14 Sexy Ways to Say “I Love You” and Friday’s Links


Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I know you want to do something special for your honey. Let’s get busy!

One night soon, before sleep, reminisce about all the sweet moments you’ve shared with HIM…romantic gestures, vacation spots, thoughtful favors, how you spoil each other…while you sleep, those thoughts may swirl through your subconscious, blossoming into the best ideas for celebrating LOVE day ever!

If that doesn’t work…Don’t feel pressured to come up with ideas – I’ve already done that for you. Tailor any or all of these to suit your hot guy.

1. Serve him breakfast in bed…only his favorite breakfast foods or something special that you wouldn’t ordinarily fuss with. Include a red paper heart with a love note suggesting what’s to come later.

2. Write sensual love notes to hide in his briefcase, wallet, pants pocket or his underwear drawer.

3. Leave post-its all over the house with erotic messages. (If you have small children, you might want to confine this to your bedroom and private bathroom. *wink*)

4. Compose a love poem or letter. Use your natural voice, not some phony exalted romantic tone. Your words must kindle desire and love within him and give him the feeling of being wooed and seduced.

5. Sing a song that means something to both of you, or one you’ve composed yourself, over his voice mail.

6. Get nostalgic. Gather a few items that will tell him how much your time together means to him. Try a CD of songs that commemorate a special time together, or a mix tape of love songs. How about souvenir of a place you two had a memorable time together, like post cards or a t-shirt; a movie poster from the first movie you saw together, or one that meant a lot to both of you?

7. Make a card for him listing 25 reasons you love him. Use your imagination to make it funny or longer.

8. Offer him a hand-made FREE PASS that he can use whenever he needs it: to get out an argument, avoid the ‘honey-do’ list, hang out with the guys, have a sexual interlude at an out-of-the-ordinary time, or make up your own FREE PASS ideas.love note

9. Write on red paper hearts, favors or treats he’d love like: a movie night, special dessert, a back rub, a shower together, a no-chore day. Make enough to cover several weeks or up to a year and keep them in a jar you decorated and filled with Hershey Kisses.

10. Plan a picnic for two and set it up in front of your fireplace, by the pool (weather permitting), or on your bed. Don’t forget the libations!

11. Give him an “It’s All About You” day. Pamper him with a back rub, a bubble bath, meals served in bed or in front of the TV. Answer his every whim. OR, take him out to shop for something special for himself and then to a special dinner but, don’t let him reach for his wallet. You cover it all.

12. Plan a sexy scavenger hunt. Leave notes, or small gifts with notes, directing him to the next one all around the house. They can simply be a trail or they can also demand he remove one article of clothing with note read. The ultimate destination can be the bedroom or the bath where you await his arrival suitably prepared for love.

An alternative to notes left for him would be to take a series of photos of yourself, each one missing another article of clothing until he reaches the destination where he finds you completely unclothed.

13. Treat him to a hand and foot massage. It’s sensual and something guys wouldn’t expect, but really love. Get him comfy in his favorite chair first. If he has dry skin, use a moisturizing lotion rather than scented one.

14. If you have a little more time, give him a full-body massage using sensual and warming oils. Have him lie, face down on the bed. When you’re done massaging his backside, flip him over and massage the front side. Allow 30-45 minutes for the massage alone. After the massage, he’ll be aroused…so allow whatever amount of time you usually need for…well, you know…love.

A few more thoughts…dress up for dinner at home, a sexual encounter in an unusual place (stealth sex), purchase a sexy thong for him, spend the day in your sexiest underthings-even while you do chores or cook.

Don’t forget to drop hints as to what would make you smile, too, during your love-fest.

Ready. Set. Plan!

Do have suggestions to share that I haven’t thought of? Does anything in this list give you that warm-all-over feeling?

Time for the mash-up of awesomeness!

On Publishing & Marketing

1. Joan Reeves at Slingwords believes press releases are effective when done well. She offers 10 tips to do them right.

2. Testimonials help sell books, right? But how do you get them and get good ones? Joel Friedman, The Book Designer,  tells up how in 3 steps.

On Writing

1. Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story uses Mad Men as an example of world building. She says that you need to keep your personal views, of how the characters should behave in that world, out of it.

2. Frustrated from or fearful of all the obligations of building a writing career? Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn is hosting author C.S. Lakin, who offers 5 tips to breakdown those tasks and reach your goal.

For Your Entertainment

1. Try The Bloggess, whose tagline is Like Mother Teresa, Only Better. She’s a little naughty but a lot of fun.

2. Right now on Cracked, they are showing the 6 most counterproductive Public Service Announcements ever! this site is chock-full of hilarious posts.

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16 thoughts on “14 Sexy Ways to Say “I Love You” and Friday’s Links

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  4. I do believe my husband has been emailing you! LOL. These are great ideas, Marcia. You’re forcing me to start thinking about the Vday already. I am horrible at these things (yes, I know, I’m weird) so I need to start thinking about how to show some love to my sweetie.

    By the way, none of your links were highlighted. Is it me?

    • No, it’s not you. You have to mouse-over them to see the highlighted line under them. that’s the only thing about this theme I’m not crazy about.
      You’ll do a great job for V-Day! Just try one of them!

    • I will share, August! My honey likes to do the breakfast in bed for me, so i give him a full-body massage. He loves it! He also loves the bubble bath. I did that for him one time when he was having a really bad day…changed his mood almost instantly! I think I’ll also do the love notes on post-its this year and make him Seafood Newburg for dinner the night before V-Day along with his favorite sugar cookies.
      I hope you have a wonderful V-Day, too, August.

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