ROW80 – 3/4/12 – Moving Forward

Happy Sunday to all my ROWer friends! ROW80

These are my goals. Updates are in pink:

  1. Continue with my 13-month Health Challenge. Read about that Here.   I’m still on track and have 19 walks in so far for the month and loving the weight workouts. Check out more details on my health challenge in last week’s post, #HotWriterBods Health Challenge Update #3.
  2. Write on my projects – 4-5 days per week for a weekly total of 2,500 words. I wrote 2000 words on my short story this week. Some was added during revision of a couple of scenes, and I am now just a few hundred words from finishing.
  3. Streamline my social media and support efforts so that I visit all my blogger friends and ROW80 friends over the course of each week.   I’m trying to stay on top of the blog reading – promoting is on track. Promo tweets are in good shape but social tweets were only slightly better this week.

I feel as though I’ve hit my stride, finally. Things are coming together, though more slowly than I’d like. (Patience is not my strong suit.) I’m looking forward to actually finishing one of my short stories next week. *Crossing fingers*

Please check out ROW80 for yourself! Creator, Kait Nolan, offers a flexible, supportive atmosphere for meeting your writing goals. There are so many awesome people involved and they make it so much fun! Meet the Sponsors, too. They are the best cheerleaders you could ever hope to have.

Before you go:

I found something I wanted to share with you…Unique and oh-so perfect tips…Tips for Turning Online Procrastination Time into Writing Research Time. I’ve already begun using them and wish I’d known about them sooner! Just had to share!

How was your week? Did you rock it or did it rock you? Please share!


35 thoughts on “ROW80 – 3/4/12 – Moving Forward

  1. Stupendous week Marcia. I love it. And I love how are feeling like you are finding your stride. There is nothing better in life. Woot woot! Here’s to another bang up week ahead…you are an inspiration and motivation to all of us…
    Off to check out your fab link – your resources always rock so I am pumped!

  2. Congratulations on your health and social media goals. It would be great to know how you’ve streamlined your blog reading and commenting. It’s so time consuming, but I do love reading everyone’s posts! You’re very upbeat and encouraging.

  3. Great job on your goals, Marcia! Love the steady work on the exercise front. Have you gotten some walks in for me? Heh, heh. I’ll be happy when I can ramp back up on those. Fab word count as well.

    • I’ll be happy for you when you can get back to it, too, Barbara! How about this, I’ll think about when I’m on the treadmill…will that work? 🙂

  4. It sounds like you’re right on track, Marcia! Congrats on all the writing and exercise progress as well. This week, I’m really looking forward to digging back into my WIP. It’s been lying fallow for way too long, and I can’t wait to tackle it.

    Have a great week to come!

    • Well, don’t feel bad, Lena. You have taken care of some very important stuff while your WIP has been waiting. Thanks for the support! You have a good week too!

  5. Marcia, your goals always sound so possible. That’s the only word I can come up with that matches what I feel when I read them. You’re a good mentor. I have a question. On my blog you mentioned using index cards for scenes. I would love to hear the details about that if you have a moment to write them down.

    I right there with you on trying to coral social media over the course of a week. Good luck to you.
    Hoping you have a successful week.

    • Thanks, Ali. I try to make them realistic for me. I tend to shoot high with goals, but it just makes me tense. So I shoot a little lower, because achieving feels so good!
      I will email you about index cards. I got the idea from Blake Snyder’s, Save The Cat.
      You have a great week, too!

  6. Great job on everything this week! I especially admire you for what you’re doing with your Health Challenge. That seems to be the hardest goal for everyone. And when your body is healthy, your mind is clearer. So health goals are important for writers.

    • Thanks, Lauralynn. My health is increasingly on my mind as I get older. I refuse to be old and unhealthy. I also feel like I’m on the edge of ‘too late’, hence my goal to accomplish a decent level of fitness by the time I turn 60 in December. Thanks for coming by!

  7. Good job, Marcia…good luck on finishing your short story.. I have faith in you, girl! 😀 I am going to check out this link now, I am a contender for the Procrastination Crown.

    • Your weeks will get better. Set your mind to it. I struggle with it every single week. There’s always something new that tries to mess with my plans. Just keep ploughing forward!

  8. Nice job this week and glad to see you are hitting your stride – always a good thing. I’ll be checking out the “Research Time” link later today, thanks for that.

    Have a great coming week, Marcia 🙂

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