Welcome to The Life List Club Kickoff!

The Life List Club is kicking off in several places on the internet today.

You can jump in and see what it’s all about on my Life List Club page. It’s hosted by several writers who have shared with you a list of goals we’ve set for the coming 12 months. To date, we have Jess Witkins, Jennie BennettSonia Medeiros and Gene Lempp and we’re expecting several more to join us. When you’re done here on my page, you might want to hop over to their blogs and see what’s on their Life Lists.

All you have to do to join the club and reap the benefits is subscribe to one or more of our blogs.

You’ll then be eligible to win prizes at our parties on Milestone Fridays and for other giveaways any writer hosts! Sign up now and head on over to the Life List Club page! You can also follow us on Twitter using the #LifeList Club.

A Life List usually begins with ‘The Big Picture’ – your dreams and plans from this day forward to the end of your life. If you’re 20-something, that usually means a career, marriage, a family, a home, etc. If you’re 50-something, it might mean retirement, traveling, grandchildren, volunteering, maintaining health, etc. Once the BIG goals are laid out, another more specific list is created with all the tasks that will help you reach the big goals.

If you choose, you can start with the big goals, but for the purpose of this Club, we’ll list goals we can reasonably reach within a 12-month time frame.

My Life List isn’t your run-of-the-mill “New Year Resolution” set of objectives. These are goals that are well thought out and meaningful to me, as yours should be. Without very specific goals, people rarely accomplish anything on their list. We hope to show you, by our own example, how tracking your goal progress can motivate you further to achieve them. Maybe you don’t feel a need to write them down in a list and mark your progress, and that’s fine. Do it whatever way works for you – use pictures, a paragraph about where you’d like to be a year from now, or sticky notes placed strategically to remind you of your target.

Your own medley of 12-month goals can be any length that suits you. Being very specific is more important.

Rather than write: 1. Lose weight.

It will be more effective if you write: 1. Cut all sugary foods from my diet.

Or, 1. Lose at least 4 pounds per month by adding 30 minutes of exercise daily.

This Life List is not only a compilation of your desires, but a roadmap to obtain them. How do you go about starting on this road? Start small. Break down your goals into bite-size pieces that I call streams – a continuous stretch of positive activity. If your overall goal is to ‘save more money’, but you can’t figure out how you can squeeze any more out of your, already tight, budget, start small. At the end of every day, take the few coins in your pocket or wallet that you’ve accumulated over the course your day and put them in a jar. If, after a week, you find you didn’t miss the change, continue to save in this way. At the end of the month, you could save $50 in silver!

Small changes, small steps, lead to giant benefits! 

We are beginning this adventure to work at reaching our goals, but we hope to motivate you and others. You are not alone in working toward hitting your target. With your involvement, this will become a community of support for our positive intentions. When you share your energy and successes with others, you create a positive impetus…and, the best part is we’ll have fun doing it!

Are you ready to create your Life List and join the Life List Club?

I love hearing from you and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about all of this!


15 thoughts on “Welcome to The Life List Club Kickoff!

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  7. Yes, I am a firm believer in the small steps movement! It seems you have a great group here, but I’m starting to repeat myself, lol. It’s just that there are so many posts around. By the way, I am very surprised that I didn’t see this before today. I’m usually quick to catch such gems on twitter. Oh well, here’s to hoping I haven’t lost my mojo. Oh and your list is quite impressive, Marcia! You are obviously a very dauntless writer, for which I commend you sincerely. 🙂

    • Violetta, Thanks for coming by! As for being dauntless, thank you, never thought of myself that way! We kept this a mystery til yesterday.

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  9. Great kickoff, Marcia! I hope all your readers will join us on this journey and share their own as well. This group was formed as a supportive writing community, a place for writers and readers to learn from each other. I couldn’t be happier with the great people we have so far and I hope more are on the way!

    P.S. I’m thinking of bringing a strawberry tart to the twitter party, you?

    • I have a batch of double fudge, chocolae ganache brownies with vanilla bean ice cream! It’s always gotta be chocolate! See you there! I claim the 1st piece of strawberry tart!

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