Promoting Your Book with Short Stories

More and more I see authors, as they are writing their next big seller, also writing a short story about one aspect of their novel. Steve Berry and Jim Rollins are two that come to mind. A short story is an early peek into their much anticipated novel. The timing of the release dates seems to be that the short story will be released about two months earlier than the novel.

As a writer, I think this is genius! As a reader, I also think this is genius! Getting a sneak peek at a character or the setting  of an author’s upcoming book is like the cocktail before a meal! The short story gives you a taste of what’s to come and leaves you hungry for more!

M.L. Poncelet of Ocean Blue Press, a site that features short stories, guest posted on Tony Eldridge’s blog, Marketing Tips for Authors, recently and here is a snippet of what she had to say:

How To Promote Your Novel With Short Stories

What are the advantages of short stories as a selling tool?

Show off your style: readers want to know your style of writing. Short stories are an excellent way to showcase your style.

It’s the hook: short stories create the hook that will drive more interest to your novel. Use short stories to build synergy with your novel.

Keeping it fresh: readers will want to come back to your site because there will always be something new for them. Short stories allow you to have limitless commercials that will promote your novel.

The following ideas are spelled out in her full post, which you can read here:

  • show off your style
  • how to gain loyal readers and keep them engaged
  • what is the ideal short story and why you need to write one
  • how to be memorable in your genre

This advice and reading the excellent short stories of Steve Berry and Jim Rollins started me thinking about all of the short stories I could write for my book. One could be about one of the main character’s backstory, another of the setting from which the emigrated, another of one of the cameo characters…I can count at least a dozen different short stories and could probably come up with more!

So, readers and writers, would you enjoy a short story or two as a prequel to a novel?  

I’d better get busy writing! I’m training to be a career author! If you’d like to learn more about how I’m planning to do that, please read Kristen Lamb’s post: Training to be a Career Author – Writing is More Than the Writing.

Calling all writers! If you would like to guest post on this blog, please refer to the Guest Blog Guidelines page above and then contact me. Looking forward to working with and meeting new writers!

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