September 11th, ROW80 and Blog Awards

Sunday Happy Sunday!

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Happy Sunday, everyone!


Do you remember where you were, what you were doing on September 11, 2001? I was home-schooling my 13 year-old son and watching the live coverage of the plane carrying terrorists crashing into the Towers. How does a mother explain why people want to kill each other?

Let’s take a few moments to remember those who perished at the hands of terrorists 10 years ago today. Who would have thought we’d ever have to worry for our safety in our home country. It changed us in many ways. It brought many people closer together. It changed the way we view foreign travel, our country’s security policies and we even look warily at strangers.

Let it not make you hide, but be aware of the world around you. Let it not make you fearful, but more vigilant. All the more reason to appreciate all we have and all we are. Create your goals, but enjoy every moment of working toward them. Don’t waste your life on meaningless tasks, live it to the fullest.


I haven’t checked in for ROW80 for over a month. My summer got terriblyROW80 chaotic trying to keep up with my grandchildren and my blog. I managed to keep up with the blog and my grandchildren have gone back home, now. So, my life will regain it’s routine and some momentum. These were my original goals:

My Writing Goal: 34,000 words in 80 days on  current WIP = 425 words per day. Current status is at 17,300 words.

Maintenance Goal: Maintain my current 5-days per week blog posts until July 16th when I will then cut back to 3 posts per week.

New Work Goal: Get husband established in writing one blog post per month. Write a 2-3,000 word short story on a secondary character in my WIP.

My progress has been as follows:

My Writing Goal: I am far behind my original goal for writing on my WIP,Row80 which is at 23,560 words –  a total of 6,260 words written in 69 days = 91 words per day. That’s 25% of what I planned. Am I upset? No. That’s over 6,000 words more than I had when I began. I wish it were more, but as a dear friend said, ‘LIFE comes first.’

Maintenance Goal: I did cut back to posting 3 days per week on my blog and, I believe, the quality of my posts has increased. My readership has soared, as has my subscriber list. I’ve finely tuned the topics of posts and analyzed what my readers seem to enjoy the most. Hence, my awesome statistics.

New Work Goal: My husband, as reported in July, chose not to post on my blog. He’s preoccupied with his own sports gear website, CapKing, (shameless plug) and various projects on our home. I did not write a 2-3,000 word short story, but I did write a 1,500 word 1st draft of a short story on a secondary character AND an 1,800 word contemporary fiction short story 1st draft. I also wrote a 1,000 word flash fiction story. I entered the flash fiction in a contest (winners to TBD in October) and it has another target, to be revealed at a later date.

All in all, I didn’t do so badly. I’m satisfied with my consistent effort and plan to write a second flash fiction and polish my short stories for publication by the end of this Row80 round. I will sign up for Row80 again, and again.


My dear friend, Nicole Basaraba, author of Uni-Verse-City blog, bestowed a blog award on me, which you can see in my sidebar. I’m so honored that she thought enough of me and my blog to choose me for the Liebster Blog award.

Liebster loosely translates from German as ‘friend’. There are several writers I count as friends, so choosing among them was a very difficult decision. I will just have to give out more awards at other times. 😉

Today I choose to award the following women the Liebster Blog Award for being very supportive friends and fellow writers/bloggers who have that special ‘something’ that makes them stand-out in the crowd.

Jess Witkins, author of Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project


Pam Hawley, author of Hawleyville

Liebster Blog Award

You may copy and paste the award to your blog’s sidebar. Please, pay it forward,  Ladies!


20 thoughts on “September 11th, ROW80 and Blog Awards

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    • Thank you so much for the compliments, Haley. It’s a lot of hard work, but I absolutely love writing to bring readers something fun and intriguing to read. You do the same on your blog, and quite well.

  3. Progress is progress Marcia and you’ve done well. Life does indeed happen and you’ve been able to achieve things despite that which is fantastic. Have a great week and congrats on the Liebster 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Gene…I’m now dubbing you Gene, the Machine, because you seem able to pump out more productivity than almost anyone I know. Between family, job, and your goals…you’re amazing!

  4. Congratulations on your progress! Thanks for the link to Row80 … finally able to learn what you and others were talking about.

    My goal is less defined, but huge for me. I have made writing for one hour first thing after breakfast, a daily routine for me. Tasks for me have stacked up, so I pull the discipline “stop here” cord, with the promise that there is always tomorrow to pick up where I left off, and quit after an hour to tackle the heap of unfinished business. Once caught up, I will up the ante to two 90 minutes stretches with a nice exercise bout in between.
    Sending smiles and a high five!

  5. Nice thoughts and I love your goals. I will be posting soon about 10 things about me. Just been a tad busy these days. hey I also wanted you to know I gave you a well deserved shout out in my anniversary post tomorrow…

  6. I ended up driving home again for the weekend and I watched one of the specials about the rescue teams and survivors of the towers with my parents. I remember sitting in my sophomore history class when another teacher called our room and said turn on the tv. It was horrifying.

    On happier news, I thank you for the award Marcia. You’re one of the best people I’ve met in the blogging/writing community, so I am humbled and proud to accept the award. Thank you so much. And, because it’s me, and I usually leave you with something witty, I have to giggle that you awarded it to Pam and myself because I’m convinced Pam and I are living in parallel universes our similarities are so uncanny. It’s a delight to be “on stage” with her. I’ll definitely pay it forward!

  7. I’m just joining in ROW80 now as a sort of preview for Round4. I love your writing voice. Makes me feel like it will be ok, even diving in now.

    My daughter was 9 when 9/11 happened. I wrote an essay which went on to become a Chicken Soup story. I republished it on my blog today… so many memories. My heart hurts yet… feels much more peace now even amidst the fear.

    • Welcome, Julie! It will be ok and we all get through it together.
      Congrats on your Chicken Soup story-that’s amazing! I’ll have to go look at it. It was a tough time for sure, hpoefully one that won’t repeat itself.

  8. I’ll never forget that day either. I think in Canada we felt nearly as sad as America. I was still in grade school and the morning classes were essentially cancelled and we watched the billowing smoke for hours.

    I think ROW80 is a great challenge because it gets you to set a goal and gives you a team for support. Even if you don’t make the goals (which I haven’t yet either), you learn a lot and make some great friends along the way. The Liebster Award couldn’t be more fitting.

    • I guess the attack affected all of this country’s friends, Nicole.
      Speaking of friends, yes, I’ve made some great friends, including you. 🙂
      Thanks again for the awesome award!

  9. I was home when I heard about the towers. My husband and I had been married just shy of a year. Our first child would not be born for another 11 months or so.

    The news was stunning. I thought we were at war right then. I could barely breathe. It’s one of those moments that define us as one nation in that one moment of history.

    Congrats on what you have gotten done for ROW80 so far. You might not have hit your goals, but you’ve had a lot on your plate. You’ll get there. 😀

    • “It’s one of those moments that define us as one nation in that one moment of history.” You’re so right about that, Sonia. A frightening day, but one that united people everywhere.
      Thanks for the support on ROW80 progress…I will get there, just more slowly than anticipated. 🙂

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