ROW80 – 3/11 Update – Good and Bad News

Happy Sunday to all my ROWer friends! ROW80

Only 10 days left of ROW80 – Round 1, 2012! The time flew. I was able to get more done than in past rounds. How about you?

Again, these are my goals. Updates are in pink:

  1. Continue with my 13-month Health Challenge. Read about that Here.   I did nothing but the usual household chores, go out of town for a day, and work at the computer. Not my best week and I’m behind in my treadmill challenge with Gene Lempp. Check out more details on my health challenge in last week’s post, #HotWriterBods Health Challenge Update #3.
  2. Write on my projects – Claim a weekly total of 2,500 words. I wrote 500 words on my short story this week. I also spent a couple of days getting a new blog site set up for The Life List Club–more about that below.
  3. Streamline my social media and support efforts so that I visit all my blogger friends and ROW80 friends over the course of each week.   I’m still struggling to stay on top of all the blog reading – promoting is on track. Promo tweets are in good shape but social tweets were nonexistent this week.

Doesn’t it figure that a great week is followed, not by another great week, but a crummy week? Well, I’m not dwelling on it, but I do have to figure out a way to string many good weeks together.

Hey, Gene! I hope you have that discipline packaged up and ready to mail out to me! I’m desperate for it!

I’m going to try a new schedule which will include using social media only 3 days a week no more than 2 hours a day, rebuilding my queue of blogs, and staying completely offline 2 days a week to write.

I’m one of those people who feels it necessary to answer emails, FB messages, tweets, blog comments, etc immediately. It means being available every moment of every day for social responses and it also means I get little else done. I’m stopping that right now! I think.

Anyway, please check out ROW80 for yourself, if you’re not already involved! Creator, Kait Nolan, offers a flexible, supportive atmosphere for meeting your writing goals. There are so many awesome people involved and they make it so much fun! They are the best cheerleaders you could ever hope to have.


WAIT! Before you go:

Bad news first: Policy information about Pinterest has been all over the internet recently. And it’s not good for the users of Pinterest. An article by PCWorld outlines the issues clearly. Here’s a post about one article of the policy at the blog, Virtual Moxie. The way the policies are written, the users are liable for lawsuit if they use a Pinterest image anywhere off the site. If Pinterest is sued for use of a copyrighted image, Pinterest will include users who pinned and repinned the image. The users will pay all legal expenses, Pinterest will pay none.

Additionally, anything posted on Pinterest automatically transfers copyright to them, forever and for always. In my opinion, that’s just wrong.

Sadly I deleted all my boards and closed my account. It was so hard because those images said a lot about me. I had built a good number of followers and it was so darn much fun to play with. So, I will wait until the day comes that Pinterest changes it’s policies so the users are not in danger of being sued and can freely upload and share images at will.

What a way to take a really great idea and ruin it for everyone!

Good News: First, The Life List Club will be celebrating its 3rd Milestone Party on Friday, March 23rd! Woohoo! Put on your party hats and dancing shoes and head on over for food, music and PRIZES!!

Second, We have some very cool changes coming to The Life List Club!

I don’t know how it could be possible, BUT just in case you aren’t familiar with The LLC – heaven forbid! – please click HERE to get up to speed.

Up to now all the writers have guest posted among each other’s blogs on some amazing topics. The readers would blog hop from one to another every other Friday to read how we’re all doing on our goals and to gain some insight, inspiration, motivation, laughs or whatever the writer offered.

Beginning April 4th, The Life List Club will have its own blog site! By having a separate blog, we can take on more writers and blog more days every week giving the readers a lot more content and diversity. We are also happy to welcome a new writer to kick off the new blog, Sherry Isaac!!

I’ll post the URL for the new Life List Club blog later this month so you can go poke around and see what you think. The first blog will be posted on Wednesday, April 4th.

So, what’s YOUR good news today? Did you have a good week?


48 thoughts on “ROW80 – 3/11 Update – Good and Bad News

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    • You absolutely can come to the party! Grab your party dress and a cocktail and head on over to all of the blogs! If you’d like, write something for your blog to keep the party going or you write something shorter and I’ll include on my blog for you. Let me know what you decide! Yay!

  3. Congrats on your goals this week and yay! for the Life List Club news! 🙂 As for pinterest…I was just about to set up an account over there when I heard that they were taking copyright of whatever is posted. Not much shocks me anymore, but that…that shocked me. Hopefully they change their policy soon. Have a great week!

