Sexy Women’s Birthday Party – Part Deux

Welcome back! It’s Part Deux  of our Birthday Bash!

chocolate cake

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image source: Google

Still no brave soul ventured a guess as to who our final two mystery guests might be. Sadly the second prize will go unawarded. Oh, you would have loved it–it was a bundle of electronic gadgets–no, not ereaders and tablets and such. Think bedroom gadgets. I suppose I’ll find room for them in my own bedroom. 🙂

Help yourself to what’s left of the chocolate cake and let me pour you a cocktail while you read about two more of my favorite sexy, smart and full of heart friends.

My #2 commenter is Pam Hawley of Hawleyville. Pam lives in Maryland but is a huge fan of the Pittsburg Steelers! She lives, not only with the love of her life, but also with a sweet cat and an assortment of comical ferrets who make her laugh and give her lots of pet luv.

Tell us about you, Pam!
What is smart and sexy about me?
The smart part is easy, because to me anyone who is genuinely interested in and chases after new knowledge IS smart. I think one of the reasons I’m so addicted to writing is that it is an excuse to learn new things, to challenge myself to see events from different perspectives when writing in the voice of different characters, and to express myself in a way that speaks to others. You can certainly be smart without writing, but for me telling stories is the best tool I’ve got for stretching my imagination and expanding my mind.
Sexy is a little harder. I spent most of my younger years thinking that sexy equaled “looks like a supermodel.” Now in my forties, I’m finally starting to see things differently. What makes me sexy is being smart, being comfortable in my own skin, living life to the fullest and the ability to find laughter in just about anything and share it with others. As far as the physical definition of sexy goes, I’ve got a long way to go to get to my fitness goals, but a regular gym regimen has made me love my stronger, more toned body, and confidence is one of the sexiest things going.
Pam Hawley

How do I live from the heart?
By loving my partner Lee, my family (included my four-legged crew), and my friends with all I’ve got and letting them know it. By writing as often as I can, that is my heart’s work. By learning to recognize the same light I get in my eyes when I talk about writing when others speak of their own passions, and doing all I can to encourage them to chase those dreams. By screaming myself hoarse when the Steelers play, because that’s just how I roll (and yes, there was definitely some not-so-happy screaming this past Sunday!).

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum (Image source: Google)

In addition to mentioning Hawleyville, I’d love to promote The Spirit of Poe Anthology. The anthology will be published on January 19, 2012 (Edgar Allan Poe‘s Birthday), and can be purchased at It includes my second piece of published fiction, a short supernatural/psychological horror story called “Peanut Butter and Jelly.”
Of course I’m anxious to promote my own story, but what has me really excited about being a part of this anthology is that it was developed to support the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in my hometown of Baltimore, MD. The Poe House was a part of my childhood as well as a place I visited in college, and it helped inspire me to try my own hand at weaving eerie tales. I was thrilled that one of the first stories I’ve had accepted for publication is appearing in an anthology going to pursue such a great cause – keeping this landmark around to inspire other readers and writers.

Pam, I can just see success in your writing bubbling up around you! You have a great start on a book and wonderful ideas for a few others. Based on the writing I’ve seen, you have what it takes to be a successful writer. Thank you and we wish you a satisfying journey!


My #3 commenter for the past year is Donna Donabella. Donna blogs at Garden’s Eye View and writes poetry. You may remember her name as one who won my Life List Club Milestone Party prize back in September–one of the characters in my trilogy has been named for her.

Please welcome Donna! 

So I came in third.  I thought I was first.  I’m not.  I am disappointed and will have to try harder, Marcia….

Donna DonabellaThat is the old Donna.  The competitive Donna.  The one who must win, must have the highest grade.  That’s her there in her college picture.  Naive and ready to burst forth on the world.  Boy, was she in for a rude awakening.  

Donna is almost 55.  Getting ready to make another life changing decision soon.  Thinking she is ready.  How naive she still is.  So, Marcia wanted us tell you all about ourselves.  Marcia has no idea how hard this really is for me.  I hate my picture.  I like to stay in the background and do everything to avoid the limelight (what little there is).  Before this year I couldn’t take a compliment without major embarrassment.  But since I have burst forth upon the blogging world, I have begun to shape shift a bit; to morph into a person who still dislikes her picture, but is more comfortable in her skin.

