It’s Milestone Friday! Let’s Celebrate!!

!!!Happy Milestone Friday, Everyone!!!Party

Come on in and join the party!

As you might expect, at my house we have CHOCOLATE Parties! So dive in to the goodies on the table…come on, I’ll show you what we have:

Milk Chocolate custard

Flouted Milk Chocolate Custard

chocolate amaretto semifreddo

Chocolate Amaretto Semifreddo

Chocolate strawberries

Chocolate-covered Strawberries


Dark Chocolate and Mocha Truffles

Grab a Chocolatini or a glass of Merlot and a plate of your favorite chocolates. Then rock to the music! 



Wow! What a party! Okay, settle down a bit. I need your attention!

I have an announcement to make!


Each of The Life List Club writers has a gift for one or more subscribers/commenters on today’s post. Check individual writers’ blogs for their details on how many winners will be chosen and when the contest ends.

My contest runs between 7am, 9/23 and midnight, 9/30(EST). Winner will be announced Saturday, October 1st! You have lots of time to subscribe and comment!

For one subscriber commenting on this post, my Prize Package includes:

1. A copy of my flash fiction story, Night Moves!

2. An invitation for you to guest post or be interviewed on my blog! (A guest post can be a work of flash fiction, a short story up to 2,000 words, or a post on history, life lessons, sweet obsessions, women’s issues, health & wellness, or writing)

3. I will name a character in my trilogy, The Dance and The Dancer, after you!


Let’s get to the reason for this celebration…my 3-month progress report: (My progress is in red.)

1. Write for the book no less often than 5 days a week. I did poorly on writing daily due to grandchildren life getting in the way.

2. Write a minimum of 400 words each of 5 days each week. This would have equaled 24,000 words over 12 wks. If we count my WIP, my blog, flash fiction and short story I’ve written approximately 45,000 words. YAY!! (If we only count my WIP, my numbers stink!)

3. Visit ROW80 twice a week to stay motivated in my writing goal. I chose, instead, to visit once a week, but missed a few weeks during the summer. Checked in all this month and am ready to go for Round 4 with a fresh set of goals!

4. Get my butt out of my desk chair for at least 10 minutes every hour. I don’t get up every hour-I get too engrossed in writing-but I do get up more often than I used to.

5. Take at least 2 online classes to improve my blog and/or writing. So far, I’ve taken one (another was canceled) and am signed up for a second one this fall.

6. Find a critique partner/group to get feedback on my book. No luck with this yet. Does anybody have a connection with a good group or individual?

7. Feed my addiction to chocolate, daily. 🙂 I’m stellar at this! Another YAY!!

8. Allow myself only 2 hours a day to read blogs and keep up with social media marketing. I have found that 2 hours is just not enough time everyday. Sometimes it takes 3 hours to take care of the above, plus responding to comments on my blog posts and commenting on other blogs.

9. Get moving! Exercise at least 30 minutes 6 days a week. Ugh! This summer with the grandgirls was more movement in my days, but not necessarily exercise, per se. Started this week back to my routine and got in 3 days so far.

10. Only have 1 dessert each week. Yeah, right! What was I thinking? I vow to do better, though. How about 3 per week?

11. Read 25 books in the next 12 months. On target with this. I’ve read 7 books in 3 months. YAY!!

12. Attend a writer’s conference or workshop. No time so far; found one in Dallas next May that I’m hoping to attend.

13. Teach my granddaughters good new habits, like how much fun it is to do chores. 🙂 Oooh, they learned this so well! They set the table and cleaned up toys, put dirty laundry in the hamper, helped with dusting and making their big bed, and took their dirty dishes to the sink. Even my 2yr old accomplished all of this! They were awesome, especially since they never complained.

14. Add more fruits and vegetables into my diet. So far, no rotting fruits or veggies in the refrigerator drawer! That means I’m eating what I buy every week! YAY!!

15. Create 15 minute pockets of time each day to spend alone with my hubs. We spend time at breakfast talking, planning and catching up. After dinner, we watch a movie together and late night, he stops in my office to chat for a while. It ends up being roughly 2 1/2 hours a day. And you just nevermind what we do after we talk in my office. 😉

16. Lose at least 35 lbs, in order to get off all my meds, about 3 pounds a month. This means I should have lost 9 lbs so far…uh, no. I’ve lost 2 lbs and am working harder now that the grands have gone home to their Mama.

17. Get back to the routine of cleaning bathrooms and dusting weekly, instead of pushing it off on my honey. Done! YAY!!

18. Be in, or finished with, the process of publishing my book by December, 2011. On target to finish the writing and self-editing, but may have to adjust the timeframe for publishing.

