Oooh, Sexy!

Hot Sexy Music is on tap today. Two of the sexiest songs ever written are featured here.

First, we have Foreigner playing ‘Urgent!’ Foreigner, a mostly English band, released their debut album, Foreigner, in March, 1977, selling 4 million copies and staying in the Top 20 for a year thanks to hits like ‘Feels Like the First Time’ and ‘Cold as Ice’.

This video shows the band in 1981 singing, ‘Urgent’, from the album 4, and it includes a very sexy sax solo, complete with skin-tight red leather pants. Lou Gramm’s voice makes this tune! 

The sexiest lyric in the song? “I’m not looking for a love that will last/ I know what I need and I need it fast”


Breathing hard? Get ready for another one!

Let’s slow it down and groove to some slow jam R&B by Marvin Gaye. In 2008, the American music magazine Rolling Stone ranked Gaye at number 6 on its list of The Greatest Singers of All Time.

How many guys used this song to seal the deal with their women? This is 1982 smooth and sexy, ‘Sexual Healing’. Sexiest lyric? “Baby I’m hot just like an oven/ I need some lovin”.

What sensual song have you used to set the mood?

You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments! Tune in for more “Oooh, Sexy!” every Monday.


8 thoughts on “Oooh, Sexy!

  1. @Chris I wasn’t thinking of this music for writing time. I like silence for that too. But the lyrics could really get you going and there are so many others that could even top these, in my book! thanks for coming by, Chris.

    @Patti Ha, my grandaughter pronounces Justin’s name as ‘Beaver’! Yes, quiet at home when i’m working, but when cleaning I like classic rock..keeps me moving.

  2. My go to music to set the mood is Nina Simone. Love her voice!

    I can’t listen to anything at home when writing, I know all my music to well that it’s interrupting, but I get a lot down at coffee shops and I like their music.

    For driving, I love me my WI Public Radio! I’m kind of a dork.

  3. Classical all the way when I’m writing. Can’t have anything with lyrics, the words intrude. I learned this several years ago when I suddenly realized I’d typed several lines of song lyric into my WIP. Fun.

    Great post, Marcia!

  4. For writing I like silence which is why I write early in the morning. I can handle birdsong and I have a CD of birdsong given to me as a joke. I listen to it sometimes because it is very relaxing when on in the background. In the UK we used to have a digital radio station that played birdsong 24/7, but it no longer exists.
    For relaxing with a lady I like classical music mostly or anything that lasts longer than a few minutes. I love Tangerine Dream (an 80s band that few have heard of today) and Emerson Lake and Palmer. Why don’t people make music like that any more? I’m not a fan of singers in those circumstances because I prefer the words to come from me. 🙂

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