Giving Thanks to You and Kudos to Bloggers

Before I get to today’s post, I’d like to take a minute to tell all my friends and family, all my writer acquaintances and all my readers…THANK YOU.

Thanks for your support, your intelligent and enthusiastic comments and your interest in what I have to offer you on my blog. Thank you for allowing me to appear on your computer screen and talk your ear off for a few minutes each time we meet.

This community of writers and readers is the most open, friendly, generous and giving group I’ve ever had the good fortune to know.

I wish you all a warm and loving Thanksgiving Holiday.

I will be back here bending your ear on Friday, as always.

Okay, back to the blog:

I was searching for other historical fiction writers and book bloggers, when I came across a terrific blog by a woman who is a book reviewer and an editor. It was fun to poke around her site and find all the treasures hidden there.

The site is It’s All in the Details, authored by Jenny Quinlan who likes to be called Jenny Q. Her welcome message made me feel like I was stepping into a friend’s home. What I love about this site is that Jenny Q understands what is required of a historical writer and the difficulties we sometimes have in writing about a particular era. She offers resources on writing and publishing historical fiction. But that’s not all. She also writes book reviews, interviews authors and posts articles about inspiring people of history. Check out her ‘Just For Fun’ page if you need a laugh.I Hear America Talking

When I happened on Jenny Q’s blog, I found a review on a book every writer would find entertaining and historical writers will find invaluable. I just purchased a used 1976 edition of this out-of-print book from for about $5. and I can’t wait to dig in! The title is I Hear America Talking, by Stuart Berg Flexner. This is what Jenny Q has to say about it:

Historical fiction writers face many challenges, including making sure they’re using words appropriate to their time period, and bringing the voices of the past to life in a smooth, engaging manner for today’s readers. Need to know if your Revolutionary War soldier can “take a piss” or if your Gilded Age socialite can refer to her derriere as her “fanny”?
In this book, you’ll find answers to those questions and many more, and in a fun presentation with entries accompanied by pictures, artwork, and memorabilia. (Your soldier can take a piss, by the way. Americans have officially been “pissing” since 1760, though it is believed they were pissing much earlier, but since that word didn’t get written down often, earlier records don’t exist. And yes, your socialite can have a “fanny”. That word dates back to the 1860s.)

Doesn’t that make you want to run out and grab that book? Well, that’s how I reacted. I’ll do my own review on it in a future post.

I found two other sites that I go back to time and again for the gorgeous photos and the author’s unique posts.

Naked in Eden, by Robin Easton, who loves adventure. Robin is a photographer, as well as a musician, writer and speaker. She has spent a great deal of time in wild, remote locations all over the world including Tasmania, and the tropical rainforest in Australia. Want to let your mind drift to places that immediately relax you? Take a trip to Eden to view Robin’s photographs and read her inspiring posts.

Micro mosaic flower arrangement

Micro-mosaic Photo courtesy of Pierotucci

We have Patricia Sands’ Blog where she transports us to France with her stories and beautiful photography. Now you can be virtually transported to Italy at Pierotucci. Pierotucci established a leather factory in Florence, Italy in 1972. The company has since grown to include a leather goods shop and an art & jewelry shop. You might think this would be just a retail site selling their wares. You’d be wrong. I’ve learned so much. A representative of the company commented on my blog last week and included their web address. I was surprised to find posts that taught me all about leather-dying and Murano glass made into miniatures. I love the posts about the city of Florence and find I get a peek into what it’s like to live in Italy. They do have posts showcasing their deliciously soft and gorgeously colored leather goods, but they’re tasteful and not the garish in-your-face type of marketing we see in the U.S.

And finally, just one more, very dear to my heart…My beautful, funny and brilliant daughter started a blog which chronicles her journey from newlywed to divorcee. Her posts help us see the humor and irony in such a life changing event. So many young women have told her how much they needed to know they weren’t alone in navigating a similar experience and are so inspired by her strength and courage. Her voice has been compared to NYTBS author, Jennifer Weiner. Please visit It’s Just Jen Again. Laugh, cry and pass the link along to anyone you know who would enjoy a twenty-something’s take on today’s life, love, children and mishaps. Here’s a teaser from her very first post last year and it only gets better from here:

Because Why?

Because I’m the only one out of my friends who does not take antidepressants, or (cough, cough) “self-medicates”.  Although spiritual, I do not conform to one specific religion, and I do not necessarily believe that there is a “God” who will hear me if I beg for answers.  

My therapy, per se, has always been some sort of art form.  Music, mostly.  And writing.  I have about 30 unfinished word documents on my computer on various subjects.  I always go back to writing.  I love the freedom of it.  Except when I see a green squiggly line under my sentences. 

 I never learned about “passive voice” in English and it really pisses me off when I’m corrected by a machine.  Most of the Declaration of Independence is written in passive voice.  Did anyone say to Benjamin Franklin – “Wait a minute, Ben, wait a minute.  You wrote that in passive voice.  How is anyone going to take us seriously?!  You are a failure, Benjamin Franklin!” ?  I think not.

I digress.  Anyway, I’m in trouble. 

So, I’m opening the floor for all of you to tell us about a blog you’ve found that moved you, inspired you, informed you, made you laugh or cry, had a beautifully artistic design, or any other category that comes to mind.

Those are my new discoveries. What are yours? I know each of you visits blogs I haven’t heard of, yet. So, come on…share! If you want to promote  your own awesome blog or that of a friend, I encourage you to do so.

You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments!


16 thoughts on “Giving Thanks to You and Kudos to Bloggers

  1. Oh, my darling Marcia! Your blog always inspires me, even if it’s only an apple pie recipe. You have such grace and style (not to mention fabulous sexy shoes!). You’ve got some great links up there and I’m looking forward to checking them out. Thanks for being one of my fabulous WANAsistas.

    By the way, I love that blogline for your daughter. She’s probably just as amazing as her mom!

    • Aww, I just adore you Tameri! WANAsistas have to stick together!
      I’m a little biased, but I do think she’s amazing! Thanks for being here and I hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Marcia! How sweet! I always look forward to the variety of topics in your blog and you never disappoint. I’m a big fan of historical fiction so will check out JennyQ and the Italian leather website sounds. Italy is a close second to France in my books (… and in my photo library!). And your daughter’s blog? I like it already. Guess we know where that talent comes from … Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours (today, tomorrow and every day)

    • Oh Patricia, you’re very welcome. I love your blog! I hope you find something you like in these blogs..they’re different from the norm, anyway. Thanks for good wishes…have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great post, Marcia, and thanks for the links. I intend to order the book about historical language as one of my manuscripts in progress is a historical. And I too, am grateful to all the awesome friends found on social media, from all over the world, but especially for the Kristen Lamb alumni! Have a warm and wonderful day, all!

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