We’re Having a Party! It’s Milestone Friday!

Let me just turn the music down a bit…Okay, welcome to the party! It’s Milestone Friday again! We’re celebrating our progress and the coming New Year! Grab yourself a drink and a partner and dance the night away to Sam Cooke’s Havin’ a Party!

chocolate strawberries


Watch for the fireworks at midnight when we bring in the New Year a little early!

In the meantime, listen to the music and check out the big reason we’re celebrating!

The last three months flew by! But don’t worry, we writers were all working hard on our goals. Were you?

My goal achievement as of September 23rd  are in green and my accomplishments since then are in pink. After the party, I’ll be shortening my list by removing the goals I’ve accomplished. Take a look at how I’ve done so far:

1. Write for the book no less often than 5 days a week. I did poorly on writing daily due to grandchildren life getting in the way. I did this well in October, but in November I was focused on blogging ahead to have December set aside for writing on the book which means I wrote 1000s of words for the blog-nothing on the WIP. 1st week of December started out well (2500 words), then life got in my way again. 

2. Write a minimum of 400 words each of 5 days each week. This would have equaled 24,000 words over 12 wks. If we count my WIP, my blog, flash fiction and short story I’ve written approximately 45,000 words. YAY!! (If we only count my WIP, my numbers stink!) As you can see above, I exceeded that goal during Oct and the 1st week of Dec, but not since then,

3. Visit ROW80 twice a week to stay motivated in my writing goal. I chose, instead, to visit once a week, but missed a few weeks during the summer. Checked in all this month and am ready to go for Round 4 with a fresh set of goals! In Round 4, I did well in October and then fell off the wagon in November and December.

4. Get my butt out of my desk chair for at least 10 minutes every hour. I don’t get up every hour-I get too engrossed in writing-but I do get up more often than I used to. This is one thing I’ve mastered! YAY!!

5. Take at least 2 online classes to improve my blog and/or writing. So far, I’ve taken one (another was canceled) and am signed up for a second one this fall. I completed a second class in October. YAY #2!!

6. Find a critique partner/group to get feedback on my book. No luck with this yet. Does anybody have a connection with a good group or individual? I found a great resource for critique partners but haven’t had time to go any further yet.

7. Feed my addiction to chocolate, daily. 🙂 I’m stellar at this! Another YAY!! Still stellar! YAY #3!!

8. Allow myself only 2 hours a day to read blogs and keep up with social media marketing. I have found that 2 hours is just not enough time everyday. Sometimes it takes 3 hours to take care of the above, plus responding to comments on my blog posts and commenting on other blogs. Still keeping  my time on social media and reading blogs under control. YAY #4!!

9. Get moving! Exercise at least 30 minutes 6 days a week. Ugh! This summer with the grandgirls was more movement in my days, but not necessarily exercise, per se. Started this week back to my routine and got in 3 days so far. Since beginning my treadmill challenge with Gene Lempp on Dec 1st, I’m hitting the mark each week of 30 minutes, 4 x a week. So, I’m doing better. YAY #5!!

10. Only have 1 dessert each week. Yeah, right! What was I thinking? I vow to do better, though. How about 3 per week? Doing pretty well at this. Most weeks I’m on target. YAY #6!!

11. Read 25 books in the next 12 months. On target with this. I’ve read 7 books in 3 months. YAY!! I’ve slacked on this. Using my time to research, blog ahead and taking care of life’s interruptions…3 books in 3 months. But I’ll catch up.

12. Attend a writer’s conference or workshop. No time so far; found one in Dallas next May that I’m hoping to attend. Still considering the DFW conference in May, but not sure if the funds will be available. Might look for something closer to home.

13. Teach my granddaughters good new habits, like how much fun it is to do chores. 🙂 Oooh, they learned this so well! They set the table and cleaned up toys, put dirty laundry in the hamper, helped with dusting and making their big bed, and took their dirty dishes to the sink. Even my 2yr old accomplished all of this! They were awesome, especially since they never complained. They are continuing to be awesome these last 3 months with their Mom.

14. Add more fruits and vegetables into my diet. So far, no rotting fruits or veggies in the refrigerator drawer! That means I’m eating what I buy every week! YAY!! Can I count the fruit in my yogurt? Is chocolate a vegetable since it comes from cocoa beans?

