Thursday’s Top Ten

It’s Thursday again and time for a host of interesting links to try out!

Are you a romance fiction lover? Here a couple of the best romance author sites, Christina Dodd best-selling author of more than 40 historical, contemporary and paranormal romances; Linda Lael Miller is a best-selling American author of more than seventy contemporary and historical romance novels best know for her stories set in the American west; and award-winning author Debbie Macomber who has written over 150 romance and contemporary women’s fiction novels.

Are you a foodie, or do you just need some food therapy? Try A Plum By Any Other Name for the yummiest recipes and photos that make your mouth water! Then there’s the self-proclaimed best of the food blogs, Delish! YUM! make something good and tell me about it!

Now that the weather is finally a bit more normal, you can get outside and work on your landscaping chores. Visit Eden Maker’s, the blog of Shirley Bovshow from HGTV’s “Garden Police”. Another really good one, In My Kitchen Garden, is witty as well as informative on growing a vegetable and herb garden. 

Looking for a great travel blog with useful information on destinations? This one is awesome! Intelligent Travel, with National Geographic caliber photos and info. Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations Blog is packed with travel goodies you don’t want to miss! And if you enjoy learning about destinations by reading about someone’s actual experience, you have to read Travel Blog for expert tips and stories.

Join a book club! Get recommendations on some of the best in books today, discuss the books with others and enter drawing for books. Two to try: Book Club Girl where they share books, news and tips; and Book Club Queen where you’ll find out how to start your own book club and what’s new to read!

So, there you have it! I gave you 12 links today instead of the usual 10, because they were just too good to pass up!

Enjoy exploring and don’t forget I love hearing from you. Let me know how you like these links and….

What are your favorite links to interesting sites?


5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Top Ten

    • You might call me an armchair gardener! I love having a garden, love flowers, and any other plant that flowers. My mother was an avid gardener when I was young and she taught me a few things. But, these days, I can’t easily get down on my hands and knees, nor do I have much time to work in the garden with my writing schedule. I have another friend who has a gardening blog,, so i keep up with that. Then I found yours. So, these are like candy for me. A treat when i have a little free time. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you will again!

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