19. Floss everyday. Almost.

20. Remember to thank my husband everyday for his constant love and support. Always do! YAY!

21. Learn how to create podcasts, videos and a book trailer for my blog site. Not yet, maybe next time.

22. Eat more slowly. Practice. Practicing, but I still finish first. Dang!

23. Notice the little things and appreciate them. Doing it!

24. Live in the moment. YES!

25. Play. Often.

So, what do you think? Please rate my progress below, 1-5 stars. The score you give me has no effect on choosing the winner of the Prize Package, truly!

Now to go visit the other amazing writer’s blogs and enter to win theirballoons fabulous prizes, listed here. Just click on the writers’ links below:

Jess Witkins – a signed copy of Bethany Wiggins’, Shifting

Pam Hawley – package including: 1. Winner’s choice of excerpt from my novel-in-progress or a copy of my short story, “Elevated.” 2. I will interview the winner on their goals and ambitions for a future post in Hawleyville. 3. Option to publish a piece of their own fiction/essay (up to 2,000 words) or do a guest post at my blog.

Sonia Medeiros – an ebook, Larry Brooks’, Story Engineering

Jennie Bennett – 1. a 10-page in-depth critique, 2. 3-book set -Oliver Twist, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess

Jenny Hansen – 1. a guest post by Jenny on the winner’s blog, 2. an interview of the winner on Jenny’s blog

Emily Moir – a 5-piece (4×6) photo series by Kate Moir

Lyn Midnight – an in-depth critique of two chapters

Diana Ligaya – 1. a copy of Joseph Campbell’s, the Hero with a Thousand Faces, 2. an in-depth fiction critique up to 15,000 words.

David Walker – 1. a copy of David’s short story, Bubba’s First Cruise, 2. a guest post swap

What generous writers we have at The Life List Club! I’m sure you’ll findParty ladies several prizes you’ll want to win!





36 thoughts on “It’s Milestone Friday! Let’s Celebrate!!

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  8. I’m still staring at the Chocolate Amaretto Semifreddo. I wonder if I stare at it long enough it will materialize beside me?
    Love this, great goals Marcia!!

  9. Marcia, LOVED the party at your place!!!! You did a phenomenal job on your goals, what are you talkin’ about?!! I especially like #15…gonna have to implement that one at home. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenny! Sometimes stopping for 15+ minutes at a time is easier for me. For him, he knows I’m thinking about him and took a break just to spend a little time to talk, hug or whatever. It works!

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  11. Marcia, I’m impressed–way to go on your goals! Even with life getting in the way, you’ve made some serious progress! I’ve been a subscriber for a while, and I rated your progress. I am so glad that i’ll be on the next RoW with you!

  12. Happy Milestone, Marcia!!!

    It looks like you’re the Queen of Progress. Then again, your list is so long, lol. I love the chocolate touches everywhere. Keep working on your goals and I’m sure you’ll get ahead on all points very soon. 🙂

  13. Pingback: It’s a (Milestone) Party!!! | Sonia G Medeiros

  14. Great list – you had me laughing!

    #1 – I babysit (almost 3 and 5 yrs olds) two days a week, so I hear you.
    #14 and 16 – I HEAR YOU!
    #21 – try for creating a book trailer (it’s free)
    #21 – Writers on the Move has an After Workshop Package that will have you creating podcasts in no time.
    #21 – I’m trying to find the time to learn how to create videos.

  15. Marcia the fact that you are actually monitoring this list gives you a 5 in my book. I can so relate almost all on your list and have been pretty poor at keeping anything going , but I have to really make some changes of habits so i will be at least starting a short list. I plan to monitor it but that is another thing that usually doesn’t happen…oh well… I am very proud of you for #7 and I definitely give you more time for #8. I am so proud to know you and know that you may be finishing your book and publishing…such a tremendous accomplishment…and then I can tell people…hey I know her 🙂

    • Thanks, Donna! Stop over on Fridays and that might inspire you to keep on track with your goals. Sometimes just the subtle reminder is enough to light a fire under us. Let me know when you have your short list and publish it on your site so everyone knows about it. That helps keep you thinking about it.
      Thank you for the beautiful compliment..I’m humbled. 🙂

  16. I give you five stars for sure, Marcia! What you don’t mention is that while you’re doing all that you are also coordinating LLC activities and keeping us all motivated and going strong, and its very appreciated : )! I am in awe of your writing progress – whether it is on the WIP or a combination of it and other things, 45,000 works is rockin’ total worthy of a boatload of chocolatinis!

    • Hey, Pam! Thanks so much for the support! I couldn’t do all this LLC stuff without an awesome team of writers! I’m happy I serve you all well. I work harder than my old day job, but I love this so much! Thanks for being a great friend!

      • Here, here! Chocolatinis all around for the best organizer in LLC town!
        My these drinks are just delicious, don’t mind if I pass out on your couch later today. LOL

        I agree with everybody, you’ve certainly outdone yourself and I know you’ll stay motivated to finish your goals. Glad you’re on goodreads now. We can share more awesome book finds!

        And I’ll be seeing you in Kristen’s class this fall!

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