Caught Unprepared

Happy Monday, everyone!

This is unheard of, for me, until now…I had a family emergency over the weekend, went out of town and had no time to write today’s post in its entirety. In fact all of last week got away from me, which is why I wasn’t prepared. I will have it up later today, but I apologize for my misstep and promise you this won’t happen again.

Please return this afternoon when I will have a proper salute to the first Monday of October, Goblins, Witches and Ghosts…Apple Pie!

Today is also the beginning of ROW80 Round 4! I’ll have my goals for this round posted as well.

See you all later!


9 thoughts on “Caught Unprepared

  1. Aw, Sweets, no worries. We’re here for you even if you are unprepared and miss a post. Although, I’m so glad you made it back for that apple pie. I’m making it this weekend and it’s ridiculous how excited I am for it! (On my diet, I allow myself one ‘indulgence’ per week. This will be it. Whoohoo!)

  2. Thanks, Ladies! Things are okay, ‘cept I hurt my back in the process of helping. Typing is a challenge today. It’s embarassing to be in this position since I’m the one always saying , ‘be prepared’. Lesson learned.

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