Oooh, Sexy! Shoes!

As a young woman, shopping for shoes was my favorite pastime. Dancing shoes, dressy boots, sexy sandals, slick workday shoes and, at least one pair of simply outrageous shoes…I had more shoes than outfits to wear them with.

I’d still love an assortment of shoes and boots, but I don’t need as many now…and stilettos don’t feel so good anymore. I’ve scoured the internet for, what the world considers, ‘Sexy Shoes’. See what you think. You may drool over some and cringe at others. Either way, it’ll be fun to imagine our own tootsies inside those shoes and dream up an occasion to wear them.

platform shoesbeaded heels

#1 – 8″ Platforms    #2 Leopard print    #3 Beaded silver sandals (my favorite)

red mary janesblack pumpsblue patent leather

#4 Red Mary Janes           #5 Black Pumps            #6 Royal patent w/ankle strap

lace pumpschinese platformglitter and acrylic

#7 Black lace ankle strap   #8 Chinese platform       #9 Glitter & acrylic

white laceGothicheart shoe

#10 White lace     #11 Gothic                          #12 Heart platform


leopard stilettomolded platformretro stilettos

#13 Leopard stilettos  #14 Molded platform   #15  Retro Pumps

red bowsee thru shoeswht two strap

#16 Red bow                        #17 See thru                      #18 White two-strap

silver straps8" weirdrhinestone stilettos

#19 Greek style          #20 8″ Weird                      #21 Rhinestone stilettos

My opinion? #12 is kind of quirky and weird, but # 20 makes my feet hurt just looking at them!

Of course, there are thousands more shoe styles, and this is but a small sampling. What strikes you as sexy?

I’d be thrilled if you could choose a pair you would wear and tell me why you like them and where you’d wear them.

Or, just tell me what your all-time favorite shoes were, sexy or not!

You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments!

Stay-tuned for Wednesday’s Interview with Author, Lisa Rivero! I’ll be choosing one random commenter that day to receive a copy of Lisa’s newly released book, Oscar’s Gift! 



43 thoughts on “Oooh, Sexy! Shoes!

  1. Hey, I heard about the world’s best smile contest on Smile Struck that is ending soon (World’s Best Smile Contest. It’s to see who out there has the sexiest smile or a sexy smile and the best smile out there. . .I joined. its free to join, but I only voted because my smile isn’t that great. lol – Johnson

  2. There’s nothing quite like a quality pair of sexy shoes to wear around once in a while. I love feeling confident when I feel sexy. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

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  8. Hmm. Am I allowed to comment as a man? Personally I wouldn’t be seen in any of them and I can’t imagine how much they would hurt my feet; how do you girls put up with the discomfort? Respect. Number 12 looks like a metaphor for a lost love to me. Number 11 looks sexy but what do I know?

    • LOL! Chris, I love that you’re commenting! When you’re young (and only young women would wear these) it’s all about fashion and attracting attention. Pain? What pain? No matter that you walk on your toes even after the shoes come off, as long as you got a few sidelong glances wherever you were. #11 reminds me of ‘whips and chains’–maybe that’s the attraction? 🙂 And my pick for you, should you ever decide to try on a pair, is #7…black lace….ssss, hot!

  9. Okay, straight up honest, I liked #3 (seriously cute), and #s 4 and 5, but I wouldn’t buy any of them because I don’t really go for heels that high–my three-inch black heels are almost too tall as it is. Since I’m prone to twisting my ankle, not sabotaging myself to begin with is always a great plan!

    • Smart! I never could them quite that high, either. I’ve broken each ankle twice, so I hear ya! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, Heather!

  10. Hmmm, I would have to go with #4 & #16 with #17 filling in for a slutty Cinderella costume. But, alas, after my surgery, the cutest shoes I can wear are all 1″ or less. Bummer since I adore shoes!

  11. Ok, don’t judge me, but I have to admit that #10, white lace, are super cute! Unfortunately I would have nowhere to wear them…unless I wore them for my husband, but I’d only do that if there was jewellery being handed out. I must say though, as someone who is not good at anything involving images on my blog, I am in awe of how you were able to configure so many shoes side by side! You’re a virtual picture wiz!

    • No judgments here, Sandra! I love those, too. They are actually considered wedding shoes, but I’d wear them with a formal summer dress. Btw, thanks for the compliment, but the pics were a pain to line up properly!

  12. I want #10 because it’s so beautifully different. Now I just want to go shopping. Can you teleport these babies to my closet?

  13. Ouch my feet hurt…I have not worn heels for years…but I love #15 the classic style..with a great black power suit…oh yeah!! I love #16 and with a little red dress to a special affair or big splashy party…now we are feeling it!!

  14. Marcia, I am an absolute fiend when it comes to shoes. My latest purchases have been suede high-heeled platform pumps, but I am partial to wedges and cute open-toe sandals as well. Currently drooling over the latest fall trend of color-blocked shoes, like these from Nordstrom. As soon as I get paid next month, I am charging over the store and snagging a pair for myself:

    • Oh, I LOVE those, Jamila! They remind me of the platforms I wore back in 1974! But the prices today are way higher than I paid back then! I love suede shoes, too…my dancing shoes were suede boots!

  15. I love number 13, the leopard stilettos. I only wish I had the balance to stay upright in them. They just make me want to say, “meow.”

    My favorite around town shoes are anything Merrell. Cute and comfortable.

    Fun post Marcia!

  16. At the risk of appearing completely boring, I’m a flip-flop girl all the way. When it gets too cold for flip-flops, I go for clogs. Wedges are fine, but for someone as klutzy as I am, high-heels are an accident waiting to happen. There’s nothing sexy about falling flat on your face!

  17. I cannot wear heels higher than 1 inch or I’m crippled just standing up. I’m partial to those cheap flat houseshoes sold in Wal-Mart, at least around the house. I do have some sandals from Earth Shoes but the soles are so thick I’m not comfortable walking much. So I’ve devolved down to Dr. Scholl’s walking shoes for comfort. Do have one pair of nice sandals and one pair of black shoes for dressier occassions. Just don’t ask me to walk very far in them. I love shoes, just cannot find any that are comfortable and look nice at the same time. My big gripe!

    • I think the feet are the first to go as we get older. Hate to admit but I’m wearing orthotics now and they only fit in walking shoes/sneakers…makes me feel so old! Like you, I can get away without the support for short periods of time, but it’s just not the same as when I was 20-something and never, ever thought about my feet except how pretty they looked.

  18. I’d go with #4 and #15, although my feet have already informed me it will NOT be happening. I totally had a pair or #4 in the eighties (they were purple) and I may still have a pair of #15….not that I’ve worn them in a decade. I would think walking in #20 would be difficult to move very fast….maybe they were intended for lounging?

  19. Uh, yeah, #12 is…something else. Sorry, I’m a tennis shoe girl all the way. I have arch issues, so I gotta have the special inserts. But I agree, the beaded silver sandals are pretty.

    • Yeah, those are definitely weird. I have the same problems, since I was a kid. But in my 20s I was able to get away without the arch supports for awhile. Not anymore though. I do love sandals, so it’s tough not to be able to wear them.

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