ROW80 – Round 3, Final Day

My progress over these past 80 days is documented in my September 18th post. I learned a lot about my level of self-discipline and perseverance…I learned I need to work a bit on them. I have a clearer picture of where I want to be at the end of the year with my writing and how I’ll get there.

I’ve made so many friends over the past 11+ weeks and have found the support and camaraderie invaluable and fun.

So, I wish all of you (and myself) a relaxing break between rounds, as well as a spirited start to Round 4!


8 thoughts on “ROW80 – Round 3, Final Day

  1. I also have work on making myself adhere to a more solid writing schedule because I was all over the place in Round 3. I think the ROW80ers were what made me achieve what I did. See you all in Round 4!

  2. Marcia, I had to laugh at your discovering your need to work on self-discipline–I’m right next to you on that one!

    The people I have met on this Round have been so incredible; I have learned how much I need the support! I’m looking forward to Round 4!

  3. Learning about ourselves is important. Sometimes we aren’t sure what we can accomplish and how long it will take us until we start on the journey. Then we can adjust our goals accordingly. Good luck in Round 4. See you there!

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