Thursday’s Top Ten

Here’s your weekly mashup of interesting posts floating around the blogosphere.

Chuck Wendig, at Terrible Minds, always has something important to say and this post is about his pride and joy, and it’s damn funny, too!

Erin Reel, The Lit Coach, tells us why ambition isn’t enough. We need a plan!

Alder Yarrow‘s Vinography is THE most popular wine blog with a global audience! Posts are made daily and you’ll find wine reviews, news and editorials. Mmm, wishing for a glass of Reisling now.

Kindle Nation is a great place for free books, Kindle tips and news & commentary on the world of Kindle.

For a great book review site, try Boomers and Books.

Love dogs? For great blog topics, photos and videos, check out Celebrity Dog Watcher. Arf!

Tony Eldridge has a guest post by Edwin Crozier that will make you think…4 Steps to Being the Best Writer You Can Be.

How many books can you read in 3 months? Well, Ollin Morales has a list of 100 Books You Must Read This Summer. You’ll find at least a few you’ll want to pick up.

On Michael Hyatt‘s blog, Jon Acuff guest posts about Avoiding One Great Temptation Every New Dream Faces. Jon is the author of Quitter, Closing the Gap Better Your Day Job and Your Dream Job.

Want to go to a Party Til Your Heels Fall Off?! It’s the biggest Author Hop ever with 30 authors participating and every imaginable party theme! What you do is begin at one author’s blog, leave a comment to be entered in a prize drawing, then follow a link to the next author. Party themes include Mardi Gras, Chocolate party, BBQ, The Beatles, Oxford Pub Crawl, Sex toys, and Vampires! It’s a hoot! Start here and see how many you can manage…and how many prizes you can win. Hurry, the contest ends June 20th!

Have a blast!

I’d love to hear how you like some these sites! Also, let me know if you have a favorite site we should let all our other readers know about.


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