Sometimes You Need to be Punched

Today is Life List Club day! I am lucky to have the talented Emily Moir guest posting. She’ll be giving us all a kick in the pants (or a punch in the arm) to get out of our ruts and get moving again. Let me tell you a little about Emily before she gets started:

Emily has lived in Utah for nearly twenty years, and in the Tooele area for about fifteen of those years. When not writing, she can be found with her nose in a book, lurking around the movie theaters or out enjoying nature. Emily primarily writes fantasy, short psychological-horror, and humorous articles. She is currently writing a fantasy series entitled The Chronicles of the Gossamer Dreams.

I once heard that comfort was the enemy of ambition. I think worse than that is being comfortable with being uncomfortable. No one is really comfortable living from check to check, being 30lbs + overweight, or leaving their passion to simmer on the back burner. But we all do it. Why? Because that’s the way it’s always been. We’re used to the sub par life. It’s like having a really annoying boyfriend who only speaks to you about food and is obsessed with porn. You’re not really sure why you’re still with him except that you’ve been with him for so long you don’t know how to be alone. In these cases you need to get punched. I’m speaking metaphorically here. Hopefully you don’t have a boyfriend throw a fist at you. However, we’re not going to change unless we become uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. What’s it going to take to knock the wind out of you? To make the need for air so great that you’ll pull your head up once and for all? Some people say it’s hitting rock bottom. For me, I don’t believe there is such a thing. Not to be a Negative Nancy, but if you’re stuck in a sinkhole you either need to find a way to claw out or continue to sink. For the lucky, you can find inspiration. A love tap if you will. Something someone does or says that flattens you, makes you cry and hate yourself a little, but then gives you the resolve to move up. I’ll share one of this years punches for me, Sucker Punch. I love this movie so much. It makes me do the “I just ran over my toddler” hysterical type bawling. It also makes me stand up and face each day, especially the crummy ones. So I’ll leave you with the quote that socks me in the stomach any time I think it‘s OK to be “comfortable”.

And finally, this question: The mystery of whose story it will be, of who draws the curtain, of who sets the stage. Who is it that chooses our steps in the dance, who drives us mad, lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible? Who is it who does all these things? Who honors those we love with the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us, and at the same time sings that we’ll never die? Who teaches us what’s real, and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live, and what we’ll die to defend? Who chains us, and who holds the key to set us free? It’s you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight!

Have you found yourself getting a little too comfortable with being uncomfortable? How did you handle it?

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Thank you, Emily for giving us all something to think about! Oww, that hurts! But, I get it now!

I’m guest posting over the awesome Gene Lempp’s blog today! Gene writes an well-researched, totally engrossing blog post every Wednesday called Designing from Bones. Don’t miss it! But right now, hop over to Gene’s and catch my post for today, Jack Canfield-The Biggest Intention Killer.

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16 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need to be Punched

  1. Now I have to see that movie.

    I am totally the girl who gets comfortable with being uncomfortable. My recent push to focus on my writing and share my goals is about pushing out of my comfort zone. So far, so good.

    There are those moments when I want to throw up, but they pass 🙂

  2. “Comfortable with being uncomfortable.” What a great reminder, Emily! This might sound silly, but this can be applied even to the simplest things, like my writing chair. It’s not comfortable, but I’m used to it now so I stick it out. Looks like I should be in the market for a new chair. Thanks for the overall reminder to check in with myself on those things I’ve chosen to ignore!

  3. Wow, very true! I was definitely ‘comfortable’ last term living in a coop with the most fun people to hang out with, finally feeling like I was in and belonged and accepted for who I was, but didn’t feel a drive to pursue my goals and push myself as much as I could have to be on time or study for classes because I liked my comfortable ‘life.’ In a different environment, a summer dorm which is more unfamiliar and where I feel like I can’t just sit on my butt, I’ve done 10000% more. Maybe being ‘uncomfortable’ enough is the push many of us need – I always wonder how people can get out of ruts because it seems like the successful people I know never got in them (or were there very briefly and kind of needed that ‘week’ or ‘weekend’) and other friends don’t know how to get out. Thank you very much for this helpful post! =)

  4. Ah yes, the deadly morass of the comfort zone…especially when we’ve gotten comfortable with the uncomfortable. I’ve definitely been there. Still struggling with some of it. Thanks for reminding me to kick my own butt out of that morass. 😀

    Marica: Love the new logline!

  5. I loved the poem, Emily, and I KNEW it was going to end that way, given what I found out about you through the blog. WE are the ones who have to change ourselves – no waiting around for someone to punch us. I can do that for myself.

  6. Love this! Our comfort zones are such easy places to be lulled to sleep. It may be a cliche, but what kicked me out of mine was turning 40 a year ago. I didn’t get all “oh no, where’s my rocker and Depends,” but I did get a jolt of realization that life goes quickly and my meandering, easygoing way of life wasn’t going to get me to my dreams in time to enjoy them if I didn’t rev things up a notch. Best midlife crisis ever, I say : ).

  7. Wow, thanks for this reminder Emily. It’s crazy how we just fall into routine and forget that life is worth fighting for. I think I need a little punch right about now 🙂

  8. Great reminder, Emily. I used to work with a group in college that did diversity education and we always talked about “wonderful uncomfortableness.” It’s the feeling we get when we try something new or open ourselves to someone or something new. It’s where we learn the most about ourselves and each other. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Emily thx for the punch reminder…I get punched every so often to keep me on my toes…but really how comfortable with being uncomfortable do I want to be is a great question… definitely one I will be continuing to ask myself…

  10. Love the poem, Emily. We all need a boost to get over ourselves at times, be that a punch in the arm or a “hey, I’m flipping you over this wall now” friend.

    Very inspirational!

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