Sexy, Smart and Strong – Dr. Lissa Rankin, The Pink Medicine Woman

I would like you all to meet someone very special.

She is Lissa Rankin, a doctor, wife, mother, healer, speaker, author, artist and so much more. I found Lissa by accident and, then I found that accidents can be blessings. Lissa is an inspiring woman with so much to share with others.

When you reach out to Lissa, in any way at all, she reaches back and makes you feel appreciated and loved. That’s just who she is. The first time I landed on her site, I was there for an hour reading and listening to what she’s about and how she interacts with people.

Owning Pink

Lissa is the founder of, an online health and wellness community. She has an integrative medical practice. What is that, you say? That means that she doesn’t treat only your physical symptoms, but your whole person. Lissa believes that, while physical symptoms need to be addressed, it’s necessary to treat a person’s interpersonal, spiritual, professional, sexual, creative, financial, environmental, mental, and emotional health

Please watch as much of her TED talk you have time for…it will explain everything. Seriously don’t miss this video:

Pretty amazing, huh? Her “perfect storm” would be tough for most people to survive and still have their mental capabilities and emotional selves intact, don’t you think?

As much as Lissa has to offer – she wants to help everyone who needs it, whenever they need it, no matter what they need – she was wearing herself out…losing herself. She realized she would drain herself dry, if she didn’t do something quickly to change. She wrote a declaration stating that she will no longer be a Cosmic Tit.

Here’s an excerpt:

In my family, the more you give, the better human being you are. If you don’t give until you’re bleeding (literally, they’re big fans of donating blood), you’re not a good person. At least, that’s how I interpreted the message as a child, that love was conditional – that my whole worth is tied up in how much I sacrifice of myself, even if I wind up depleted and feeling like the Cosmic Tit.

What nobody tells you is that most Cosmic Tits who are martyring themselves to help others have a dark side – the victim.

I started because I wanted to help people, to serve out my calling, to heal the world. But within four months, I had depleted not only my finances, but my joie de vivre. I started to get pissed. I started to resent the very people I was helping. I was feeling sucked dry.

I had to draw a line in the sand and realize I couldn’t help every person who showed up in pain. So I started setting boundaries around my time, money, and energy, and some people didn’t like it, including me.

You can read the rest of this fascinating revelation and declaration HERE.

Why do I think Lissa is Sexy, Smart, Strong and Living from the Heart?

Strong – Lissa has found out how strong she is from all the crap the universe has thrown at her. She survived and came out of it… yes… stronger and smarter.

Smart – She’s smart because she recognized her early medical practice wasn’t exactly what she felt was right for her or her patients, so she went in search of the best way to serve those who needed her.

From the Heart – She lives from the heart by giving her expertise, her caring attitude, her emotional support to people in need, but she also remembers to fill herself back up – she takes care of herself first so she can take care of others.

Oh, I know, you think I forgot to answer the question – Why is Lissa Sexy? No, I just saved it for last.

Sexy – Lissa Rankin is sexy because of all I’ve written above. What’s sexier than a confident, strong, loving and giving woman who takes care of herself? One who lives life as a PAW (Powerful Ass Woman)

If the video was too long for you watch right now, please do come back and finish when you can. You won’t regret it. And while you’re at it, go visit Lissa at Owning Pink to read her blogs and those of her contributing writers. Check the Inner Pilot Light newsletter and her Mojo Tips.

Her site is chock full of helpful, inspiring and fun posts,  as well as, books for our feminine lives – books on writing well, living well and  feeling well.

Dr. Lissa RankinLissa Rankin, MD: Founder of, motivational speaker and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.

Lissa Rankin’s articles: © Copyright Lissa Rankin 2011

Thanks for joining me once again for the Sexy, Smart, From the Heart series telling the stories of amazing kick-ass women. If you missed the previous episodes, you can begin HERE.

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You know I LOVE hearing from you! What do you think of Lissa Rankin’s integrative medical practice? Are you a PAW or a Cosmic Tit? Come on, share!

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31 thoughts on “Sexy, Smart and Strong – Dr. Lissa Rankin, The Pink Medicine Woman

  1. Dr. Rankin’s story confirms my belief that the mind and heart’s happiness are what help us have a healthy body. Thanks for sharing. There’s no quick fix, no magic pill. We have to take charge of our own lives and heal from within in order to heal from without.

    The question is: Do I dare strip off the masks and reveal my inner light in order to heal my physical ailments?

    Thanks for an incredible post, Marcia. Wow.

