2nd 5 Elements of a Killer Blog

If you missed the first installment of this series, you can find it below or click here. We’re talking about developing a blog to create your author brand, attract fans and develop an emotional connection that will keep them coming back and growing with you. Why should you do this? Because a writer‘s life can be lonely. Writer’s need to feel a part of something bigger than their writing corner. Blogging and connecting with others in your field of work helps you become a better writer, gives you purpose and motivation to continue your work. So, let’s get on with the 2nd 5 elements of a killer blog.

Be Yourself

Let your personality shine. People need to see the real you…a polished, honest, real you. Write your biography page. Include your reasons for writing, what your passions are, what your daily life consists of, your written and/or published work…anything that you wish your readers to know about you. Caution: don’t reveal too many details of your private life, such as address, children’s names, etc. Everyone on the internet has access to this information. You want your readers to grow to know and love you.

Be Nice

While you should be yourself, remember that you are projecting an image of an author, a business person. In keeping with professionalism, expletives probably should be left out of your posts. Offensive language can turn off your readers and once turned off, it may be impossible to turn them back on. Courtesy will advance the relationship between you and your readers. Thank visitors for commenting, following you, ‘liking’ you, and linking to your blog.

Be Conscientious

As a writer, show your skills by proofreading your posts before publishing. It is time well spent to check your grammar, spelling and sentence construction. You don’t want the reader so annoyed by your mistakes that they leave your blog before they’ve finished reading. Read your entire post to check for any confusing or nonsensical thoughts you may have written. Write well and clearly. After all, you want to make a living at writing, right?

Be Patient

First, be patient with yourself. Don’t expect perfection…it will never come. If you feel there is something just not right about your post, put it away for a while. When you come back to it, you’ll see it with fresh eyes and may catch whatever was bothering you. Second, don’t worry if the number of page views or subscribers doesn’t jump to your expectations. It takes time to build a fan base, six months or more. Just keep improving and refining your writing, blog topics, titles. You write…they will come.

Be Composed

Not everyone you meet, not everyone who reads your blog, will like you or your writing. Some may be downright ornery or abusive. Writers have to develop a thick-skin when it comes to criticism. We can’t expect to please everyone. Politely thank your critic for his/her opinion. No need to say more. Don’t tolerate abusive comments on your posts. Delete such comments and label as spam. You may add a note at the bottom of your blog page that those comments are not acceptable. Never point a finger directly at anyone.

Tomorrow will be the final installment of this series Elements of a Killer Blog. Please join me for it.

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Are you feeling better about blogging yet? If you are already blogging, do you have any further tips?


4 thoughts on “2nd 5 Elements of a Killer Blog

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  2. Those are important points that you have listed here. However, I have always been unsure about how much of myself should I be on the blog. I think this is a question that everyone needs to answer for themselves, and there can’t be a universal answer to it.

    • Hi NeoBlue! Thanks for commenting. I agree, we all have to decide how much of ourselves to put out there. I’d say just a little bit to give your readers the feeling they know you, but certainly not a lot of details of your personal life. Just the personality. If you like what you see her, please subscribe so you can get alerts when there’s a new post! Today is the Final 5 Elements of a Killer Blog. Be sure to catch it!


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