ROW80 Check-In – On a Roll!

As with the last round, I’ll be checking on Sundays only. It works better for me, since I can spend some time assessing how I’ve done over a week’s time and make adjustments or pat myself on the back, whatever my progress indicates.

I’ve given myself a hefty word count goal this time. I was somewhat stressed at completing everything I vowed to do weekly, so it’s already time to make changes for a more reasonable  set of goals.

You can check out my original goals here.

1. Completing my manuscript’s 1st draft is the most important thing on my list, so that word count stays. I wrote about half of my writing goal but, I also completely re-outlined my novel according to advice from K.M. Weiland’s book, Outlining Your Novel-Mapping Your Way To Success.

I wrote out 49 scenes on index cards. What a feeling of freedom and accomplishment. My husband came into the dining room where I was working at the table and said, “So, it looks like the book is done!” and that’s how I felt. The hard part was done. Now I only have to flesh out the scenes.

 My original outline was not even close to being complete. The new one gives me direction beginning to end. I even came up with some new ideas for scenes that will make the story flow better. All this thanks to a $2.99 ebook and $2 pack of canary yellow index cards!

2. I’m just terrible at keeping up with Twitter. I have to figure out how to get pumped for it. I truly prefer commenting on blog posts, since that is a more meaningful effort for me. I have several friends who tweet for me regularly and I feel badly for not doing the same for them. So, I will get better at this!

I’m on target with my reading and blogging, but will cut my commenting back to 5 comments per day to allow time for tweeting 3x per day.

3. I’m taking the NF outline out of my goals completely to focus on my novel.

Polishing my short stories will change to polishing one of my short stories – the one that is a promo for my book.

I have not yet begun expanding my twitter reach on a regular basis, but that will come in the next weeks.

I am one-week ahead currently with my blog posts. I took this entire weekend to focus on writing my novel, instead of getting further ahead in posts.

Exercise is where I failed big-time. Time gets away from when I’m on the computer and, no matter that I promise myself that I’ll stop working to exercise, I still forget. 

BUT, I have a plan! I have an exercise video loaded in my DVD player which is in my armoir in my office across the room from desk. The remote will take up residence on my desk along with my cell phone. I’ll set the alarm on my phone for one hour intervals and I will get up and turn on the DVD player to exercise for 10 minutes, 5 times a day. Today, however, my hubs and I are planning an outdoor walk for 45 minutes, since the weather is so lovely.

Sometimes it takes me awhile to remember I’m not Superwoman, but I can accomplish a lot of work over the course of a week. Just have to have a workable plan and I believe this is it!

Thanks for stopping by to keep me in line. I’m looking forward to a more productive week coming up!


12 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In – On a Roll!

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  3. Great job, Marcia. It looks like you’ve accomplished so much over this last week.
    I also like your idea of checking in only once a week. I might need to do that too. It makes more sense to me.
    I’m going to get K.M. Weiland’s book – I’ve heard some good things about it.

  4. I think you’re off to a roaring start with your novel Marcia. It had to feel super to get those scene cards done. I like how you have your exercise planned —DVD’s are great —and how you’re working toward balance in social media. Good goals!

  5. Great job on your goals, Marcia! It had to feel awesome to look down at that stack of index cards and know how much you had accomplished. Wise idea to drop the one goal in order to concentrate on another that has more momentum. This is one thing I struggled with in Round 3 and had to learn the hard way.

    By the way, don’t be too hard on yourself about Twitter. My schedule doesn’t allow me much time to just hang out and chat. I totally agree with you about blog comments being more meaningful. And more personal.

    Have a great week 🙂

    • Oh it was awesome, Gene! It was definitely a breakthrough for me!
      Re goals, I guess we never stop learning and refining.
      Re twitter, I will stop beating myself up about it. I just can’t do it all and do it all well. I truly appreciate your encouragement and support. You’re a terrific friend and pretty awesome at all you do, too! Thank you.

  6. Great work this week Marcia! I wasn’t into Twitter all the much to begin with, but once I gave it a go, I like it almost as much as blogging now. Check out the #row80 hashtag. It will get you hooked in no time. 🙂

    Have a great week.

    • Thanks, Nicole. I just find it less personal, though i get a little giddy when someone tweets something of mine. So I have get over this weird idea about it and just do it.

  7. I have to get that book 🙂 I’ve been following her progress, got the email seeing it had released, but haven’t got around to purchasing it yet :slaps wrist: Love your idea of setting the alarm on your cell to get up and move at regular intervals.

    Good luck with the upcoming week.

    • I think you’l like it. Some of it was great reminders and other stuff was new to me. She has a different take on things than other books I’ve read about outlining. It’s working for me. Good luck

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