The Emotional Journey of Revision

Revision is not a happy word in the world of writing, but it is an inevitable process we must experience. I had a critique done by an author friend  on my first 10,000 words. I knew it needed work even though I had self-edited a couple of times before I gave it to him. As prepared as I was to receive his comments with an open mind, still  I felt a twinge of despair at the thought of rewriting what I had thought was pretty good. His comments brought to light the weak areas I knew were there but wasn’t sure how to fix. He gave me simple clues to how to mend and embellish my work. I have completely rewritten those 10,000 words and they are so much better! Don’t be afraid of revisions, but do expect to go through  varying emotions as you make those revisions, no matter how ready you were to hear the advice.

Please enjoy reading Roni Loren’s recent post on this topic, which appeared on her blog Fiction Groupie.

The Ten Stages of Revision Emotions

So this year I’ve been diligently working on the draft of the second book in my series, MELT INTO YOU. This one is tentatively scheduled to release sometime next summer, but the manuscript is due to my editor at the end of this month.

Well, I finished the draft a couple of weeks ago and sent it to Sara to get her feedback and to make sure I hadn’t suffered from the dreaded second book syndrome. *shudders* Luckily, Sara liked the book and only had a few changes she suggested.

A few. But one was a biggie. She suggested I cut the murder mystery subplot and replace it with something different. Not a huge change in word count, but a very significant change with regards to the story’s plot. Hence began my journey through the Stages of Revision Emotions….read all about Roni’s journey here.

Thank you, Roni, for allowing me to borrow your post! It bears repeating!


4 thoughts on “The Emotional Journey of Revision

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  2. Interesting post; is this an editorial slip? (I don’t think Frued applies). Maybe we could call it a Chaucerian slip. Your text is repeated so stage one is correct. Shock; when you realise you’ve put something out there with a glaring error on it. Apologies but I couldn’t resist this comment. Feel free to remove my comment after you have corrected your post. Otherwise I enjoy your blog and your posts.

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