15. Create 15 minute pockets of time each day to spend alone with my hubs. We spend time at breakfast talking, planning and catching up. After dinner, we watch a movie together and late night, he stops in my office to chat for a while. It ends up being roughly 2 1/2 hours a day. And you just nevermind what we do after we talk in my office. 😉 Still rockin’ this one! Jimmy’s a happy man!

16. Lose at least 35 lbs, in order to get off all my meds, about 3 pounds a month. This means I should have lost 9 lbs so far…uh, no. I’ve lost 2 lbs and am working harder now that the grands have gone home to their Mama. Since Sept 23rd, I’ve lost 7lbs. Not great but better than gaining.

17. Get back to the routine of cleaning bathrooms and dusting weekly, instead of pushing it off on my honey. Done! YAY!! Not doing this weekly (The place really doesn’t get that dirty with just the two of us.), but not pushing it off on my hubby. So it’s kind of a wash.

18. Be in, or finished with, the process of publishing my book by December, 2011. On target to finish the writing and self-editing, but may have to adjust the timeframe for publishing. Big fail here! I’ve put my novel aside to complete an anthology of short stories, thinking I could get that done faster. I was on track this month, but then family needs and holidays took over all my time. I’m part way there and hopefully will finish in January.

19. Floss everyday. Almost. Same status.

20. Remember to thank my husband everyday for his constant love and support. Always do! YAY! Still attending to my man. YAY #7!!

21. Learn how to create podcasts and videos for my blog site. Not yet, maybe next time. Still, not yet.

22. Eat more slowly. Practice. Practicing, but I still finish first. Dang! Still practicing.

23. Notice the little things and appreciate them. Doing it! YES, most of the time! Yay #8!!

24. Live in the moment. YES! Yes, again! Yay #9!!

25. Play. Often. Still. Yay #10!!

So, not so great this quarter…40% positive – 60% negative. I think January may be a bit less hectic which will help me do better. I’ve learned a few things that might help you, too, if you’ve experienced some difficulty in staying on track:

* I get burned out on writing if I isolate myself. I have to get out of the house more to get inspired by people, nature and my surroundings.

* Exercise really helps make everything flow well, especially ideas. 😉

* I have to think more like a professional writer. I may give myself deadlines like copywriters have.

* Shutting down the internet when I decide to begin writing helps immensely.

* Breaking bad habits is so much harder than making them. Note to self: Don’t create bad habits anymore.

To thank all of you for your support for the last 6 months, all of us writers have prizes to give away!

Here’s the list of all the prizes you could be eligible for when you visit all the writers’ blogs:
  • Marcia Richards: To 1 subscriber, new or existing, an Amazon gift card and the opportunity to guest post or be interviewed on Marcia’s blog.
  • Jess Witkins: To 1 subscriber/commenter, an iTunes gift card and the opportunity to guest post or be interviewed on Jess’ blog
  • Sonia Medeiros: To 1 commenter, a $15 Amazon gift card
  • Jennie Bennett: To 2 commenters, a copy of Totally Cliche’, the ebook in which her work is published
  • Pam Hawley: To 1 subscriber and 1 commenter,  choice of one prize: guest post @ Hawleyville, be interviewed @ Hawleyville, OR Pam will guest post at winner’s blog and promote @ Hawleyville
  • Jenny Hansen: To 1 commenter and 1 subscriber, choice of 1 prize: be interviewed @ More Cowbell or Jenny will guest post at winner’s blog
  • David N. Walker: To a subscriber and/or commenter, 1 interview and 1 guest post trade 
  • Gary Gauthier: To 1 new follower, an ebook 

    gift bags

    image source: Google images

There you have it! Eight awesome prizes which will help you promote your site, garner new followers for you and just make you smile!

We, at LLC, are currently looking for new writers to join our team. If you’re interested in guest posting  every other week about achieving goals and hope to increase your blog’s readership (as well as have a  lot of fun and work with some amazing people), please contact Marcia at marcia DOT a DOT richards AT gmail DOT com, or Jess Witkins at jessi DOT witkins AT gmail DOT com. 


Happy New Year!

We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2012!

Thank you for joining us today. Go ahead hop over to some of the other writer’s blogs to see how they have progressed.

How have you been doing on your goals? Please share…we’d love to hear all about it!


30 thoughts on “We’re Having a Party! It’s Milestone Friday!

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  4. Congratulations on your progress. You have quite a long list. You must be very determined. If my list was that long i am afraid I would forget what my goals were. I admire your determination. Happy New Year.

