Thursday’s Top Ten

Pentecost Thriller Novel by Joanna Penn

Image by TheCreativePenn via Flickr

I found some great sites for you to check out this week! But before we get to them, please visit The Creative Penn to view my guest post on the Six Saboteurs of Creativity and How to Thwart Them. Thank you, Joanna, for the opportunity to post on your blog.

 While you’re there, visit some of the wonderful posts written by Joanna Penn, author of Pentecost, A Thriller. The main character, Morgan Sierra, an Oxford University psychologist, travels the world on a mission to save her sister and niece from an evil  that must be stopped before Pentecost arrives again. This story kept me on the edge of my seat, beginning to end!

Find out what New York Times bestseller, Sarah Dessen, says it takes to make it writing for today’s young readers.

Want to know what Albert, of Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files, uses to write his books on when he’s away from home? Click here to see what it is. 

Alexis Grant, The Traveling Writer, tells us about the six digital tools that keep her sane. They could probably do the same for you…if sanity is important to you, that is.

Mary DeMuth demystifies the process of self-publishing in seven easy steps. Once you’ve uploaded your document, she says, it can go live in about an hour. Now that’s fast!

Do you use clichés in your writing? Do you know why you shouldn’t? Author, Jody Hedlund tells us how to avoid the cliche` trap.

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent, tells us why we should write our truth and how that will connect us to our readers.

Michael Hyatt, currently on sabbatical, says the time away has provided him “with a great opportunity to review my goals and set new ones.” He shows us, in 5 steps, why committing your goals to writing is beneficial.

Bob Mayer, bestselling author and co-creator of WDW Publishing, gives us some insight to the debate over ebook pricing and suggests a sensible approach to pricing your ebook.

It’s a Sunday Kindle Book Giveaway. Every weekend you’ll have a chance to win a free copy of Kindle e-book from a featured author, says Piotr Kowalczyk.

Have a great Thursday and have fun exploring!


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