Sexy, Sweet Obsessions

Can travel be sexy? You can make anything sexy! Locations like beaches, mountain cabins, opulent hotel suites, exotic stilted house on Fugi, as well as tent camping in the woods, a simple motel room at the edge of a historical settlement, or a bed in an RV plugged in at an amusement park.

Sexy is a state of mind. Anywhere you go can be turned into a sensual experience. Feel sexy and you’ll heighten your enjoyment wherever you are.

Now don’t expect this entire post to be about sex! It’s about travel…a cool video and some of my travel pics. So, where does the ‘sexy’ come in?  In your imagination when you’re daydreaming about being away from the daily grind, in a warm sunny locale with scrumptious foods you can’t get at home, sleeping in a room that doesn’t resemble your bedroom, seeing sights that don’t exist in your hometown, relishing the freedom of your days with your special someone.

The Video: STA TRavel Australia sent 3 young men, Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White, on an amazing trip around the world…a six-week journey of a lifetime crammed into one epic minute.

 To get you in the mood for traveling:

Okay, how many of you played it more than once? 

My husband and I love road trips. Last year for our honeymoon, we decided to drive from our home state of New York south along the coast until we reached a destination I’d always wanted to visit, Charleston, South Carolina.

 We stopped in many places along the way, but I’m going to show you Charleston today. I wish the pictures did it justice.
Historic homes near to the Battery Park in Cha...

Historic Homes across from Battery Park

These formidable homes have withstood two centuries of natural disasters and battles.

Broad st

Historic home on Broad St.

We took a horse-drawn carriage ride around town. This is Broad Street, made famous by author, Pat Conroy‘s book, South of Broad.
We learned that this house had recently sold for $2 million.
The Citadel

The Citadel Military Academy

 This is just one of the beautiful buildings on the campus of the Citadel. I was lucky enough to ogle a group of academy boys in uniform. My husband just laughed.
Charleston, SC
Municipal Building, Downtown Charleston

Just one example of the incredible architecture seen all over Charleston.


Folly Beach, SC
Folly Beach
We stayed in a hotel on Folly Beach just outside the city. It was April, 2010 so we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. I’d love to be back there right now.
The food is Southern, of course, Lowstyle using mostly local, fresh ingredients. Try She-Crab soup, authentic southern Crab Cakes, the fresh clams, mussels and oysters. We never had a mediocre meal and there are so many restaurants from which to choose.
The Charleston City Market is a tourist’s delight with a  mix of cultural offerings from food to hand-made old-time crafts. 
Visit the Naval & Maritime Museum and walk through the U.S.S. Yorktown that sailed in WWII, reliving history. Fort Sumter represents the Civil War and the time when slavery came to an end.
Don’t miss the French Quarter with its numerous art galleries, or the antique district.
Take a boat tour, see dolphins at play, go snorkeling, or kayaking. You can walk seemingly forever on the beaches, shell collecting, swimming and sunning.
We plan to go back one day. I hope you find the opportunity to visit.
Next Monday, I’ll be sharing some tips and thoughts from airline pilots…things thay may change the way you fly.
In the video, were you able to recognize any of those locations? Do you think you might travel to Charleston, South Carolina one day? I’d love to hear about a great vacation you experienced.
You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments!
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10 thoughts on “Sexy, Sweet Obsessions

  1. Hello, Marcia,
    I’ve bounced in private to winning Kim’s book, so I’ll try to be serious here! Hmm, that’s too much effort! I love Charleston. Hubs has a conference there every November, so I tag along and just indulge myself.

    I also love the keys off Sarasota–Siesta, Longboat, Anna Maria. The white Gulf Coast sand is just gorgeous.

    And finally, I’m embarrassed to admit it, I’m a fellow historical fiction campaigner–I’ve been here a dozen times and didn’t realize it–d’oh!

  2. Love the books on your to-read shelf. Henrietta Lacks better stay number one. It’s amazing.

    Love your photos from Charleston, I’d love to visit. Of course, I like traveling anywhere. What a romantic getaway it looks like you and your honey had.

    Oh, and when’s the next available room in that exotic stilted house in Fuji? Yes please!

  3. Beautiful pictures Marcia – I loved them and wish I was there right now. I love everything southern US. I have never had the opportunity to tour around and explore like you have but it’s definitely a road trip on mine and hubby’s mind!

    • It’s a great road trip! Don’t know what state you’d be coming from, but if you’re in the north, you can travel down the east coast and hit several cool places like we did on our honeymoon…Virginia Beach, VA, Wilmigton, NC, and Folly Beach, SC-great trip if you love beaches.

  4. Beautiful pics, Marcia! I could definitely see hubby and I visiting Charleston. I love historical architecture. Our current favorite vacay spot is Destin, Florida. We love the laid back casual lifestyle there, and then there’s the beach. White Florida sand combined with brilliant sunsets are always sexy. 🙂 Good post!

    • Sue! HI! It’s so good to see you here! Yeah, OBX was fun…you leading all the others in peeking through the window at us! We had a great time and, yes, I did get some romance. 🙂 I keep praying that all of you girls will find a guy you fit with as well as Jim and I do. I’m so glad you’re here…miss you.

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