Charms to Soothe the Savage Breast

As I inch ever closer to embarking on the last year of my 50s, my thoughts turn to anything that will soothe the angst of being an age that sounds so old. I’m working at being healthier and more fit going into my *gulp* 60s.Treadmill

I’ve purchased a treadmill for a no-excuses workout. In fact we’re setting up a whole workout room adding my hubby’s ancient rower and some free weights, resistance bands and an exercise ball. This room was formerly our library/billiard room, well it still is the library but the floor area has been opened up by removing the pool table no one used. My friend, Gene Lempp, of Designing From Bones, and I are beginning a treadmill challenge tomorrow. It will run through January 29th. We’ve set goals for those 60 days and have rewards for ourselves in mind if we reach or surpass those goals. Wish us luck! We’ll post our progress from time to time so you can help keep us accountable.

While my meals are well-constructed of whole grains, vegetables and lean meats and fish, I’m still working on the in-between eating. I stopped baking and purchased dry-roasted almonds and very dark chocolate for an evening treat. Yet the pounds remain.

Back to things that soothe my angst – the exercise will help, as will having time to read while walking. We almost always have classic rock or metal music playing throughout the day, which takes me back to my youth.

Isn’t food just the most comforting element though? Thoughts of the foods of my childhood keep popping in my head. They are exactly the foods I have to avoid in order to get fit.

My Mom would make pot roast  or roast pork or chicken with potatoes and vegetables for Sunday dinners. On Tuesdays she’d use the leftover mashed potatoes to make her version of potato pancakes. Oh, I loved Tuesday nights!

Grilled cheese and tomato soup was, and still is, my favorite lunch. Follow it up with a dish of tapioca topped with cinnamon and whipped cream – ooh, I’m in heaven!

Mom made a to-die-for vanilla custard pie on Christmas. I have carried on the tradition because it’s the silkiest, most perfect custard that melts in your mouth and primes it for more.

*wiping drool from my chin* Here are a few more from my childhood that you may have enjoyed as well:

        photo courtesy of saltsidedownchocolates.                                                                                                             Hot chocolate made with Ovaltine, “For Radiant Health”
macari=oni and cheese

Courtesy of SliceOfChic Creamy, cheesy Macaroni & Cheese


Banana pudding

Photo courtesy of m kasahara Banana Pudding


None of these yummy foods will make it into my meal planning, except on very rare occasion. I’ll wait til I’m in my 80s to eat more of these foods because I know I’ll decide at that point that I can eat anything I want, just like I’ll be able to say anything and get away with it.

A happy relationship, a healthy mind and body and dreams to reach for help in dealing with getting older. I’ll soothe my angst with good music, healthy foods, lots of exercise and playing with my hubby…becoming a published author will help, too.

What do you do to soothe your angst? Are your favorite childhood comfort foods still in on your menu? Want to share them with us?

You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments!

Don’t forget to join us on Friday for The Life List Club! How are you doing on your goals? One more month until our 6-month Milestone Party! Get ready for more fun and prizes! Click here to visit our last Milestone Party, in case you missed it.


19 thoughts on “Charms to Soothe the Savage Breast

  1. Okay, there are so many things I love about this post!

    Your library… oh, it’s lovely.
    You and Gene have a treadmill challenge. That’s so awesome!
    That silky custard. Yum.
    When you’re in your 80’s you’ll eat what you want. I totally have the mindset as well!

    And then… shut the front door! You’re going to be 60? No way. You look fahhhhhhhhhbulous, darling!

    • Thanks, Tameri! My library is my favorite room in my house! If we ever move I’ll miss it terribly.
      Want to join us on the treadmill?
      Well i have one more year til i’m 60-damn I hate that number! Thanks for the compliment, sweets!

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  3. Homemade macaroni and cheese is SO my weakness. I feel for you, Marcia! Maybe you’ll motivate me to exercise regularly, too! Good luck to you and Gene in your challenge. BTW, those 100-calorie packs of roasted almonds come in cocoa flavor, too – and they are yummy!

    • I love those cocoa almonds. it’s just enough chocolate taste to keep me away from candy. Maybe you’ll be so motivated that you’ll join us sometime soon!
      You know what’s really tough? My husband can eat anything and not gain an ounce! So naturally he would like me to cook mac and cheese, hot dogs, cookies and pies, etc. Well a spouse is supposed to sacrifice for the good of the marriage, right? (Him, not me)lol

  4. Love the treadmill challenge. Hubby and I are likely going to pick one up in the new year and convert our living room downstairs to a workout room so if you have another challenge in Feb, I’ll be all over it! You two knock em’ dead! Wooot woot!
    I love the idea of working to being your BEST you no matter what age. I look at my Mom, who is turning 65 in January, and I’d think she was 40! She’s rockin’ it out and doesn’t let a little thing like the number on her birth certificate slow her down any. And I love it. It’s inspiring. Life and it’s endless possibilities are open to every morning when we wake up…so go…live your best and BE your best! I can’t wait to hear allll about it! MUAH!

    • It would fantastic if you and hubby joined us! I know Jan 29th won’t be the end of my routine, for sure! Gene may choose to keep it going and having you and your husband work with us would make it a tougher challenge. The more,the merrier!
      My kids friends always thought I was the cool Mom and, even though they’re grown now, I still want to hold that title as well as defy aging! So this isn’t a 2-month program for me…it’s a lifestyle. Gotta prevent more spreading of the behind from all this sitting when writing, you know? Thanks, Natalie!

  5. Yes to the grilled cheese with a dash of garlic powder sprinkled on the bread. Mmmmm!

    Ok, enough about food, I’m here to support you. But I’m glad Gene is your workout partner, I crumble at the sight of cheetos. Let me know if you need a workout mix. I’m good at that! Best of luck to you both!!!

    • Oooh, yeah, a workout mix! Love it! When I try to do that myself, I can never think of any good upbeat music! It’s always the ballad types that come to mind. Suggestions would be very welcome!

  6. If you’re about to enter your sisties, how come your photo looks 20 years younger than mine? Oh, well.

    My mother used to make an unnamed dessert with some sort of chocolate wafer-like cookies and whipped cream. She’d put a cookie and then a layer of whipped cream and then another cookie, etc, in a rectangular glass pan. Ground pecans on top. There would be three rows of the cookies in the pan when she finished. Then she’d cut diagonal slices to serve. Mmmmm.

    • Oooh, that sounds yummy, David! You ought to make that yourself…just for the reminiscence, of course!

      20 years younger? Nah! Oh, in that 13 months until I turn 60 I imagine things will change…but my fitness program should ward off the worst of it. Besides I inherited good genes from my mom. 🙂 You look darn good yourself!

  7. Your plan to be fitter and healthier as you move into your sensational sixties sounds like a good one! It would be a good one at any age for that matter. Sixty can be as good as forty…without having to worry about menopause! Trust me …

    • Oh, I believe you, Patricia! You’re right, it’s a good plan at any age…wish I’d done it at any age! Well. I’ve done it sporadically at all ages, but now I’m sticking with it…otherwise I have too much too lose.

  8. I’m looking forward to the start of our challenge tomorrow. Will be fun and man do I need the workouts. By the way, love, love, love grilled cheese and tomato soup, with oyster crackers and a bit of spice sprinkled over the top. Yeah. Good stuff 🙂

    • Oh gosh, me, too, on the workouts! Oooh yeah…gooey grilled cheese sandwich and creamy tomato soup. I use almost a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers…bad, bad, bad. That’s why I rarely have this for lunch anymore. 🙂
      I wish you luck on getting to your goals! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow!

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