Thursday’s Top Ten…Plus, Ken Follett and more

Hi, all! I did the research in the blogosphere so you don’t have to!

Did you notice the ‘Plus’ in the title? That means, I’m not only giving you ten links to amazing sites, but I’m also including some writerly tips.

From a Writer’s Digest interview with Ken Follett and David Morrell:

Ken Follett – To create the pace he needs in his thrillers, he breaks up his story into six parts and then each part is broken into six chapters. This strict framework helps him keep the pacing even throughout the book. He also checks himself regularly, slowing things down when necessary. He’ll take climatic event in a story and arbitrarily decide how many pages he should make it last, and then he sticks to that. He’ll work up a list of everything that could possibly happen in that scene and include them all.

David Morrell – His mantra, when teaching writing classes, is “Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of another author.” David believes that every writer has a dominant emotion to which they write. Every writer should try to identify and understand it, as this becomes your common subject matter for all your writing. His is fear and insecurity based on his difficult childhood, having grown up in an orphanage.

To read the entire fascinating interview, please click here.

Here comes my Top Ten!

Zachary Petit, via Writer’s Digest, asks four authors what they believe are the deadly sins of writing. the offer seven to avoid.

Leo Babauta gives some advice worth following in his post on Zen Habits, Do One Thing Well, and how that will bring us the audience we are looking for.

Tony Eldridge at Marketing Tips for Authors reminds us how important the right keywords are and why we should be using this resource.

Seth Godin says act now rather than Waiting For The Fear to Subside, before it’s too late.

Visit Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine to enter the Enchanted Island Music Playlist Giveaway. List 5 songs that have some real meaning for you and read about the those that mean something to Katherine Wolford.

Love Harry Potter? Watch this very cool video that has gone viral: 8 Harry Potter Films in 5 Minutes. Then pop over to Terrell Mims blog for Villains Dissected: Lord Voldemort (stole this one from Gene Lempp :P)

Itty Bitty Baby Steps and a review on the film, River’s Edge, by Catie Rhodes at Full Tilt Backwoods Boogie blog.

Piper Bayard’s partner, Holmes, gives us a little history on Bringing Down the Cosa Nostra. You’ve got to read this fascinating story!

That’s it for this week’s links and writerly tips! Have a great Thursday!

You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments.

Have you found anything you’d like to share as you perused the net this week?

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8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Top Ten…Plus, Ken Follett and more

  1. Hi Marcia. Thanks for sharing those words of wisdom from Ken Follett and David Morrell. Great interview. Thanks, too, for the shout out. Honored to be part of your mashup.

  2. Lots of great stuff to read here, Marcia! It will keep me inside so I can stay cool on such a hot and oppressive day. Thank you so much!

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