10 Random Things About Me

Hi Everyone! I’ve been tagged by my good buddy, Gene Lempp, of Designing from Bones, to post random facts so we can all get to know each other better. Are you sure you’re ready for this? Okay, here goes:

10. I’ve always loved collecting things: in my teens, I collected boyfriends but became more discerning as I matured. I have collections of lighthouses and seashells (love  the ocean!), books in many genres, clear glassBetty Boop paperweights, Nutcracker soldiers, Santas, AnnaLeigh characters, Betty Boop (my role model), DVDs, CDs, 8-track tapes, 45 rpm records, albums (the music collections are a combo of mine and my husband’s), photographs,and so much more that I have given away to family members.

9. When I was in my 20s, I took a couple of Dale Carnegie Courses…How to Win Friends and Influence People and The Dale Carnegie Sales Course. Can’t say I was ever a great salesperson, but I made some lifelong friendships in those classes and I worked for the organization for sometime. Dale Carnegie was a good man with great advice. I still remember the memory challenges we learned in class and use them to this day…it involves stacking things…and my faux pas while speaking to the class. I’ll leave that for another blog.

8. I’ve suffered all my life with ‘Middle-Child Syndrome‘. Don’t laugh! It’s really real! I don’t know why my sisters roll their eyes at the mere mention of it. You think it’s easy being in the middle – too young for things my much older sister could do – and not as cute as my baby sister? My only option was to try to excel at everything to get noticed. Well, that didn’t work, but I am prettier and smarter than either of them…nah, nah, na, nah, nah!

7.  I was a badass, or pretended to be, when I was young, in my 20s. For several years I rode with a motorcycle club. Loved being on the back of the Harley Chopper, leaning against the sissy bar, with my long auburnHarley Chopper hair ruffling in the wind. I  didn’t need to wrap my arms around my guy; I was one with that machine. He’d rest his hand on my thigh and, with the club, we’d ride all over NY. Riding on the back of a chopper was like sex on wheels…also another blog another time.

6. I’ve read, literally, hundreds of books and articles on the subject of weight loss, aging and general health, until I became somewhat of an expert. You might ask why that isn’t the focus of my blog today…I had a health/mid-life blog for a few years. I still love passing on what I learned, but I needed to learn to write in a way that wasn’t preachy. I will go back to it, as it’s a big part of who I am, and I intend to re-establish myself as an expert in that field and write a non-fiction book. You can find a couple of my old health blogs in my archives on this blog.

5. Back in the early 1990s, I bought Nintendo video games for my kids. The original Mario was the most popular at the time. My son and daughter had a blast playing and got quite good at it. What they didn’t realize is that I wasSuper mario Bros playing it, too…while they were in school (I was a stay-at-home-mom). It wasn’t long before I mastered that game. I knew where every secret prize and points were hidden. They’d come home from school and get so mad at me for beating them at their own game! I loved it! I even rubbed it in with victory dances! Oooh, what an obnoxious mom, I was!

4. I lived in Las Vegas for a year in the 1990s. My late 1st husband was a chef/restaurant owner and lost his upscale business when so much of our city’s manufacturing and electronics businesses moved south or overseas. HisTreasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas clientele was mostly corporate and celebrity customers (yet another blog idea). He had cousins who live in Vegas and thought it would be good to relocate where there was family. I love that part of the country. It has its own beauty and good people, but is much different from the Northeast in so many ways. The kids enjoyed schools with no roofs (only 2″ of rain annually at the time), I loved the lack of snow and my husband enjoyed working, gaining the corporate experience, as executive chef in a hotel/casino restaurant as opposed to being self-employed. I miss it sometimes.

3. I’m an organizer. In 1985, I got involved with a local historical association who wanted to raise funds to create a replica of the first United States plank road, which happened to have been built in my hometown in the 1800s. (and another blog idea!) They had been holding an annual festival, which was poorly attended and consisted of little to entertain the public. I offered to organize a juried craft show for them and it was a big hit. We all brainstormed new ideas and the festival profits skyrocketed! That led to doing the same in my son’s school where I was PTA President raising money for cafeteria renovations, which led to organizing for other groups in subsequent years.