And when Marcia asked us to tell everyone what makes us sexy, I thought, “Really?  Are you kidding?”  So in Donna fashion I asked my husband what he thought made me sexy.  You know, I knew I married the right guy from his answer.  He said, without hesitation, “Your sense of humor and your eyes.”  Wow.  OK.  The eyes, yes.  I have been told my hazel green eyes are definitely sexy.  But my sense of humor- I have a very warped sense of humor.  I am sarcastic (couldn’t tell, huh?) and love to be a smart ass.  I am quiet about my smart assness too.  You won’t see me coming.  I casually slip in and zing, I hit.  Everyone is laughing and I sit there with that innocent look on my face. My mother always knew though.  Most people rarely knew the real me.  I hid it well behind a very shy façade until I felt comfortable enough to let my hair down.  It was all about trust.

Getting the picture?  And what makes me sexy also is what makes me smart.  I think the thing my husband fell in love with, what has kept the relationship going these 20 years is my sense of humor.  I surprise him daily by making him laugh.  Whether it is my impression of Maxwell the pig on the Geico commercial, a favorite Seinfeld quote neatly slipped in or a zinger aimed at him, he just keeps laughing.  And we love comedy.  Warped, crazy, smart humor.  If I were to tell you one of my favorite shows is South Park, you would be shocked!  But I love it.  Nothing is sacred.  But then add to that one of my favorite TV characters is Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show of the early 1960s and you would say, WHAT?  My sense of humor is definitely inherited from my dad.  We watched comedy together and he was very adept at that dry sense of humor-Irish sarcasm.  

Donna DonabelaSmart was never a problem for me.  Sometimes I was too smart for my own good.  But book smart was easy.  Don’t you love this picture of me at my Kindergarten graduation? (I’m in the middle.  The one with the toothy grin).  It definitely shows the ‘love of learning’ side of me.  Of course, I love to learn.  My latest obsession is growing things from seed.  It is the competition to be successful without making myself crazy that keeps it interesting for me.  Keeping the smart, competitive self balanced without losing my mind.  But I have graduated to the best smart now, common sense and intuition.  Tuning into my inner self these last couple of years, I have realized I was only looking at half of smart.   I have become people smart, too.  Once I tuned into myself, I was better able to spot the bulls*&t walking toward me.  I inherited that from my mother.

So that leaves how I live from the heart. I think Karma and Passion are the words that sum it up for me.  My mother and my life taught me about Karma.  She drilled it into us that we better be careful what we wish for, and that we do no one harm.  That bad feeling or harm will come back tenfold.  And it does.  I am a walking reminder of it.  So I am careful of walking on those cracks in life.  I try to look at the good side of people.  I trust first.  I know, naive but why not.  Instead of you having to earn my trust, I give it to you freely until you screw with me…then you lose it.  Once it is lost it is virtually impossible to get back.  

Donna DonabelaPassion is so important to our lives.  Without it we are lost.  We are just walking around as a shell; half a heart looking for our other half.  I found my passion in writing, in gardening, in giving back to the land.  I have been gardening for years and a huge proponent of doing the right thing to preserve our natural world.  Recently my gardening passion turned to native plant gardening.  It has brought me closer to nature.  Planting native plants brings critters into your garden and the rewards from that are overwhelming.  Wildlife gardening has given me solace, peace,  joy unimagined and helped me find my soul.  And I am lucky to share that passion as part of a team blogging at Beautiful Wildlife Garden.  I post every other Thursday.  Tomorrow is my latest post.  Join me.  It is a blast sharing my garden, my critters and I even share an original poem or two.

