Wednesday’s Top Ten

 “These days I wish I had Dorothy’s red ruby shoes. I want to slip my feet into them, click my heels three times and go back in time. I want to play kickball and jump rope. I want to drink water from the hose and run through the sprinkler. I want to chase down the ice cream man and wipe my dirty hands on my new shirt. I want to wear my roller skates, chase butterflies and feel the sun on my face. I want to giggle about boys and feel a first kiss.” This is a quote from an interesting site, World Wide Hippies, where you can get the world’s hippies’ views on our national news. The quoted sentiment is one I lament often enough…I want to go back when times were simpler, freer, and fun.

Author Tess Garritsen has a new book coming out called The Silent Girl. It will be a Rizzoli-Isles story but with a new detective on the scene who echos some of Tess’s own struggles growing up. Her blog is a great read. 

Need a laugh? Go visit Jerry Seinfeld archive videos. Three new videos show up daily.

Looking for an alternative social media site just for those of us in the literary world? Try The Crime of It All.

Weren’t you a fan of Diagnosis Murder and Monk? Catch up with author/screenwriter Lee Goldberg to see what he’s up to this time. Did you know Lee has dozens of fiction and non-fiction books under his belt?

Did you know that the authors of Freakonomics sold 4 million copies? Their blog, The Hidden Side of Everything, is an extension of their books. The posts offer a great angle on every in-the-news topic. 

Books N Bytes offers book reviews, author information and lists of genres and the authors who write in them.

A great place for writers to get into a forum, learn about conferences and read articles by editors, agents, authors and publishing professionals is Backspace: The Writer’s Place.

Pimp My Novel gives you an insider’s view of what happens to your book once it’s been acquired by a publisher…info every writer should have.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing is J. A. Konrath‘s blog and offers tons of information on how to make a living as a genre writer.

Try some of these sites and let me know what you think. I love getting your comments. If you have any great sites for writers or just for fun, please feel free to submit them and I’ll get into a future post with credit to you.

“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

James Michener


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