  4. I like your schedule idea Marcia. I have been trying to find something that would work for me as well. You may have found the ticket. I can’t seem to fit everyone in that I want. I keep missing too many people. 1 hour just doesn’t do it. I’m sad that Row80 is ending. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted. But I can always try again. Sorry your great week was followed by a not so great one. 😦

    • I doubt anyone accomplishes everything they planned in ROW80. Don’t feel badly. It’s just a tool to help. There’s always another round coming up. Life and our own procrastination does get in the way.
      I’m glad you’re feeling you may have found the way to schedule your days, Debra. This is my first day of my new schedule…today is all about blogging. I’m okay so far. Good luck with yours. I’d love to know what you decide on and how it works out for you!

  5. Awe I liked your Pinterest boards and I was really considering joining. But I guess its good to sit back and wait a little. You’re sooo good at keep up with social media. I think that as of late, I haven’t done enough. But I’m also like you, I really want to participate and reply to comments and tweets etc. I’ve figured out a good writing schedule, but maybe a social media schedule is necessary too. 🙂

    • I think if we don’t schedule all the elements, we don’t have a chance at keeping up with any of it, Nicole. I was so random at it for so long. I was frustrated, feeling guilty and knew I could better. Find what works for you. It isn’t easy to stick to a schedule, but it’s necessary to try, in my opinion.

  6. I just came across your blog and enjoyed your post. I think that it is great you are taking your social media so seriously as a writer. I can’t express how important it is. I look forward to checking back and reading your future posts.

    • Thanks, Nicole! I so appreciate you taking the time to stop in and comment. Social media is important, just tough to cover all the bases and not take away from the writing. I will look forward to chatting with you again!

  7. I’m very sad about Pintest, especially since you just introduced me to it and I fell in love with it immediately. Very sad indeed. 😦

    Turning off the internset for a couple of days a week is excellent. I’m doing that in the morning hours, but it does take a lot of determination to ignore the lure of email and blogs and online friends. Ah, if only we could be given another 24 hours in our day for all of this lovely social media stuff.

    Here’s to you getting back to your regular exercise program this week, Marcia!

    • No worries about typos, Sheila…I do that all the time!
      I am so sad about Pinterest, too. I feel terrible being so excited and inviting so many friends and then I have to throw water on the whole thing with this bad news. It really is a great place to connect and to present yourself in a beautifully visual way. Darn you, Pinterest, for ruining it by being underhanded!

      Thanks for the encouragement, Sheila. I’m definitely going to o better this week in all areas!

  8. I have no doubt you’ll get right back on track this week pumping out the words and hitting the treadmill Marcia. We all have slightly “off” weeks – lord knows I’ve had some where I thought I sucked pretty bad and y’all remind me that it’s life and it’s OK!! 🙂 Gotta have those “less than brilliant” weeks so we can really celebrate our stellar ones. AND, you did still get quite a bit done…so woot woot – pat on back – here’s to a great week ahead!
    I am so sad about Pinterest. I was just about to join…sniff…but who could take that kind of risk. When I originally heard about it I wondered how folks were getting around copyright images? Alas, it was a great idea and here’s hoping they can find a way to revive it in a way that’s free and without risk of lawsuit!
    I hear ya about juggling reading, commenting, blogging etc. I am just like you – if I see a new email, I must read etc. So to write, I got into my office and turn off ALL social media etc stuff. It’s way to distracting. LOL! Your plan going forward sounds great. Let me know how it works!!!
    Chin up Marcia – no dwelling. Make a list of everything you need to get done this week, and then sort by day and KICK it!

    • Aw, thanks so much, Natalie! what a great supporter you are! I have my plan, so this coming week will be …. fantabulous! Wishing you an awesome week, too!

  9. Hi Marcia! Thanks for your thoughts on social media. I tend to have the same problem. I get stuck on emails, twitter and reading all the blogs. Then I look at the clock and uh-oh, the day has flown by. But I’m working at timing myself and disipline. Ha, ha, ha, that’s a good one. Oh there’s always the next week. It’s finding the balance in all of this, isn’t it? You have a great week Marcia! 🙂

  10. Yeah for short stories, Marcia! I love them and started in on a new one this week. Boo for Pinterest. I got an invite and had it on my “take a few hours on a Saturday and join/start” radar. Now I wonder if I should bother. I’d heard such great things and know of some people who were posting links back to their blog there with great traffic results. For them to claim all copyright of the blog post then is criminal. Why would they need to do that? That doesn’t feel all social and friendly to me. Hope you have a great week ahead!

