The Dance and The Dancer

I’m writing a historical trilogy that spans nearly 60 years from 1917 to 1975. Three generations of young women are born into turbulent times and experience love, grief, betrayal and hope. They are fortunate to have inner strength, for their life choices are seldom wise.

Maeve Elizabeth Donnelly is the 15 year-old main character in the first book of the trilogy. I offer you a glimpse into the persona of Maeve. She is training to be a dancer, a ballerina. You may wish to listen to the music, to which she stretches after lessons, as you learn about her. Maeve imagines herself to be like Anna Pavlova, who danced the lead in Swan Lake. This is Tchaikovsky’s Lake in Moonlight from the Lake of Swans Suite.

I’m Maeve Donnelly from Cloughduv, County Cork, Ireland. I live in St. Louis, Missouri now with me family. America has been good to us. We have a lovely flat in a row house on Ashland Avenue and me Da has a great job with a construction company. Me sister and brother and I go to a good school and we’re learnin’ the ways of America.

In Cloughduv, I was takin’ ballet lessons from Miss Quinn. She taught me the basics and I fell in love with the dance. I want to take lessons here, but Mum thinks it silly and Da says I have to work to pay for my lessons. I’m 15 now, so me Da is helping me find work.

I’m the middle child. I don’t much like that position, since me brother, Colin, being the oldest gets to do things first. Me little sis, Gracie, at 12 is still a sweet wee lass to Mum and Da. I get in trouble when it’s not me fault. When I’m not gettin’ hollered at, I’m ignored. I don’t care much. I have a plan and no one will get in me way, if you know what I mean. I was born to dance. It’s like breathing to me.

I’ll find a job and a teacher and no one can stop me. I’ll be a famous prima ballerina one day. I already know all the plie` positions and I practice every night. A ballerina must be perfect. Dance makes me feel perfect, like nothing else.

I don’t have many friends yet. Most of the American girls giggle too much and think only about boys. They don’t seem to have any plans at all. Boys are swell, but I have no time for them.

To dance is to live. I made that up. It’s the motto I live by. I would die if i couldn’t dance. Just wait and see. I’ll make it to the top, with no help from anyone. I love Mum and Da, but they don’t understand me. I have to do this on my own. I might drag Gracie along with me, as she’s me best lass. Colin believes in me. He’s always saying I shouldn’t let anything get in me way. He believes I’ll be famous one day.

I live to dance. Watch me.

This was just a little peek into Maeve’s view on life. Her determination and her focus help her move toward the career she feels she needs. However, it stands in the way of making the right choices.

From time to time, I’ll let other characters speak. I hope you enjoyed meeting Maeve.

If you’re writing a novel, would one of your characters like to speak to your readers?

Tell me what you think of Maeve–what do you like and dislike about her?

You know I love to hear from you and anxiously await your comments.

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6 thoughts on “The Dance and The Dancer

  1. Listening to that music helped me “see” your character’s dream of being a ballerina. Too bad we can’t have books with music buttons to push when appropriate. It would make them more like movies. Although I bet they could do that for e-books, right?

  2. What a neat idea Marcia, to let one of your characters speak. It gives me sense of what the story is like and she really sounds like a young irish girl or what I imagine one would sound like. Nice work!

    • Thanks, Nicole! I was nervous about doing this. Wanted it to sound just right. Each time i do it , i think I’ll get better at it. Should my my writing better all the way around.

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