ROW80 – ROWnd 4!

This is it! I’m going for Round 4 to see if I can finish my manuscript!

All of you who have been stuck, floundering, procrastinating, dozing off…


Get yourself motivated to jump in on the fun and inspiration to get your butt moving in the right direction! Oh, don’t worry…yes, I know, life can throw a wrench in the works. That’s precisely why ROW80 is for you! You can tweak your goals if you need to. We all think we’re capable of scaling a tall building in one bound; climbing Mt. Everest in an afternoon; writing a novel in one month! No way! Achieve goals

Goals take time, perseverance, motivation and GUTS to accomplish. I’m here to tell YOU…you have the will, the determination AND the strength to accomplish a goal!Uncle Sam

Pick a goal, any goal and get started today by signing up for A Round of Words in 80 days! Go on, DO IT NOW!

I’ll be looking for you!


13 thoughts on “ROW80 – ROWnd 4!

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