1st 5 Elements of a Killer Blog

 There are approximately 100 million bloggers in the world. Are you one of them? Maybe you haven’t begun blogging because: 1) why should you?, 2) it’s too time consuming, 3) you don’t know how. Maybe you are blogging but feel that no one is noticing, except maybe your best friend. In this series of Elements of a Killer Blog, all of those issues and more will be addressed. You’ll be on your way to creating a blog that will attract readers. If you’re already blogging, you may find helpful tips to improve your blog.


What is your goal for blogging? It’s easier to write when you know which direction suits you. Do you want to promote your books, help other writers hone their craft, establish a nook where fans can get to know you? The business of blogging can make you more visible and approachable. You’ll be able to develop a village of fans and writers who will keep coming back for more.


Know your market…your target audience…your genre audience and tailor your posts to appeal to them. You don’t need the general population of the world, just a group of readers who will want to come back, post after post. You want them to love what they read.  Author branding is helping your readers get to know you and want to follow you by developing an earnest alliance with them.


Setting up a blog has been made easy for beginners and the technologically challenged. This blog is hosted by WordPress. You may also want to check out Blogger and Blogspot, or research other blog hosting sites. It’s as simple as choosing a name for your blog, a template for its design and reading the tutorials provided to get a blog published. When making choices in design, name and content, remember to consider the image you want to project. Your blog will be with you through the writing process, the marketing and sale of your books. Inject your personality into a professional design.


What should I write? How do I find ideas? Topics that interest your target audience are where you should begin: writing, publishing, authors or books. I write on all those topics, as well as, a monthly historically influenced blog, since I write historical fiction. Check out other blogs on the internet, read the daily news for stories related to your niche, read books in your niche and review them in your blog. Your blog posts should be relevant to your business, in this case – the world of writing. Many bloggers write a more personal post once a week, which gives the readers more insight to the life of that writer.


Often. As often as your schedule allows. Be consistent. Few things will drive away readers faster than realizing there hasn’t been a new post for months on your site. Keep a cache of blogs written for those times when events prevent you from writing regularly…you’re on vacation, you’re moving or you’re ill. It’s advisable to post at least three times or more per week. If you have to post less often, be dependable. Search engines need to have a reason to search your site. Give them that regular dose of fresh content to scan. 

Stop by tomorrow for the 2nd 5 Elements of a Killer Blog.

Are you writing an author blog or wondering if you should write one? Do you have tips for other writers?

I love hearing from you, so please  feel free to talk with me and other readers.


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