Thursday’s Top Ten…Plus

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ve been out and about, searching out the best of the blogosphere for you today. There’s a little something for everyone, Enjoy!

Seekerville offers an in-depth description of character types and answers the question, Are all characters equal?

Alexis Grant, the Travelling Writer, shares the benefits of being forced toprioritize our daily tasks.

Melissa Donovan of Writing Forward, wrote a guest post for The Creative Penn outlining The Five Biggest Mistakes Writers Make on Their Websites. Check your own website against this list.

Jody Hedlund, author of A Doctor’s Lady which will be released on September 1st, has a teaser of a book trailer you should watch, if you’re anxious to read her second novel. Mark your calendar for my interview with Jody on September 7th!

Christina Dodd, best-selling romance novel author, is anticipating the release of her newest book, Bella Terra, in less than one week. Click here to learn how she got the idea for the book, what the regional setting is really like and who the characters are. Her site is sheer pleasure to roam in, as well.

Visit Kristin Nador’s blog for an interesting piece on the passing of singer/songwriter, Amy Winehouse. Kristin asks, “Why is the public obsessed with the destructive behavior of celebrities and is there anything we can do about it?” Explore the history of artistic people with troubled lives.

Do you have the makings of a short story brewing in your brain? Writer’s Digest Short Story contest is for you, then! Click here to enter. The deadlines is November 15th.

Would you love a chance to be a featured new writer on a popular website? Now’s your chance! Go to M.E. Anders: The Fit Mystique and complete the form and the interview questions. Mindi will contact you to schedule your published interview! She’ll be interviewing me on September 9th. Don’t miss it!

Kindle Nation has 12 brand new freebies! Go check them out. Who doesn’t like FREE books?

The awesomely audacious Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds shares his list of 25 Ways to Become a Better Writer. His ideas are spot-on and, as always, very funny. 

PLUS Writerly tips!

Get in on the globalization of kindle distribution now! Kindle is being released in India early next year. Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn, asks: “What do Indians read?” She’s researching it in her part of the world (London). Don’t let the opportunity to market your ebook to a massive middle-class in India pass you by! J.A. Konrath says: “Now distribution is going global, and the writer can be in charge. I joke that I spend a lot of time “managing my empire.” When Kindle is available worldwide, it will indeed be an empire. I won’t have 40 titles for sale. I’ll have 4000.

Think about that. Forty ebooks available for sale in one hundred countries.”
Read the rest of Joe’s post here.

I’m approaching the mid-way point in my story, The Dance and The Dancer. Though I shouldn’t be thinking so far ahead, I’m trying to avoid getting stuck in the middle. I have my outline and know where I should be going, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how to get there. Janice Hardy at The Other Side of The Story offers some tips to get over the hump like, re-examine the characters’ goals and motivations, take a second look at the backstory. If you’re already at this point and having trouble, or want to know what to do if you get there, please take a look at Janice’s post.

That’s it for this week’s links. You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments! Have you been surfing the ‘net this week? Did you find anything interesting?

Don’t forget to check out The Life List Club. We welcome you to share your own life lists. Tomorrow is Guest Posting Friday. I’ll be posting on Gene Lempp’s Blog, so please join me over there. Emily Moir will be guest posting for me here, so be sure to stop by and give her some blog love, too! Then you can have a blog reading party by hopping around to all the other awesome writer blogs in our Life List Club Blogroll at the right. Wave to us and we’ll wave back!


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