Thursday’s Top Ten

 Welcome to Thursday’s Top Ten, plus a little bit of history. Enjoy the links from around the blogosphere on writing, economics, relationships and expanding your knowledge.

 Copyblogger has a great article entitled 8 Incredibly Simple Ways To Get More People To Read Your Content. You’re guaranteed to get more scanners to stick around and read the whole post and look at links to other posts in your blog.

Rachelle Gardner had Marcus Brotherton guest post last month: How Do you Define Success? He makes good points.

According to a Publisher’s Weekly article, J.K. Rowling may have something up her sleeve. the article is about a scavenger hunt of sorts to acquire clues to a mystery ‘something’ she has in the works.

There is great news! In ebook sales, fiction takes the market share! Read about it here.

Michael Hyatt tells us what leadership has to do with marriage and how to become your spouse’s best friend.

Curious as to why you should be careful ordering lemonade in other countries, what beetles have to do with lipstick and juice, or what makes cheese yellow, when milk is white? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions you may be pondering at Learn Something New Every Day.

Bloomberg Businessweek-get all your financial, media and technology news here.

Try these three sites that offer help during this economically difficult time. They all have an easy-to-navigate format and a fun feel to them with innovative articles and great photos. Free From Broke, Wisebread, and Shoestring Magazine.

Before you go, let’s take a journey back in history for a moment to 1927:

The Sioux County Pioneer newspaper of North Dakota reports on this day in 1927 that President Calvin Coolidge will be “adopted” into a Sioux tribe at Fort Yates on the south-central border of North Dakota.

In anticipation of the president’s upcoming visit to the Black Hills region of North Dakota, the Sioux County

Pioneer reported that a Sioux elder named Chauncey Yellow Robe, a descendant of Sitting Bull and an Indian school administrator, suggested that Coolidge be inducted into the tribe. The article stated that Yellow Robe graciously offered the president a “most sincere and hearty welcome” and hoped that Coolidge and his wife would enjoy “rest, peace, quiet and friendship among us.”

At the Sioux ceremony in 1927, photographers captured Coolidge, in suit and tie, as he was given a grand ceremonial feathered headdress by Sioux Chief Henry Standing Bear and officially declared an honorary tribal member.


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