#Hotwriterbods Health Challenge Update

Hi everyone!

This is my 60-day update on my health challenge that included a Treadmill Challenge with my friend, Gene Lempp. Gene and I set our own individual goals and agreed to keep each other motivated over the course of 2 months. We also chose rewards for ourselves if we met or exceeded our goals.

My goals were:

  • Walk 30 minutes, 4 days per week at 3 mph
  • Lose 10 lbs

I learned something over these two months that I wasn’t really happy to know. That is, at 59 years old, it takes longer to regain the same level of fitness as you had the last time you were working out regularly than when you were even just a couple of years younger.

Just a few short years ago, if I took a month or more away from exercising, it would have taken me only 2-3 workouts to get back to the same level at which I had previously been working.

This time it took me several weeks. Very disappointing, but a reality I had to face and deal with. The upside is that I don’t intend to EVER take a few months off from exercising again.

There was a time when my son was training me in the gym. Oh I had always had a gym membership, that I used more than not, for 30 years. I knew all the right exercises and how to use all the machines. I owned several books on exercise, as well.

Matt Crittela

Look at that chest and arms!

My son Matt, in the photo, is very fit and muscular and was trained by professionals to get the physique he wanted. So, when he trained me, he used a professional approach and allowed NO EXCUSES. Yes, he had me in tears a few times, but he pushed me to limits I never thought I could reach. He taught me so much about the mental part of physical exercise and I’ll be forever grateful.

It’s truly amazing how much we are capable of, if we let go of our fears.

I’ve tried to carry on in the same vein at home, trusting my body to respond to being pushed harder than it thinks it can go. Guess what? It’s working!

At my age, it’s easy to fall into a fearful frame of mind – worrying about falling, having a heart attack and various other scary circumstances. Looking at getting older makes you think about your mortality and hormonal changes are what give you that old lady outlook on life. It takes presence of mind and a desire to stay young and to fight, what I call, mental aging. I refuse to get old!

If you remember my original post on Marcia’s Health Challenge, my Real Age according to Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Real Age website was 57.3 on December 1st, 2011. Due to the changes I’ve made in my eating and physical activity my Real Age has dropped to 56.9!

I’m younger already, in just a few weeks! Imagine what I can do by my 60th birthday on 12/12/12!

The results of my work toward my original goals are:

1. 3 mph was too fast for me. I changed my speed and began walking 4 days a week @ 2.3 mph. For the past 2 weeks, I have been walking everyday at 2.5 mph. For one week now, I have also been adding a second daily workout–using a walking DVD for 30 minutes.(A total of 60 minutes a day of walking.)

2. I have lost 8 lbs  (not the 10 lbs. I projected) and I have lost 3″ on my waist and hips each.

For the 60 days beginning February 1st and ending March 31st, my new goals are:

1. Gradually increase my speed on the treadmill to 3 mph. Continue walking daily and adding a 2nd walk each day. I am out of town at least twice a month, sometimes more, so I will walk 40-50 days out of 60.

2. I will increase my use of weights doing a 15 minute workout 3 times a week.

2. I have been writing down everything I eat and will continue to do so. I need to balance my intake of carbs and proteins better and find some new healthy dinner choices for variety.

3. I will work toward losing 10 lbs. in 60 days.

4. A fun addition, I will have my esthetician daughter give me a facial at least once a month to improve my aging skin and keep it looking as young as I feel.

I feel good about my progress and have found ways to make it better in the coming months. Getting rid of the initial “oh, my feet hurt”, “I’m too tired”, “I’ve got to get on that treadmill AGAIN?” and the ever popular, “I just don’t have time for this” excuses was the best part of my first month. I have a NO EXCUSES attitude now and nothing can stop me from reaching my ultimate goal of being fit and healthy at 60!

I hope you’ve been practicing some ways to get healthy  in the past 2 months right along with me. Please join me and my friends at #hotwriterbods  on Twitter. Make your own health challenge…we’d love to support you!

How have you been doing the past couple of months? Are you feeling better/different/thinner? Please share your story!

Who wants to join us for the fun of getting fit?


33 thoughts on “#Hotwriterbods Health Challenge Update

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  5. NO EXCUSES NO EXCUSES NO EXCUSES! Okay, Marcia, I’m going to be repeating that to myself a bit today. I have a confession. I have a treadmill at home and so I really have no excuse if there is a snowstorm that keeps me from heading to the gym (safer to head home for the night) or I otherwise can’t get there. That truth just dawned on me as I sit here rereading your post. My slacker bunny just said, “uh oh.”

    • That’s right, young lady! NO excuses! In the olden days, my uber terrific treadmill was a clothes rack and dust collector. Not anymore…it’s the NEW and IMPROVED Marcia! I want to see a NEW and IMPROVED Barbara!

