Thursday’s Top Ten

This week’s mashup of magnificence starts with:

1. You just have to go to Pottermore, if you have any interest at all in the Harry Potter series. Watch the video and feel the anticipation bubble up!

2. Jess Witkins has a hilarious post on a new idea for a romantic getaway in Swamps are for Lovers.

3. Just for fun, Clay Morgan takes us back to the days of sibling wars over the prize inside the cereal box.

4. We were talking about memory lapse last week and this week I find a tip on preventing some of those lapses. Click here for a creamy dip that has what you need to boost your brain power!

5. Writer’s Digest is now accepting entries for their short story and poetry award contests! Dust off that story that’s been sitting in your drawer all these months, tweak and submit it! The winner earns a cash prize and valuable recognition. I’ll be entering the short story category.

6. I told you over the weekend about my joining a Round of Words in 80 Days, which begins on the 4th of July. Well, I guess I inspired someone else to join. Jason McMurray, over at Brewing Up Stories and Beer had taken a leave from his blog, but he’s back now and writing up a storm! Now you can cheer us both on to success in this awesome challenge! At the end of the challenge, maybe we’ll celebrate with a glass of his homemade brew.

7. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite words, second only to chocolate, is FREE. I’ve been getting regular installments of Jim Brown’s ebook, Boom!, FREE from him. I went to his site and registered, now it comes to me automatically. I love getting the installments (I’m on Part 4 now) because I can squeeze in reading a great book in a teeny bit of time. The suspense is killing me! People keep waking up to find a tattoo on their arm that reads 00:20 BOOM! The time on the tattooed clock keeps ticking down until they go boom! It’s worth way more than FREE, but go get your FREE copy!

8. Alexis Grant shows us how we can do the big things we wish for. We can follow our dreams. It’s a matter of choice, as is everything we do.

9. If you’re trying to move from writing short stories or flash fiction to writing a novel, you might feeling uncomfortable with the stretch. Lisa Rivero tells us how she’s dealing with it via Christi Craig’s post Navigating Space in Writing.

10. Kristen Lamb tells us why getting primal is good for our plot. This post made me realize I doing alright with my story. Her books We Are Not Alone and Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer are awesome guides to blogging and social media networking.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Top Ten

  1. Thanks for the blog love! Maybe we can host a Life List Club meeting in that swamp. I’ll see if the bayou is vacant that day.

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