Joining Round of Words in 80 Days!

I am so excited! I’m signing up for a writer‘s challenge, Round of Words in 80 Days, to keep on track with my writing. My lifestyle is about to change, next weekend, in fact,and I really need this challenge to keep me focused on writing my book.

My husband and I offered to bring my daughter’s two little girls to live with us for six months, while she complete’s her education. It’s such a struggle to make a living in this economic downturn without also not having the skills a person needs. So, we will be hosting our 6 and 2 year old granddaughters full-time until the end of the year.

I full of excitement and trepidation. I absolutely adore these two cherubs and know we have tons of fun. I also love my writing and am trying to finish my first novel, as well as keep up with this blog and marketing. Writing and all that goes with it is very time-consuming, as any writer knows. So, I’m just a teeny bit worried that I won’t have enough time to sit at my desk in quiet, so I can focus.

My hubs and I figured out a tentative schedule to allow me to write, him to work on his website and home projects, and still have time to eat, sleep and play with the girls. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’re able to stick to it more often than not.

Round of Words in 80 Days will offer me the flexibility of changing my goal, if necessary, in order to feel successful at the end and allow for life’s interruptions. What a great find this was for me! I found it only because I read a friend’s blog today. Gene Lempp has a list of links to beat the band! (wow, showing my age with that metaphor.) Go check out his very interesting blog here

So, wish me luck in this challenge!

My goal for 80 days beginning July 4th will be 34,000 words, or approximately 136 pages.

With nothing else going on in my life, that number would be a snap. Being ‘with children’, that’s a realistically challenging number. Reaching that goal will put me more than halfway to the end of my novel. I would love to surpass that goal, but I will be ecstatic when I reach it!

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12 thoughts on “Joining Round of Words in 80 Days!

  1. I’m considering joining Round of Words as well….trying to think of a goal. Maybe 20,000 words. I just need a kick in the but to get the courage to broadcast my progress on my blog……

    • Self-promotion is very uncomfortable at first. I’m very shy but also friendly, so one of my techniques is to just ‘close my eyes’ and do it. I know what you’re going through.
      You really should do ROW80! And 20,000 is only about a paragraph a day…very doable. I’ll bet it would help. Good luck whatever you decide. Thanks for coming by.

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  3. Awesome to see you joining in on the fun! The flexibility is one of the biggest things I love about ROW80. I can look at my goals and reevaluate them as I go, making it so much easier to have goals for my writing in the midst of a busy life. Best of luck this round!

    • Thanks, Sadie!I’m so looking forward to it! I’ll probably sign up for every round. It certainly helps to be held acountable, even if it’s just by self-imposed challenge. I appreciate you dropping by and commenting. Please come back again.

  4. Marcia,
    I’m in, and I am going for the nuts. My goal is going to be 60,000 words. This figures out to be 750 a day. This should be attainable, as I often have eclipsed that when I have had time. This should also finish my first novel.
    Oh, and I am back in the blogosphere. Never to leave again.

    • Jason, YAY!!! I’m so happy for you! Now that summer is here, you’re right, you have to take advantage of the time you’ll have! Oh, good! Can I be the second one honroed to read your first draft when it’s done? Yeah, 750 a day when you have some free time should be no prob for you!

  5. Go Marcia! I admire your ambition so much. Fun with the girls this summer – lots of ice cream!! That’s never a bad thing.

    • Thanks, pal! I’m praying I can find the time do twice as many words a day, but I’ll be happy to meet my goal. Shine up your contacts, cause when i’m done, you’ll have a book to read.

  6. Woot! Great to have you with Martha. I am officially in for Round 3 of ROW80 as well. Will be my first round and I’m very excited about it.

    Great goal choice. Should be a fun ride 🙂

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