Return to Sender

Ahh, Elvis…I’ve lusted after him since I was 7 years old! Mmmmm…

Oh, yeah, the reason this video is here…Well, it’s that time of year again. Yup, time to return all those lovely Christmas gifts that your sister-in-law, the dorky guy at the office who was your Secret Santa and your great aunt just knew you’d love. but. you don’t…which is a gross understatement.

I wonder if you received any of these or if you want to exchange a gift you received for one of these:

facial mask

Photo courtesy of WYCD

 The Rejuvenique Anti-Aging Mask – Apparently your wrinkles are showing. But you can pretend it’s a Halloween mask! Or, well, do you play hockey?

ironing cover

Photo courtesy of

Whomever gives you this is ironing board cover must be under the impression your love life is flat because wait…there’s more, a lot more. When the cover heats up, so will you. You see, this hottie loses his towel when he gets steamy.

Now, for the man in your life:

shower gel

Photo courtesy of

Does your man love playing Psycho in the shower with you? Then blood bath shower gel is just the ticket!

bottle stopper

Photo courtesy of

Is your main squeeze a show-off? Then wouldn’t he love to pull out his ‘Happy Man’ bottle stopper at a party?

If you weren’t the lucky recipient of any of these amazing gifts, I hope they will at least keep you laughing as you stand in those long lines to return that hideous appliqued sweatshirt your Mom gave you or the stiletto boots your little sister thought you could still walk in!

What wacky gifts did you receive for Christmas this year? Did you give anything kinda crazy?

You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments!

Don’t forget – this Friday is the Life List Club Milestone Party! Woohoo! Music,  dancin’ on the tables and PRIZES!! See you there!


16 thoughts on “Return to Sender

  1. Some of these gifts are too funny. I might actually iron our clothes, however, if I had that particular cover. LOL Oddly, we didn’t suffer any unwanted gifts this holiday season. We also didn’t have any surprises. I guess our family plays it safe in the present department, huh? Thanks for making me laugh, Marcia. It was a nice way to start my day. 🙂

  2. I have an irioning board cover that is nearly identical. I’ve had it for years – a gift from my Godmother of all people. And it totally cracks me up whenever hubby uses the board to iron. LOL!!
    I didn’t get any crazy gifts this year – just a few exchanges required for sizing but all in all….a wonderful xmas! Although, one that might raise a few eyebrows…my fully lit 6 foot PALM TREE….love it!!!

  3. I love that ironing board cover ~ I’d totally keep it and maybe get more ironing done!

    I didn’t get anything I need to return, so today is a fun shopping day for me. Of course, the Kid got gift cards that HAVE to be used today (because, they’ll turn to ash if we don’t???). Oh, well. I don’t mind, keeps me from thinking about having to take down Christmas, which is a two day process.

    • Kids! I remember those days. When my kids were younger, it was cash that would have disintegrated or burned the legendary hole in their pockets if they didn’t spend it immediately! Glad you’re having fun!

  4. I always felt bad if I returned a gift except if it didn’t fit…so I have made an effort to let people know what I want and need and I ask them and give gift cards…my family loves it..especially since we are so spread out. I will gently donate things I cannot use that someone has given me, but I have to say no one in my family has ever given me anything close to the wonderful wacky gifts shown here…we laugh about them but never give them…

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