ROW80 – 2/12/12 – Charging Ahead!

If I haven’t counted wrong, we’re about to go into our 6th week of ROW80. Having visited many blogs over the pastROW80 weeks, the consensus (my own) is that everyone is faring pretty well. Most goals are being met, a few have met all their goals during a couple of the weeks, at least.

Thanks to Kait Nolan for developing a vehicle that we all have turned into a superior supportive and friendly community. Being part of a positive community plays a major role in a person’s good physical, emotional and mental health.

Speaking of health, on to my ROW80 goals!

Updates are in pink:

  1. Continue with my 13-month Health Challenge. Read about that Here.  I posted new goals for the 60 days from February 1st to March 31st in #Hotwriterbods Health Challenge, but I just made a slight change. Instead of working with weights 3 times a week for 30 minutes, I’m going 2 times a week for 60 minutes each. I’m right on track.
  2. Write on my projects – 4-5 days per week for a weekly total of 2,500 words. Again, I have not written that many days on my short stories but I have written a total of 2000 words. Closer to the goal than last week.
  3. Streamline my social media and support efforts so that I visit all my blogger friends and ROW80 friends over the course of each week. Tweeting, also, for my friends to help promote their work.  Still doing pretty well, though I do have several blogs I’m behind on reading – promoting is on track, though.

Overall, not a bad week. I was able to catch up on various other chores at home, like balancing my checkbooks for the last 3 months, and I spent some time putting together Valentine packages for our 4 kids, 4 grandkids, my Mom and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Feeling good that all of that is behind me.

I charging ahead into the coming week with renewed enthusiasm! I’ll be out of town for a full day, which cuts down on my time, but I hope to still manage the week well and have a good report next Sunday, too.

Good luck to all of you on your goals this coming week!

Please check out ROW80 for yourself! Creator, Kait Nolan, offers a flexible, supportive atmosphere for meeting your writing goals. There are sooo many awesome people involved and they make it so much fun! Meet the Sponsors, too. They are the best cheerleaders you could ever hope to have.

If you are indulging in a dinner out or at home and maybe a few drinks, then some fabulous dessert and Valentine candy:

  • Please don’t drink and drive and watch out for the crazies on the road.
  • On Tuesday, come join us at #HotWriterBods on Twitter for inspiration to work off those calories you ingested on Monday.
  • Please fill me in this week, at either my blog page #HotWriterBods or on Twitter at the same #, on a goal you can set for yourself to reach by the first day of summer – June 20th. I’ll do a special post about everyone’s goals on February 25th.
  • I wish all of you a loving Valentine’s Day and a productive week!! Spread the love!
  • Thanks for all your support! I hope your week went well. Please share with us in the comments. What are your struggles?

25 thoughts on “ROW80 – 2/12/12 – Charging Ahead!

  1. You are really working it Marcia! I haven’t heard of that workout group. Love the name!  Bravo. You are doing really well. Nice of you to gently remind everyone to be responsible this Valentine’s Day. I tend to forget people still go out in the middle of the week. LOL Me -> home with kids. Ha ha Have an amazing week! Good luck towards next week’s goals.

    • Thanks, Debra. We live in a small two-college town, so the dangers of drinking and driving or even drinking and walking present themselves daily! We love seeing all the college kids in the neighborhood, but by midnight we’re hearing a lot of sirens.
      Thanks for the good wishes!

    • I miss online banking! We have a somewhat backwards bank in our teeny town and my hubs is old-school nervous about online info being stolen…so it’s the check book. 🙂
      Thanks for the support, Raelyn!

  2. Fantastic update, Marcia, and yay for getting so many things done (especially those tasks like balancing the checkbook — that’s still on my to-do list). Have a wonderful week, and a very happy Valentine’s day!

  3. You’re amazing Marcia! How did you do it? And you were gone for three days. I want to know your secret. I bet you didn;t have a boatload of family converge on you huh? Yes, that was my week. Not pretty. Actually, I just posted my worst ROW check-in yet. Oh well, Monday is a brand new week. I can’t wait! Have a good one Marcia! 🙂

    • I just keep plugging away, Karen…no magic solution. Having family invade does make it tough, so don’t be too hard on yourself. So, if you have a bad week or two or five…just keep focusing on doing the very best you can and not giving up. Wishing you a much better/quieter week!

  4. Oh crap, Marcia, you mean you’re going to make me commit to faithfully getting on that treadmill every day? Yikes! So before I run off to you #Hotwriterbods page, let me just congratulate you on your wonderful ROW80 week. WTG!

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  6. Wonderful update Marcia! I didn’t have such a great week, but I came over here specifically to so I could frame my less-than-stellar week in a Marcia-positive fashion. I just love that about you. 🙂 Have a very happy Valentine’s day + week.

    • Aww, thanks, Bridgette. I’m happy you found what you need here. I’m humbled that coming here helps you. 🙂 Your coming week will be better, and this past week was probably not as bad as you think. I know you made some kind of progress!

  7. never heard of Valentines day pressies for family members – always seems to be for spouses and boy/girlfriends – nice idea – although I have to admit here and now I do not have a romantic bone in my body:) never have – well maybe for five minutes back in the . . . oh can’t see back that far!!!

    your week seems to have gone well- all the best for coming week

    • LOL, Alberta! I’ll bet you have at least a teeny romantic bone…for us Valetine’s Day is all about all of our loves. Thanks so much for coming by and giving me a giggle.

    • Oh, the packages were just valentine bags with all kinds of goodies–candy for everyone, cards, of course and trinkets like pencils, stickers, small stuffed animals, etc for all the grandkids. No matter how old my sis-in-law, my mom or my adult kids get, they love the holiday packages we send them.
      Have a great week, Nicole!

  8. I hope you week goes well.
    You are right about Kait Nolen. My thanks to her as well. By the way, the title of your post has a very positive effect on me. Makes me excited about chasing my dreams.

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