    • Welcome, Melissa! And thanks for the encouragement. I was afraid I’d forget also, so I keep it close at hand to remind me, though some goals are quite easy to remember…like feeding my chocolate addiction and telling my husband how wonderful he is! Happy New Year to you, too and thanks for coming by!

  5. I’m new to your group Gary invited me. I am nitty gritty on scheduling my writing time. I find if I have “work hours” where I wear my writing hat My family knows to let me do the job. I suggest you hold on to the writing hours as higher on the list than reading others blogs. I was an active in ROW80 with my first novel in 2009. It is a useful and easy community to push each other to work. I would be willing to read a chapter and provide input. I am a very active reader (180 books in 2011) and beta read 3 books where I helped carefully note and edit. Above all- God and family come first give that hubby many kisses!

    • Hi Caroline! I’m so glad you took Gary up on his invitation! You’re not just an active reader, you’re turbo-charged! Holy cow! 180 books! amazing!
      Your advice about setting aside the time you need to write is great. I totally agree. Your offer to read chapters for folks and give input is priceless! I’m sure some of us will take you up on that.
      Welcome to LLC and we hope to see you often.

  6. What a fabulous set of goals, Marcia! And your grandkids are as big a legacy as your books, so good for you for taking time with them. 🙂

    I appreciate your support as well and I’ll tell you, after a long day of work, I REALLY appreciate this music and the chocolate covered strawberries!!

  7. I am a new subscriber and looking forward to reading your blog. I am awed by your massive list of goals! I got to about 4 or 5 and started palpatating! Happy New Year.

    • Welcome, Claire! Thank you for subscribing! Yeah, my list is kind of long…I’m just a bit over-eager about things I believe in. Glad you enjoyed though and I look forward to seeing you here again!

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  9. You’re doing great! All your goals are so inspiring. I need to add more to my list. Not necessarily big things but the little things I want to do too. Setting those goals really gets me going, even if I don’t hit them right away.

    • I know what you mean Sonia…but you are the Queen of the Baby Steps and that’s the right way to do it. I have a lot of goals, but several are things I knew I had locked. That way, I’m always successful at something which keeps me working hard at the more challenging goals. Happy happy New Year!

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  11. Happy New Year, Marcia! You are another one with a Big, Long List of goals. I need to work on my list. I only have a few goals listed. Back to the drawing boards! Congratulations on the goals you achieved.

    • Thanks, Gary. The length of the list isn’t as important as what’s on the list. But most of us do like to include small and big goals…it helps to keep things moving forward. Happy New Year and thanks for being a reat asset to LLC!

    • Hey, Joyce..thank you. The way to keep resolutions/reach goals is to make ones that are achievable and important to you. Baby steps, as Sonia can attest, works well to give you little successes along the way.
      Why don’t you join us and we can help with support and ideas? Maybe we can be your backupso you can reach one of your goals. We’re here for you, if you need us. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jennie, girl! Gee, I’m gonna miss you.
      You know it’s not about how many but which ones are on your list. You’ve done well yourself! Thanks for being a part of LLC from the beginning!

  12. Marcia, I think you’ve kicked butt on your goals! You’ve set so many, and it seems like you’ve made some kind of progress on all, and lots of progress on some. You’re an inspiration to me! Happy New Year, my friend. Looking forward to another awesome LLC year!

    • I’m so glad you’re staying with us at LLC, Pam! You’re the inspirational woman! But thanks for the support…we just keep plugging along til we get there, right? You have an awesome New Year celebration with that gang of yours…see you on the other side!

  13. I’ve missed you so much, my wonderful Life List friend! I hope you know I thought of you all often even in my retail world madness. I look forward to supporting you on all your new goals and I can’t wait to book chat with you cause we have the same reading goal. We should see if any titles on our list are the same, then we can book club blog hop again!

    Happy New Year Marcia, all the best to you and yours!

    • We’ve all become a sort of family over these last 6 months, haven’t we Jess? I’ve missed you, too, but knew you had to take care of business. Hopefully the madness is over and you can play more now.
      Yes, let’s compare our books, though I think you’ve read some of the ones on my TBR list. I’m so bad at writing reviews, but that’s one thing I want to work on this year—I want to be like you! 😛
      Happy New Year to you and Joe, sweets!

  14. Yay, Marcia! it sounds like you had many goals and that you came through in one way or another. 🙂
    Isolated writing stagnates me as well. I find I write better in a writing group (like the NaNoWriMo group I was in) or if I go to a coffee shop or Panera.
    Happy New Year, Marcia! Here is to kicking butt in 2012!

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