  6. Woot woot – LOVE the new challenges girl – are you EVER ramping it up! And I love how you added on that’s about pampering you. Fahhhhbulous darlin’! Keep up the GREAT work you are a huge inspiration!

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  8. Wow! That’s terrific! I’ve been back on my ‘healthy’ diet, too–I know what to do, just doing it is the challenge–and walking with the Magical-Dawg. I always feel better when I’m doing things right, but it’s sure easy to slide.

    • I know that feeling, Amy. My Mom always says, “you have to trick yourself into doing the right thing.” For example, I exercise right after getting out of bed, before my body realizes what I’m about to do. 🙂

  9. Marcia you are rocking it out! Woot woot. Congrats on the weight and inches loss and for working the regime into your every day life. You are an inspiration and a force of nature. I love it! Anytime I’m thinking of skipping a workout, I’m gonna let the motto “no excuses” resonate in my mind!!! Here’s to a fab few months ahead! xox

    • Thanks, Nat! We’ve all got to keep each other motivated. Let’s all plan on being like Bridgette’s mom at 79! That’s 20 yrs for me and many more than that for the rest of you. Imagine still feeling amazing at that age.All the best to you, too for the months ahead!

  10. Congratulations Marcia!!!! You are a fabulous example and I wish your son could teach me about being mentally strong during exercise. It *is* so important not to let our attitude keep us from pushing ourselves. I’m much better about that but still have a lot of room for growth.

    Also, love, love, love your attitude about age and exercise. My mother – who is 79 – is an amazing example of what being fit can do for your life. She walks 3-5 miles a day (and has for 45 years), she swims weekly, and she teaches a strong women weight lifting class (for ladies her age). She is in GREAT health and is able to do pretty much whatever she wants. I try to use her life as an example of the big picture. For me, it’s not as much about being fit or thin as it is to have good foundation for health so I can enjoy life later in life.

    • Aw, thanks, Bridgette! What an even more inspiring woman your Mom is! WOW! 79 and working that hard and teaching? Yes, I want health like that when I’m her age! No doubt, you’ll be just like her!

  11. Congratulations on your fitness regime – that is so awesome and inspiring! BTW, I would have never guessed your age! You look fabulous 🙂
    I like those new goals – good luck this week. I don’t think you will have any problems achieving them. Your dedication, energy and focus is amazing!

    • I definitely won’t be, David! My hubs and I made a pact never to do that no matter how we felt. But we’ll both be so healthy, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about anyway! I pray that you’ll not experience anything more to talk about either. 🙂

  12. Way to go, Marcia! Isn’t it scary how a few years can derail even the best of intentions. Keep working at it and you’ll get there by your birthday. Your son looks amazing. His NO EXCUSES routine is brilliant, but I find when I’m home alone, I don’t have the discipline my trainer does. That’s okay, I’ll get back on the elliptical and just keep going. Congrats on the 8lbs and 3 inches!

  13. Marcia, you are an inspiration! Just last night, I told my honey I needed to buy a new pair of sneakers this weekend so I could get back on the treadmill. I desperately need the exercise because I’m feeling sluggish … oh, and a little roundish, too. 🙂

    I will try to make it over to the #hotwriterbods twitter list this week and join you all as you start a new month. Congratulations on all of your progress. Whoot!

    • Oh, I hope to see you on #hotwriterbods ! Good for you…getting back on the exercise. Your energy will soar quickly! Thanks for the kind words, Sheila!

    • I was just wondering that yesterday, myself. I feel 35, so shouldn’t I BE 35? 😉 Thanks, Diana. for me it’s all about having the right mindset and I’m hanging on to that right now.

  14. good luck on your goals. I had to stop the bike because of lower back pain even for a 10 minute ride and the ankle is not good for too much walking..I am staying optimistic and I will eventually heal enough to get in shape…I have stayed with my eating plan and am working on the portions. I eat healthy but perhaps the portions are too big and the boredom eating …aka snacking is a bit much even with healthy snacks…

    • Thanks, Donna. I feel bad you’re in so much pain you can’t work out yet. How about some light weights for your upper body in the meantime? 3-5 lb weights would sculpt the muscles and raise your metabolism. Maybe also try resistance bands for a little leg workout. Gentle movements. As for eating, try not to have more than 25 mg of carbs with your 3 main meals and no white stuff (flour, sugar, pasta) just whole grains. Have fruit and almonds for snacks. Emerald-brand dry roasted almonds are awesome! Just 1/4 C. is all you need to fill up and add some red grapes or an apple and it’s a complete healthy snack. Good luck with it!

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