Shopping for Your Sexy, Sizzlin’ Man

Men can be so hard to buy for, don’t you think? When asked for ideas, they’ll usually say, “Whatever”, “You don’t have to get me anything”, or just plain, “I don’t know”. My Dad’s famous response was, “All I need is a nice card from my girls.” My own hubby never knows what to suggest, so I have to go hunting down the unique, the unusual, the gadget-y, the clever, the quirky and the SEXY gift ideas on the internet!

I thought I’d save all you gals some time by passing on what I discovered. Go get a cuppa and a snack, get comfy…we’re going to SHOP!

Whether you’re in the frosty northeast or the mild southwest, temperatures have dropped outside, but you can keep it warm and toasty hot and spicy inside!

Hot and SEXY gifts:Home For Christmas

Even if your man isn’t one to enjoy reading, he’ll love having you read to him. Spike some eggnog, snuggle in bed and read an erotic tale like Home For Christmas . Want a story that will really jingle his bells? Try Naughty or Nice: Christmas Erotica Stories and The Merry Xxxmas Book of Erotica, two books that he definitely won’t fall asleep listening to. 

Surprise your guy at work with a treat better than a Christmas card. He’ll know exactly what you have in mind when he opens his Pantygram. Picture the look on his face and the special tingling you’ll give him when he opens up a black envelope to find a pair of heart-shaped red panties inside! (

Is there an elegant Spa in your town? Book a weekend with your man and arrange a couples hot stone massage with the resident masseuse, a steam bath for two and finish off with a romantic dinner in your room, complete with strawberries and champagne. Go to Cloud 9 Living to find the right experience for him and you to share – sky-diving, golf lessons or race car driving. How about a food tour in a sexy city, a dinner cruise, cooking classes or hiring a personal chef? Cloud 9 Living has so many ideas to investigate.

Does the scent of man’s cologne drive you wild? Find one you’d love on him…one that would suit his natural scent. For the quietly confident man who doesn’t have to advertise his sex appeal, try Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio, Calvin Klein’s Obsession. If he likes a spicier scent, David Beckham’s Pure Instinct is a sensual choice. Packaged in a unique fist-shaped bottled, Diesel’s Only the Brave is  a manly blend of lemon, leather, amber and cedar wood. Unless you’re familiar with a cologne, test it in the store first, rather than just buying it online unseen.

Lingerie for you and for him makes for a romantic getaway in your own bedroom. Buy him a breakaway thong or a g-string to show off what he has to offer. Entice him with the crook of your finger when he sees you in sexy lace babydolls.

For the sports and entertainment nut:

Take him to see his favorite team play or listen to his favorite band. Sports and concert tickets will definitely put a smile on his face.  You can buy them here.dallas cowboys hat

Everything sports or entertainment related can all be found in one awesome location. CapKing offers licensed sport gear like hats, jackets, jewelry, lawn ornaments, memorabilia and so much more for nearly every sport. They even have rock ‘n roll t-shirts and hats.

Deck out your guy’s man-cave with accessories with his favorite team’s logo. Picture it: a calendar, a rug, posters, mouse pad, comfy throw, a shelf of collectibles, DVDs, a team jersey. Redecorate it while he’s  away. When he sees it, he’ll be making you the happiest woman on earth and you’ll be thanking Cap King! Just ask our favorite decorator, Jillian Dodd , for help in pulling it all together.

Does he long for adventure? Book an adventure he’ll never forget!  Hiking, climbing, snorkeling, oh my! Want to take the family? How about an Eclipse Tour next May in the beautiful southwest? A walking tour of your favorite city? A camping trip with a tour guide in a National Park? Check out Grand American Adventures for more ideas.

Does your man love gadgets? Does he like to cook? Can’t put a book down?

Start at Sharper Image for unique products and man-cave must-haves! I love the leather gloves with nanotechnology that mimics the human touch when using your smartphone outdoors in the cold!radio

Try Hammacher Schlemmer for an amazing selection of gadgets for home, electronics, travel gadgets, even apparel. It’s one of my favorite catalogs! For example, does your guy get tired of the same old radio stations every time he gets in the car? Well, this radio gets 45, 000 different stations! There’s no excuse to get bored now.Meatball shop cookbook

At Urban Daddy, you can get a cookbook I’m drooling over, The Meatball Shop Cookbook, “for the carnivorous baller”. And a great set of Calphalon Kitchen Tools sized right for a man’s hands. I love it when my Hubby cooks for me. He looks very sexy in an apron (yeah, just the apron 😉 ). You can also buy him 80 minutes of back-walking massage and, if you’re so inclined, you can rent a dominatrix for his next birthday apron

Speaking of aprons, get yourselves a set of printed or personalized aprons for those joint cooking sessions. We got ours at Cool Aprons . Most have G-rated funny sayings but, some have R-rated sexy sayings on them like this one >> 

Keep your man healthy with this book of 15-minute workouts from Men’s Health. This pocket guide, Stuffhow to please a woman in and out of bed Every Man Should Know , has gotten rave reviews – by men and women – as a book that has it all! Every man, no matter how well he thinks he knows his woman, can learn something more. Help him out with How to Please a Woman In & Out of Bed. This another well-loved book that will help him get inside your head and really understand you. 

What’s going into your man’s Christmas stocking? Do you have any other good ideas to share?

You know I love hearing from you! Come on, tell us what you think!

18 thoughts on “Shopping for Your Sexy, Sizzlin’ Man

  1. Wow, Marcia! You are the WOMAN. I’ve been having trouble getting on WordPress domains for the past couple of weeks and as I said over on Natalie Hartford’s site, the satellite gods are pulling for me. So glad I’m came and looked this up. I like the meatball cookbook and the apron. My husband is going to laugh his head off. Great tips!

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  3. My husband usually gives me a list of stuff that he really wants. This way he enjoys the gift although he doesn’t know which one he gets from his list until it’s time to unwrap the presents 🙂 One of the “staples” is some nice cologne. I love shopping for those and most of the time I get a fragrance that he likes. He is a vivid reader but he’s quite selective when it comes to books. I bought him The Help lately and he totally devoured it in just one week or so! 🙂

    • Sounds like it’s fun shopping for him rather than a chore. Maybe throw in a little surprise one time, something he’d never expect you to buy for him…see what happens.

  4. I decided to get my husband a Bose bluetooth for Christmas & he caught wind of it. (I should have cleared my history.) He’s into competitive on-line shopping–no one can do it as well as he can–found what he wanted and ordered it! So now, he’s getting a bag of coal. And maybe a tie.

  5. Thank you Marcia for a helpful and well thought out list. It was like you were in the room listening when my girls ask their father what he wanted for Christmas. He is a great outdoor enthusiast, hiking, backpacking, stargazing, but I have to admit I never thought of an eclipse tour. I’m going to look into that one.

    • Haha, I was in your livingroom…didn’t you see that fly on your wall? Seriously I thought that Eclipse tour sounded awesome too. Such a unique idea! If you go, please, please come back and tell me all about it! Thanks for stopping by Crystal.

  6. Got such a laugh out of “For the carniverous baller!” We tend to go the football theme at Christmas because we both enjoy the game so much. And since we cheer rival teams, buying each other football gear shows a lot of love since we each have to go out and buy things that represents our nemesis : ).

  7. So I shouldn’t just buy him socks again this year? 🙂 Good article with lots of suggestions. Wonder what YOU’RE buying!

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