The Moment I KnewDonna hails from central NY State where she has lived for over 40 years.  Her family scattered to the wind years ago leaving Donna and the snow belt of NY.  Donna is the middle child of 4 children-it’s a long story.  Donna has worked as an educator for 29 years.  She met her husband, Bob, and finally had the nerve to get married at the age of 40.  You can  join Donna every Monday at her blog, Gardens Eye View where she writes about life’s lessons and her garden.  You’ll even be treated to some of her poetry.  Two of Donna’s poems were recently published in the anthology, The Moment I Knew.

Beautiful, Donna! My daughter was right when she referred me to your blog and said you and I would make great friends! Thank you for being here. We wish you much success  in your future gardening and poetic journeys.

Thanks to my readers for being here to help me honor two more amazing women.

Please watch for the release of the anthology containing Pam’s story. What a worthwhile cause to support!

I can personally attest to the quality of the lovely book that contains Donna’s poems. The stories and poetry are heartwarming and enjoyable reads.

I hope you readers enjoyed the birthday celebration since it was as much for you as for me. Thank you again for all your support and the laughs we’ve had. I intend to keep offering you fun and informative posts – and, of course, they will always be Sexy, Smart and From The Heart!


21 thoughts on “Sexy Women’s Birthday Party – Part Deux

  1. Ok, I’m way late to the party. I missed this blog and then when I came back for it couldn’t find it. Well, consider it remedied cause I knew I couldn’t miss another round of sexy smart women featuring my gal pal and siamese twin (yes, it’s been proven now) Pam! She is full of heart no doubt, anyone who reads the stories about her family would know that, she is sexy though I’m on to her sneakiness about only posting photos with an animal in the center focus, and she is very smart because she’s beating me at Words with Friends. 😛 Go Pam!

    And it was lovely to meet Donna today, who by the way, has an awesome name. Donna Donabella. I really like that. And I love that pig from Geico so she won me over right away. What a testament to the way she lives life that her sense of humor is the smartest and sexiest thing her husband sees her in. Great advice for how to live life. I think she’s liable to give Dorothy Parker, the poet, a run for her money!

    Lovin the series, Marcia! Keep it comin!

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  4. Wow.. this is so awesome. 🙂 Marcia, the more I stop over at your blog, the more I fall in love with it!
    Donna, I loved your guest post. I hope to one day hear you do a Maxwell the Pig impression. He is the best!

  5. Thanks Marcia for this wonderful spotlight – I’m honored to share it with Donna and can’t wait to get to know her a little better through her blog! Your place is always a wonderful spot to get to know other interesting writing women : ).

  6. I knew I’d love this series! Thanks so much for bringing Pam and Donna to us. I love Pam’s insight on seeking knowledge defining smartness and embracing a new, more loving and beautiful (IMHO ;)) definition of sexy. And Donna’s commitment to living with passion is spot on and admirable. Off to eat party 2 of sexy woman b-day cake!

    • I’m so happy you like this series, August! I agree with your comments on these ladies. Smart, wonderful women. Yeah, please finish that cake up so i don’t eat it. Thanks!

  7. It’s so nice to learn more about other bloggers. I’ve been reading Pam’s blog for some time–she’s got some great stories about her childhood–and I look forward to checking out Donna’s. I can identify with Donna’s tendency to avoid the limelight. And, like her, I’ll have to get over it. Thanks, Marcia, for putting this together.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Diana. My shyness hides under cover of the internet. Face to face is tough for me. But I wouldn’t have guessed that about you.

  8. Hey Donna and Pam – So nice to get to know more about you since we all hang around Marcia’s blog so often! Thanks for making this happen Marcia. I’m off to visit their blogs now … but I’ll just enjoy one more slice of that super-yummy chocolate cake before I do!

  9. I thought you’d relate to Donna’s humor and gardening. You are also a smart and sexy woman! And Pam has the unbridled spirit for her Steelers that you have for your Yankees. Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for coming by –so early!

  10. Two great mystery guests. I think I had Donna’s shirt back in the day! She reminds me of myself in some parts (gardening and humor – NOT the smart part!). Pam’s love of her hometown and Poe. I have been to the art museum in Baltimore, but never to the Poe landmark. One for the next trip. Thanks for bringing these interesting writers to our attention!

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