    • If you just want to create boards and have fun repinning and connecting with others, then go for it. Just be careful…don’t take images off the site and don’t upload your own stuff. There has been talk of people getting in trouble for repinning something someone else took off the web without permission. So you can be ‘guilty by association’. Not a good thing.

  11. Tell me more about your plan to do SM 3 days a week for 2 hours. What prompted the change? Will it be 6 hours total for the 3 days or 2 hours total for 3 days? I’m interested because this piece of my work can easily dominate my time. I either don’t visit everyone enough, RT and promote and then feel guilty. This takes up time. Or I hit everyone’s blogs, leave comments, RT and promote and feel successful for that BUT then I realize I spent too much effort there which translates into something else got less time than I planned. I schedule 1 hour per day 5 days. Then on Saturday I want to stay completely off SM.Your idea sounds neat because it will allow your mind to be completely free two days a week. Is this part of the reason you’re doing it?

    I mentioned on my blog that thanks to you and Gene, I’m feeling better about SM. The part I feel better about is understanding the process when I’m on SM. Visiting, commenting, RTs and so forth. This has been a big help to me.

    • I saw that you mentioned us, Ali. Thanks and I’m glad that my experience is helping you. it’s such a struggle to get it all just right.
      So I’m going to try doing 6 hrs for the whole week. I can’t seem to get it done in less than 2 hrs each time, so that’s where that time period came from. I think in 6 hrs a week, I can do all the SM stuff I need to do to visit, tweet and RT — supporting all the people on my list (in my head) at least once a week. I’m also going to eliminate a few more blogs that I subscribe to because i never seem able to get to them.
      If 1 hr a day/5 days a week, works for you, stick with that. If I were to continue doing it daily, I would never get it under control.
      I’m taking 2 days a week minimum to do nothing but write on WIP. That will give me a sense of freedom from guilt about SM. I’ll use other days for writing my blogs. I just have to get a schedule that works for me so I can accomplish more.
      Good luck with your own schedule, Ali!Just keep refining until you have what works well for you.

      • Your schedule is intriguing. I really love the idea of not doing social media at all for two days. Days off, so to speak. Will that include email? I’m interested too!

        Good luck and looking forward to hearing how it goes.

      • @Bridgette – Actually it will be 3 days off–I’m trying to whittle from a 7-day to a 6-day a week schedule. I get everything in my email inbox, so it will be tough, but I’ll answer only emails that need an immediate response right away. I will probably attend to comments in our group more often, since I can’t resist. But generally, I’ll keep all of SM to 3 days a week, writing blogs those days and one other day.. Writing, and nothing but writing 2 days.
        I promise to report on how it’s going after a couple of weeks. My life is erratic, so I hope I can maintain this schedule on the same days every week.

  12. Thank you for posting those links about pinterest. Following many authors, I had posted an “inspiration” board and I took it down immediately. I’m also culling my boards as we speak. I left up mine, however. I don’t have anything in there I’m afraid of them using. It’s good to be informed and I feel foolish that I didn’t read the TOS.

    • Yeah, so many of us don’t read the lengthy legalese in the TOS. I don’t like that they take no responsibility for what anyone does on their site and yet encourages users to do what can be illegal re copyrights. Just don’t ever take an image from there and post it anywhere else and don’t use the Pin It button in your browser unless you’re sure it’s free to use.
      Thanks for coming over, Kate

  13. I’d really like to hear what a copyright lawyer has to say about Pinterest. Who are the ones saying that by pinning a photo the copyright transfers to them? I think it’s a great way to broaden horizons and reach readers, but I don’t want to get into the legal mess.

    Keep plugging away and good luck this week.

  14. It sounds like you had a pretty good week Marcia. Pinterest…wow. I’m glad I never got around to it. It sounded like such a cool site but no way am I setting myself up for a lawsuit or losing copyrights. That just sucks. Life List…THANK YOU. I’ve always loved the posts but rarely have the time for the blog hop aspect of it. It’ll be SO much easier to read when it’s all on one blog. Awesome step.

    Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week my friend!

    • On Pinterest, I was so disappointed. I’m spending my time now on Goodreads, instead.
      Thanks for the positive comment on The LLC! It will be easier for the readers and the writers! Looking forward to seeing you there, Raelyn!

  15. Okay, I’m behind in the treadmill challenge as well and thanks to increased “day job” responsibilities, not likely to catch up this time. Sometimes gung-ho gets us.

    Wish I could bottle discipline because I’d be making a mint. I can tell you are already seeing the need to tame social media so perhaps I can pass on a couple of tips I learned in Bob Mayer’s Write it Forward class that I now use: 1) Never answer anything immediately – read it, save it, get back to it on the next cycle, or whenever you are ready, 2) Set your writing time and block out all phones, internet and distractions during it, 3) If you don’t get to everything, well, no one does and no one should expect that of anyone. Writing is always first (beyond family emergencies, of course). Yes, we all feel bad at times that we can’t do everything but it is just simple reality.

    Keep pressing forward Marcia, that is the only way to string out the “good weeks”. And – have a fantastic week, my friend 🙂 (BTW, in case you missed it, Ali Dent had us in her ROW update today – one place you might want to peek in at).

    • One thing about our treadmill challenge is that the only pressure we feel should be coming from inside of each of us. I totally understand about not being able to reach the goal, but goals are for striving toward. Deadlines are great but life doesn’t stop there, we can reset the deadline and the goals! You’re doing great!
      Thanks for the tips on the SM. I just worry too much about doing “the right thing” for all my friends and supporters. I have to focus more on doing the right thing for me.
      I did catch that on Ali’s post–she’s a sweetheart! thanks for the heads up, though, buddy!

  16. I’m like you, Marcia, feeling the need to respond to everything on social media right away. I also have to give myself permission to step back, and so far it seems to be working. Still looking for that smooth rhythm where I don’t have to think about it too hard.

    I deleted my Pinterest boards too. :-/ Unfortunately, some of the images I pinned were repinned. No idea if that still leaves me liable or not.

    • With Pinterest, it’s hard to say. If you didn’t take something from there and post it off the site, you’re probably okay.
      With Social media, I really have to cut way back on the time I spend, but with our little group it’s hard not to be there.

  17. Hi – Darlene Steelman passed sent me over here. I hadn’t got around to joining Pinterest, just one more thing to distract me from my ROW80 objectives. I do have ‘pin it’ for my blog posts, and have disabled sharing for my Flickr photos to keep them from being used all over – without credit and/or foreknowledge.
    I find writing on my pc a blessing and a curse – maybe I just need to unplug the router for a few hours while I type away?
    Speaking of distractions – maybe I should go over to your Health Challenge post now …

    • Hi Mike. Glad you came by! Unplugging is definitely the way to get some free writing time! Yes, go to my Heath Challenge post! BUT then get back to writing. 🙂

  18. I never started with Pinterest. I just didn’t have time and I guess I didn’t get it….people do not even know that their photos and blogs are being pinned if they are not part of this and I find that a bit disconcerting…too bad though since I was started to think I might like to know more about it…won’t now. Anyway, thx for the reminder about the life list. When I do retire I will get into this more…I will start to get my list more in order since I have a garden and life list…the 2 are not the same for me..

    • Hi Stacy, I hope they figure things out and make it safer for users, legally. I LOVED using Pinterest. It was my favorite form of social media and I’m sad that the ‘powers that be’ are only out to protect themselves and don’t care what happens to the users.

      Doing what you can with social media is a good policy.

  19. Morning, Marcia… 🙂 Good job on staying steady with the goals, even if you had to modify them or change them up as you go. 🙂
    That really stinks about Pinterest. I just deleted all my boards after reading this blog post of yours.. I still don’t get it. It is really just a bunch of us having fun. I kept my account open and in the future, will be pinning my blog posts along with other blog posts (after asking permission of course). I also will be pinning my own photos from my Flickr page. So who ever is suing Pinterest can take that and shove it.
    Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

    • I’m going to want to get back on…wish i had only deleted my boards. Right now i couldn’t face filling boards again, but I do want access so i can keep track of the policy issues. Would you mind sending me an invitation, Darlene?
      Just remember, that right now if you post your blogs or your pictures, they belong to Pinterest forever!

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