2. Like Kerry Meacham, I finally, after years of wishing for it, was able to goCape Cod whale watch on a whale watch off the coast of P-Town, Cape Cod, MA! We saw many whales come very close to our boat. I didn’t catch shots of them breeching like Kerry’s, but the one shown here is close. It was an awesome experience being so close to them; they’re absolutely majestic! P-Town, where anything goes, was a blast, too!

1. I met the love of my life (my current husband) on an online social networking site (not a dating site per se) called Eons, three years ago. I had been a member of the site for about 6 months and met tons of great folks who I spoke with daily. (And, yes, another blog idea.) I began a group forJim Richards NY’ers to meet at what we call SKITS (which stands for Spending Your Kids’ Inheritance Tour). This man joined my club and I responded with a red carpet (picture) welcome. Little did I know, it wasn’t the first time he’d seen my picture. He checked out where I lived (important because members live all over the country), and then asked me out to dinner. He drove 2 1/2 hours to take me to dinner! This might not sound too unusual to people under 40, but for the rest of us, it’s tough to find a divorced/widowed man who will be comfortable taking  a chance on getting hurt or being rejected in any way, let alone driving any distance to meet a woman!  Well, it was love at first sight and we spent every weekend together after that. We’ve been married now since March, 2010. We are perfectly matched partners and having so much fun!

So, that’s a glimpse into the ‘real’ me. I hope you enjoyed it!

*Rubs hands together with an evil grin* Now it’s my turn to tag some of my dear friends!

1. Jess Witkins   2. Nicole Basaraba   3. Donna Donabella   4. Pam Hawley


You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments! Please tell me something about yourself…anything at all. I’d love to get to know all my readers better.

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26 thoughts on “10 Random Things About Me

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  2. I loved reading this, Marcia – especially learning that you’re a motorcycle momma : )! I’d love to read more about your experiences. Have been mostly offline this weekend but will get on this one!

  3. Oooh I just saw my email and had to find this post. I loved your list! Wish I could’ve rode in the motorcycle club with you. I’ll do my tag list on wednesday! Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

    • I would have loved having ride with us! Let’s, I would have paired you up with Tommy C. He was so cute! We were buds, so I rode with him once in awhile. He ended up marrying the wrong woman. We’d have had a blast!

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  5. I write poetry, teach piano, eat almost anything barbecued, and am good at Scrabble and Sudoku. I’ve only been blogging since April, but I love how much fun it is. I published a book in March, and am going to give a reading soon.

  6. Thanks for sharing, it’s great to get to know you. Since I was in my teens, I’ve wanted a Harley. I did end up getting a motor bike at university, but only had it for a couple of months before the thing gave up the ghost and it wasn’t a Harley. One day…

    • Thanks for coming by, Claire! Thanks for sharing a piece of your story…I never drove a motorcycle, so I’m in awe of you having your own. One day you should have a Harley. Put it on your Life List!

  7. It’s always so fascinating to get a peek into someone’s life and find out they are different/exciting/interesting kind of people!

    I look forward to those future blogs. It was great to get to know you a little bit more.

  8. It was so nice to learn more about you Marcia! I love the way you met your second husband and the joy that flows through your writing. Like you, I was once widowed and am always delighted to read other happy-ending stories. It appears that you have a good inventory of blog ideas stored away!

    • Thanks, Patricia! I loved yours as well, though, when i read it, I’m sorry I didn’t have time to comment, but I will. Yes, my husband and I are very lucky!

    • Oh, thanks for coming by! I think I’ll save it for a post, but I used an expression incorectly and got lots of smirks from the guys and giggles from the girls in the class. I was 21 and kind of naive about such things.

  9. This was a great way to get to know you, Marcia – perfect. And my favorite is the way you met your second husband. That’s so romantic and his picture is so cute! I look forward to reading your future blogs about your Harley experiences and such.

  10. You’ve had an interesting life, Marcia. Love the Mario, I was the same, knew everything about it and drove my kids insane. Neither of them will play anything other than “as a team” video games with me now.

    Have a great day 🙂

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