    • It’s hard to strip of those masks when you have dependent children living at home, because it could mean taking time away from to give to yourself. All mothers hesitate, until they somehow find anther way to do it that won’t negatively impact their kids. Adults like parents, spouses, friends and coworkers would be supportive, but kids don’t understand fully why we would need to. Thanks, Jolyse…glad you enjoyed it.

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  3. You always find the most PAW’s! I’ll definitely check out Lissa’s site, I love her methods that health is about body and soul. I’m a happy medium kind of girl who really likes that approach. One of my favorite health benefits is chiropractic work. I had an awesome doctor who got to know me and what stressed me out so he could make adjustments in the right spots and would usually have me work with one of the massage therapists on hand as well. I always came out breathing better, feeling more mobile, and like they cared about me as a patient.

  4. Bless you Marcia. I feel so grateful and honored to be featured here. Thank you, you sexy, smart, strong, from the heart sister!
    And thank you to all the rest of you for your sweet talk and love.

    Namaste to you all

    • You honestly deserve every single kind word and outpouring of love and goodness that you receive. I wish you well with your passionate work and pray I can find a doctor like you in my area. I’m so tired of being handed a pill without a conversation about the root of the problem, every time I see my current doctor. He just doesn’t have time. He sees 40 patients a day and can’t do more than prescribe something for them. Not a good system.
      Thanks so much for dropping by to say hello to everyone. I know you have a few more followers now and that we’ll all learn a great deal from you.

  5. What an outstanding lady. I’m happy I took the time to listen to this. I wish more physicians took her holistic approach to illness and living well. I immediately sighed up on her blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this video.

  6. Marcia, thank you for introducing such a remarkable woman. She is truly a visionary.
    I have battled with some serious health issues in the past and in the process I’ve learned to understand how closely the mind and the body are connected. To understand and heal one, we need to understand and heal the other.

  7. WOW. I think this woman is on to something. Thank you for bringing this to us. I too believe that an integrative approach is the best approach. The mind is a VERY powerful thing!

  8. Lissa is truly an amazing woman. I’ve believed for a long time that healing ourselves is more than just medication and treatment of the physical symptoms. I finally got lucky and found a doctor that believes as I do. I’m going to tell her about Lissa’s website, I’m sure she’ll be as excited as I am.

    • I think she’s in Sausolito. Is that anywhere near you? She is amazing and I’m so glad you found a doctor just like her. There aren’t enough like her in this country. Thanks, Tameri

      • You’re so cute! No, Sausolito is way up north by San Francisco. It’s only a 6-7 hour drive, so you can visit her when we trade homes. I’m still totally up for that idea, by the way.

      • LOL! You’re so funny! I would seriously love to trade homes…duh, you’re in gorgeous California! I’m in a beautiful old Victorian home, but in a tiny college town. I think it might be culture shock for you, sweets.

  9. Marcia, thank you for bring Dr. Lisa to us. I totally believe in a holisticapproach to health. You have to treat the whole person, not just one specific symptom. Wonderful post. And I love that you share your post sprinkling a little blog love for others. Thank you. 🙂

    • Thank you, Karen! I’m happy you enjoyed learning about Lissa. I, too, believe treating the whole person is a far better practice than throwing pills at her.

  10. Wow. One post and I’m a diehard fan of Dr. Rankin. 🙂 I admire and appreciate her integrative approach. It’s nearly impossible to separate our bodies and emotions, and we tend to medicate symptoms of emotional problems with drugs. I believe there’s a place for everything—science, medicine, spirituality, psychology… Lovely to see a woman who listens to her heart, pursued her passion and uses her skills and gusto to help others. Thanks, Marcia!

    • I felt the same way when i found her! I would love to find a practice like hers in my area. I really hate going to a managed care facility. I never feel like there’s time to discuss anything and there is always a pill prescribed for whatever you say might be wrong. thanks, August!

  11. OMG! This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read/watched. Thank you so much for introducing us to Lissa and her video and websites. I am going to share this with all my women friends.
    I am totally a cosmic tit and have been trying (not successfully) to set boundaries. There are relationships I know I don’t want to invest in any longer and yet, I still do. There are truths I feel deep down, that I don’t honor. There are choices I long to make that I put off. The video and the links and the declaration inspire me to PUSH forward. To honor and restore my inner pilot light!
    Thank you Marcia – thank you Lissa!

    • Wow, Natalie…I’m so glad hit the spot for you! So many women give too much and drain their own energy…myself included. I wish there were more Lissa’s to reach around the country so we could all have a doctor like her!

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