiss.
One boy will teach me to make out.
One boy will take me to prom.
And finally, one boy will ask me to marry him.
They will both be my best friends.
But only one of them will be the boy I fall in love with.
Only one of them is That Boy.

Since Marcia’s blog is about strong women, I thought I would share a little with you about the main character in the book, Jadyn. She’s a bit of a tomboy, spunky, funny, and a loyal friend. The book is written from her perspective, so you get to experience all the important moments in her life from age 10 through her engagement to that boy at age 22. 

At eighteen, Jadyn is growing up well. She gets along well with her parents, gets good grades, and has close friends. Something tragic happens in her life that causes her to react. Her reaction is to realize that life is short. She is determined to do two things with her life. She wants to make her parents proud, and she wants to live life to the fullest. She wants to stop and smell the roses.

While these are honorable traits, she takes them a bit far, and they are simply masking her pain. If everything is for fun, it means you don’t care. If you don’t care, you won’t get hurt again. Even though she doesn’t realize it, she’s trying so hard to be strong, she doesn’t let herself feel. 

But she’s in love with a boy. A boy who has been her best friend for a really long time. She knows she loves him, but she has an internal struggle brewing. Should she let herself love him fully and risk having her heart broken? Or worse, losing him? At the end of That Boy, she makes a decision. One that will affect the rest of her life. Will she make the right decision? Does she believe in true love, the fairytale kind? You’ll have to read the book to find out!! That Wedding by Jillian Dodd

The sequel to That Boy, That Wedding, was released about a month ago.  In this book, you get to see Jadyn grow into the kind of strong, loving woman that would make her parents proud. 

I know he’s that boy. The boy I want to marry, my prince, my happily ever after. I feel like I’m living in a dreamy fairytale. 

But then, Pastor starts asking questions I don’t know the answers to.
I have horrible wedding disaster dreams.
I can’t find a dress.
I have to manipulate him to get my way.
An old boyfriend asks me to run away and marry him.
My best friend tells me I’m going to ruin everything.
And forever is starting to sound like a really long time.
Which makes me start to wonder. 
I wonder if best friends should get married. 
I wonder if I’m settling. 
I wonder if the fact that sex with him is so amazing that it’s clouding my judgment.
I wonder if it’s just cold feet.
I wonder if marriage is all that fun.
And then I have to decide. Am I willing to give up on true love forever, or should I say, What the hell, and marry him anyway? 
Thanks so much for having me here today!!
 About Jillian
Jillian DoddLike Jadyn, Jillian Dodd has drunk from a keg in a cornfield, did attend the University of Nebraska, and once spent half a day walking beans.

Unlike Jadyn, she does know all the words to Dear Old Nebraska U.

She currently resides in Texas with her family, where she is working on new projects.

She is a voracious reader herself and can easily lose a day immersed in a good book. She is an avid college football fan and active in her sorority’s alumni group.

She was lucky enough to find her own prince in college, and they have two amazing children and a Maltese named Sugar Bear.

You can find both books at Amazon, B&N, and ibooks. 
You can find me at my website and blog: www.jilliandodd.net
Thanks for giving our readers a peek into your world and your books, Jillian!
Do you have any questions for Jillian? Jadyn shows her strength in her decisions. Do you seek out books about strong women? 
Now go pick up a Jillian Dodd book, then head over to her blog to visit me!

26 thoughts on “A Guest Post by Amazon Best-Selling Author, Jillian Dodd

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  3. Fab interview, ladies! Jillian is an amazing role model for all of us and has quickly established her own fabulous style. I loved That Boy and have That Wedding shouting to be read from my TBR list.

  4. Love this post and love both of you, Jillian and Marcia! ‘That Boy’ is such a fun read, I need to check out ‘That Wedding’ now!

    Heading on over to find out how to romance my man. 🙂

  5. So nice to meet you Jillian! Your definitely a face I recognize off of twitter, but it’s fun to be introduced to your writing more. I think the premise for this book is a fascinating one because the Y generation is invading the workplace and we have different ideas and ideals about what’s important. Forever does seem like a long time and many young people want to make sure they’re going to be in it for the long haul before making the commitment. What you’ve captured with your book is a generational emotion change. So happy it’s out there. Would love to read it!

    • Thanks, Angela! I’m still sort of in shock at the title Marcia chose. I’ve never seen those words and my name in the same sentence!! It’s pretty darn exciting!!

      • Oh my gosh, Jillian! You are an author and with your great writing and business skills, you’ll be one of the most successful!

    • Thanks!! They were a lot of fun to write. Heck, I got to plan a dream wedding! I keep asking my husband if he’d like to get married again, but he doesn’t seem to be for that. I may have to work some of Marcia’s sexy bedroom ideas to convince him!!

  6. Hi Marcia and Jillian!

    I thank you so much for giving a a little taste of both your books! They sound fabulous and now I can’t wait to read them. I love that in your writers voice Jillian that I can hear the excitement of your love for the characters. That comes shining through. Thanks to you both today! 🙂

  7. Marcia, everything you said about Jillian is absolutely correct. She’s a wonderful friend and a great source of knowledge. If you knew her personally, you’d think even more of her.

      • Although we haven’t personally met, I think of Marcia as an awesome friend and a great inspiration!! We’ve known each other since a great close group of mostly women did a class together!! I’ve been lucky to be part of that group!! Thanks for having me today, Marcia!

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    • It does sound like a long time. Especially when you are 22. I know I was so excited to get engaged, but as the wedding got closer, I got a little freaked out myself!! (We’ve been married almost 24 years now!!)

  9. I loved That Boy and can’t wait to read That Wedding and see how the story plays out…Loved all the characters and I think Jadyn ROCKS!!!
    Jillian, I’d love to hear about your writing process – from idea to finished book? Do you plot? How detailed? Story boards? What really “works” for you and what doesn’t?
    BEST wishes for more FAB success!!!

    • Oh, Natalie. I am not a plotter. I usually have the idea for the beginning and the ending of the book. I write in scenes. I picture scenes in my head and try to get them on paper!! I often write on my phone and email it to myself. I keep the phone by my bed because I often dream scenes. If I had to plot out a story completely and write it, I don’t think I could write. I feel like I really know my characters, but at the same time, sometimes they really surprise me. In the new series that I’m working on now, I have two characters that were supposed to be minor players. One was supposed to be the annoying brother of a friend. He turned out to be a major love interest because he was just so adorable! The more I wrote about him, the more I fell in love with him (as did the main character!)
      I started using Scrivener and love it! Much easier for me to move scenes around and do timelines once I start plotting and make sure that there actually is a plot. LOL! That being said, I have been learning to plot a little more. The new series is a six book series, so I had to have a rough idea of what would happen in each book and the main character’s arc for both the series and each book.
      That’s about it!! Thanks for stopping by today!!

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